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D-Link DWL-922
6.0 out of 10

D-Link DWL-922

The DWL-922 Wireless G Bundle consists of the DI-524 Wireless Ca Read more

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Reviews and Problems with D-Link DWL-922

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Overall 6

Great Router, Weak USB Dongle

JJ386 "JL", Amazon
21 March 2008
  • Summary: I bought this router / dongle combo but was not able to enjoy it very well. I had trouble initially setting up the router. Once setup, the router does not give me too much trouble during use. I don't have the reset problems others are having. The USB dongle is a different story. You plug it in and install the software. But the software was VERY difficult to use. It does NOT respond well. Sometimes it finds the device, sometimes it does NOT.
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Overall 6

Okay, it works.

William Aprile, Amazon
8 September 2007
  • Summary: This was a first time wireless router and adapter purchase and installation. After getting everything hooked up and installed I was able to operate my laptop and desktop off the router for a home network. My laptop uses its own built-in wireless system to connect to the router. My desktop uses the adapter (DWL-122G) on a USB connection to communicate with the router. I was disappointed that the range of the adapter was so limited.
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Overall 4

6-month Follow-Up

David F., Newegg
5 September 2007
  • Summary: It would be nice if D-Link advertised that this router only supports a maximum download of 3mbs while connected wirelessly. Moving on...
  • Pros: This is a follow-up to my earlier review I made 6 months ago. I ditched the utter garbage USB adapter that comes with the router and purchased the Abit PCI-Express G adapter, and the disconnects magically stopped happening. Once I upgraded the firmware on the router to the latest one available, it has been much more stable. However...
  • Cons: I have a very, very fast cable Internet connection at 16mbs that I pay extra for. When I go online and do an Internet speed test, I get only 3mbs download speed (should be 11mbs). This is when I'm connected wirelessly to the router. If I plug in a cat5 cable, I get the full 11mbs download that I should be getting. Upload is unaffected either way.
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Overall 10

Excellent Router

Kevin K., Newegg
28 July 2007
  • Summary: To the people saying that its confusing learn to read the help that comes bundled with the router! I don't own the USB adapter but almost all USB adapters suck. Also to the person saying that it caused a windows install to fail, it was something else causing the driver to become corrupt. To all others having problems out there, uninstall Norton Antivirus, its the worst, and update the firmware on the router.
  • Pros: This it a great router. I have had it for over 2 years with no problems. It has more than enough features for the home user. I am able to assign static IP's and MAC filters to every device on my network, wireless and non-wireless. Interface is easy to use and set up.
  • Cons: Not the best for wireless TCP based games like Command and Conquer Generals but all other games work. Also Dlink stopped making firmware updates for the Rev-A models (which is what I have).
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Overall 10

pleased with wireless router

Charles G. Pogue, Amazon
26 July 2007
  • Summary: I started from scratch trying to set up a wireless signal in my home. After some research, I ordered this D-link product, got it delivered quickly and installed it. I did have some technical problems getting it to work. First I tried to use the e-mail to get it shaken down, but they weren't very helpful. I went back to the information, got a number, called and got a live person without too much hassel.
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Overall 4


Raymond K., Newegg
14 July 2007
  • Summary: If you use the internet for downloading wirelessly, don't expect this to stay connected for more than 10 minutes! If you just surf the web and don't do anything bandwidth-intensive, the connection is still unstable -- You never know when it's gonna disconnect you! I just switched to a Linksys wireless router in the same price range and I am so mad at myself for not doing it sooner. I will never buy anything from D-Link ever again!!
  • Pros: Web-based router configuration
  • Cons: Wireless connection drops constantly, especially under heavy traffic!
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Overall 8


joseph y., Newegg
9 July 2007
  • Summary: Adapter is really bad, I kinda wanted the combo but the router turned out to be worth what I payed for it during holidays. Router handled 1MB DL's so nuff muscle if you count the rebate price, but why?
  • Pros: Well this router was a really good deal when I bought it. It was near the after rebate price around christmas =\ 2 bad for those who paid the current price. Anyways this router handled all of these devices no probs: 360, PS3, Wii, Macbook, 2 PC Laptops, and 2 towers no probs all had IP propery assigned.
  • Cons: Guy complaining about confusing interface is nuts. Its the simplest web based interface ever, not many features but was easy to deal with. Gave it as x-mas present to rommies that bought a new house so had to give it up. Using a MS router now, yeah Microsoft what son? =)
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Overall 4

Not that great

Candice J., Newegg
5 July 2007
  • Summary: I seem to have really bad luck with D-Link routers. While they work for a decent amount of time, the headaches they start to cause as they wear down are extremely annoying. Expect to cycle the power on this thing often as you gradually begin losing both wireless and wired connections with increasing frequency.
  • Pros: Worked for the year or so that I had it.
  • Cons: Constantly drops connection for no apparent reason. Confusing and inconsistent web interface/help files.
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Overall 2

Don't Buy this turkey combo

Anonymous, Newegg
30 June 2007
  • Summary: I'd give it zero eggs if I could. so far in my life D-link routers = good D-Link wiFi adapters = horrible (Pretty much any D-link wifi adapter I have owned has been problematic... I go for netgear and SMC for them) Yeah that's right... I didn't say Linksys - you couldn't give me linksys stuff for free.
  • Pros: The router is fine.
  • Cons: ahhh so the router is fine? what could be the problem... could it be this pathetic USB Wifi Adapter that messed up one machines windows install? The adapter I threw out after it caused blue screens in anything I tried it in? yeah maybe that's why d-link should stop selling this.
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Overall 10

Wonderful product

Mark F., Newegg
29 June 2007
  • Summary: Newegg - fast shipping, great prices. Thanks!
  • Pros: Bought this product for a friend who wanted a rock solid network. I knew that he wouldn't have issues with this, so I bought it. His roomate already has a Netgear wireless router, and this D-Link USB adapter recognized 100 percent in Windows XP and had NO issues connecting to the wireless router. When he travels to his other home and connects to the DI-524, he has no issues with connectivity there whatsoever. Haven't gotten a call since I bought the product. Awesome!
  • Cons: None at all.
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