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Sonic and the Black Knight

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Reviews and Problems with Sonic and the Black Knight

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Overall 9
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Replay value 10

Sonic and the Black Knight

Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: Sonic and the Black Knight is an interesting sequel to Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic gets transported back to the time of King Arthur. King Arthur is the bad guy and Sonic must save the land. Expect to find plenty of Sonic characters in this Wii title. Shadows, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, and more make appearances. Sonic and the Black Knight has the same feel to it as the first game. Sonic goes running fast straight into levels.
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Overall 7

Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii)

30 September 2012
  • Excerpt: Sonic is back in action once again as he is teleported to the mysterious land of Avalon to defeat King Arthur. Once a tender-hearted king, loved and admired by his followers, King Arthur has become corrupted by the powers of the scabbard of the legendary sword Excalibur. Now plunging his kingdom into darkness, it seems that no one can stop him - and as long as he has that scabbard, he is immortal.
  • Pros: High-speed swashbuckling action redefines Sonic gameplay; Enjoyable Multiplayer; Minor RPG elements; Great storyline; Catchy music; Challenges morals
  • Cons: Controls are unresponsive during Sword Lock; Story is short; Some voiceovers need work; Glitches are rare but still occur
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Overall 6
Graphics 9
Sound 7
Control 6
Addiction 7

Sonic and the Black Knight Review

Cheat Code Central
2 October 2009
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, this is just another so-so Sonic title. It has a decent Story mode and great visuals, plus it includes a Battle mode to compete against your friends. No online play is a downside, but overall, the game is really not that bad. It can be fun for a couple hours, but I guess that probably doesn't justify the $50 expense unless you're a Sonic fan.
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Sonic and the Black Knight Review

28 September 2009
  • Excerpt: Sonic games are for kids. Sonic games aren't for hardcore gamers. Sonic games aren't very good, and Sonic games sell millions. This is the way it is. Should we settle for this most depressing of situations? Should we accept Sonic's modern day mediocrity? Should we, as fans of the early Sonic games, simply get over it? No. Of course we shouldn't. If Nintendo can make Mario games that sell bucket loads and score 9/10 in reviews, then why can't SEGA do the same with Sonic?
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Speedy hedgehog's decent story marred by shoddy controls.

Common Sense Media
15 September 2009
  • Summary: Parents need to know that this is the second game in the Sonic Storybook Series , which means it takes Sonic on an adventure through a classic tale, but with a twist. This is not your typical fast-paced, collect-rings-as-Sonic-dashes by game. This tale of corruption due to too much power features a lot of fantasy violence with enchanted swordplay, but the action is usually so fast and furious it's tough to get a feel for exactly what is happening onscreen.
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Blades of Time

Hooked Gamers
3 September 2009
  • Conclusion: I had few expectations going in and Blades of Time gave me little reason to get excited. There are a number creative ideas that - had then been pursued better - would have made the game a lot better than it actually is. The ability to create time clones is a really enjoyable strategic element but it becomes overused quickly.
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Overall 8

Sonic and the Black Knight

Gaming Evolution
12 June 2009
  • Conclusion: Overall, Sonic and the Black Knight is a game that has been taken the wrong way due to the fact of being quite unique in terms of its gameplay style to other Sonic titles. However, this game is clearly a spin off exclusively for the Wii and not an official canon title like Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes or Sonic the Hedgehog.
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Overall 4
Value for money 3
Gameplay 3
Graphics 7
Sound 5
Funfactor 3

Sonic and the Black Knight

ME Gamers
31 May 2009
  • Excerpt: First Impressions My reaction is Sonic and the Black Knight is the second installment of the Sonic Storybook series, the first being Sonic and the Secret Rings. Basically the idea here is: Sonic + Classic Children’s Story = $$$… right? Well the actual equation is Sonic + Classic Story + garbage Gameplay = bad review. The last installment of the Storybook series was an off-shoot of the Arabian Nights, and this one is of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
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Sonic and the Black Knight

8 May 2009
  • Conclusion: It all begins via typically gorgeous CGI when Sonic is summoned to the storybook world (armed with dual chili dogs) by Merlina the Wizard who beseeches him to defend the kingdom against King Arthur whose absolute power has gotten the best of him and corrupted him (absolutely). He’s an invincible force as long as he brandishes the Scabbard of Excalibur, so their only hope resides within Caliburn (the sword in the stone), which Sonic hastily yanks free before setting out...
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Overall 7

Sonic and the Black Knight

Hardcore Gamer
2 May 2009
  • Summary: You know, I almost wrote this one off. That would have been a giant shame, and I’m glad I gave it a second chance. I’m getting ahead of myself, though, so let’s rewind time a bit.
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