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7.4 out of 10

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

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Reviews and Problems with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

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Overall 4

books/manga and games and some movies like Battle Royale for example

Jeff H. Del Mastro, Amazon
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Well , here goes and im sure i'll get a lot of flak from most people that read this but here goes. First of all i gave it two stars after complete the game , it's the whine , whine and i cant do this reluctant hero trash. The japanese for the last 25 years been making this trend of cry baby hero types in every genre in Japan , anime , books/manga and games and some movies like Battle Royale for example.
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Overall 4

After beating the game 2 years ago, none of the story sticks

Garvin, Amazon
20 June 2013
  • Summary: First thing to keep in mind, I am writing this review 2 years after beating it. The reason I bought this game was because I thought and still think the first Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube is one of the best games in existence. The sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, I thought was a cheap sequel, easy money game for Bandai.
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Overall 4
Gameplay 10
Graphics 7
Sound 8
Lastability 9

Could have been alot better

Anonymous , GameStop
12 November 2011
  • Summary: First off, I am a tales fan and i was saddened by this game. This is because the game wasn't complete and the story made me want to throw it out the window. Emil and Marta were basically the whole game in a nut shell, everything surrounded them and their "relationship". Marta was very annoying and I felt bad for Emil because i feel he was forced into the relationship just to get her to be quiet.
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Overall 4

Unbearable characters, flawed gameplay system and more make this game undesirable to your collection.

GintaxAlvissforever, Amazon
17 February 2010
  • Summary: I typically don't write negative reviews at a constant rate (I usually give five stars to most games), but Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is rotten enough to truly deserve it. I'm under the assumption you've played Tales of Symphonia. Then again, who hasn't? If you haven't, surely you've at least heard of it. Nevertheless, your knowledge of the game is what attracted your attention to its sequel.
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Overall 4

Bit of a let down

Zenizlev, amazon.co.uk
6 January 2010
  • Summary: Although this is a continuation of the great Tales of Symphonia it just does'nt feel as polished. Most of the characters are just dredged up ones from the original game this leads to less story in total as you don't spend time getting to know them. As well as the characters being cookie cutter the areas are the same practically all pulled from the first game but surprisingly to me it looks worse than the Gamecube version.
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Overall 4

Wohl nur für Fans des ersten teils

Rainer Wiersch "Rainch", Amazon
25 November 2009
  • Summary: In dem Nachfolger wurde einiges neu hinein gebracht wie das fangen von Monstern oder geändert wie das Nutzen der Talente(nicht fähigkeiten die mana brauchen). Was mir an dem Spiel gefällt -Es gibt wieder die zwichenzenen wärend der reise die man sich anschauen kann aber nicht muss und sie sind nicht nur als untertitel sondern werden auch gesprochen. Es ist für die story nicht nötig sie zu lesen/hören. Sind wie im ersten teil ganz lustig.
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