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5.6 out of 10

Star Trek: Conquest

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Reviews and Problems with Star Trek: Conquest

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Overall 10

Five Stars

Jose Rodriguez, Amazon
16 December 2014
Overall 10

Engaging Game

Jane Ketcheside, Amazon
11 March 2014
  • Summary: My 11 year old son really enjoys this game. It was bought on a hunch as a birthday gift and we were not disappointed.
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Overall 10

Identical to the Playstation version

David Callahan, Amazon
22 November 2013
  • Summary: I got this after my Playstation version got too scratched up to play. There was no difference in gameplay at all. I just had to get used to using a different controller.
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Overall 10

Fun, especially on Wii with some other people.

Colonelscout312, Amazon
19 November 2013
  • Summary: My mom got me this game for Easter and I love it. The first thing I did was do a skirmish to get a hold of the combat. I loved it. I thought that the battle mechanics were cool (note, this was my first star trek game). Next I played the campaign and noticed, this looks like star wars empire at war, where you have to manage not just a certain area, but the entire space. I have had lots of fun playing this game and unlocking different aliens to play as.
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Overall 8

This is for EARTH!

J. Pearson, Amazon
30 July 2013
  • Summary: My son, (and I) are huge STNG fans. This was the closest we could find for Wii. He's figured out how to play & enjoys it. I think it's a mix of a couple of the Star Trek shows, but I'm not sure. I sure wish there were more Wii games out there for Star Trek!
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Overall 10

I'm a trekkie

donald, Amazon
12 April 2013
  • Summary: So that pretty much makes me biased on anything to do with star trek. It is a strategy game so it your looking for graphics and tons of action you will be disappointed but you should be looking for that if you have a wii (not known for that). More like a thinking game i wished it had more of the original ships in it looked more like a new generation thing. After you have conquered it a couple times it does get boring but that pretty much all a games.
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Overall 4

Did not enjoy

Drackall_Mourningstar, Amazon
10 January 2013
  • Summary: graphics: circa win95 gameplay: To start you've got clunky controlls, the screen is too close to manage the battle, and racial combat ability is rather lopsided (klingon fleet tore thru a fully upgraded/defended romulan starbase & defencive fleet without losing a single ship) story: no real story just pointless back and forth fighting sound: standard canned ST sounds and music
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Overall 6

Ok game for the Wii

Fisher1, Amazon
13 December 2012
  • Summary: This is not the greatest game, but it is the only Star Trek game for the Wii available. It has moderate gameplay and would be better suited for one of the older systems. The graphics remind me of SNES.
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Overall 6

To arms!

Cincy 326, Amazon
21 February 2011
  • Summary: Pros: --- The auto battle system means that you don't have to manually control your ships --- It is fun to go around blowing your enemy's stuff up --- The graphics look good for the Wii --- The game is easy enough to pick up and play Cons: --- Each faction only has 3 kinds of ships, and with only 6 factions there isn't a lot of variety --- Whenever you select something, it causes the screen to glow around what you have selected, and this can cause eye strain when you are...
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Overall 2

Overpriced much?

James King "James Ner'Zuhl", Amazon
5 August 2009
  • Summary: The resellers of this game must be smoking some extremely potent stuff to put the price tag at a range of 73 dollars to the mid thirties. If I recall properly, when Amazon itself had this title in stock, it was $19. From my understanding of this game having played it with friends, it's worth twenty bucks, but not much more. It's no deep r.t.s., just a simple quick strategy game. If you want to buy it, buy it from a local reseller, and only if it's below twenty dollars.
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