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Samba de Amigo
6.6 out of 10

Samba de Amigo

Created exclusively for the Wii™ home video game system, this vi Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Samba de Amigo

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Overall 7
Gameplay 6
Graphics 7
Sound 6
Replay value 7

Samba de Amigo

Family Friendly Gaming
11 February 2013
  • Excerpt: I was extremely excited to find Samba de Amigo on Amazon for just under ten dollars. I checked with the editor in chief and found out that no one else had reviewed it, so I purchased this Wii game and got to shaking my maracas (once it arrived of course). When I started playing Samba de Amigo a lot of things went wrong. No wonder Sega did not mail this game in to Family Friendly Gaming.
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Overall 7

Samba De Amigo Wii Review

Console Obsession
28 May 2010
  • Excerpt: Originally conceived by Sonic Team, Samba De Amigo first made its appearance in the arcades in 1999, around a year later it made it to the home at a time when SEGA only made games for their own consoles, appearing (with a pair of maracas nonetheless) on their historic final console, the Dreamcast.
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Overall 7

Samba Is More Siesta Than Fiesta

Game Informer
22 September 2009
  • Excerpt: This packed-to-the-brim remake of the Dreamcast classic handles many features admirably, from crisp and bright graphics to the presence of just about any toe-tapping Latin-party dance tune you could request. The big question is how the Wii remote controls work in replacement of the old maracas. Sadly, many enthusiasts will be frustrated.
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Samba De Amigo Review

25 February 2009
  • Excerpt: It felt good to own the original Samba De Amigo for SEGA's doomed Dreamcast console. Only a relative handful of people in the UK had the honour, but their friends were no doubt eternally grateful for giving them the chance to play a landmark party game. Dancing about your living room and waving two plastic maracas in the air to the sound of samba music isn't for everyone, but in the right place with the right group of people it proved to be tremendous fun.
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Overall 6
Graphics 7
Sound 8
Control 6
Addiction 5

Samba de Amigo Review

Cheat Code Central
19 February 2009
  • Conclusion: Unfortunately, even though this game sounds great, the controls reduce it to a mediocre status. The game is lots of fun to play in short bursts as long as your experience is relegated to the easier modes using the double Wii-mote control scheme. Also, this game really disappoints with its lack of any substantial online mode. Samba de Amigo may be great for a quick shake or two with friends, but it just can't hold its own and isn't the must-own game it should have been.
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Overall 7

Samba De Amigo

The Gamers Temple
17 February 2009
  • Excerpt: Samba de Amigo and its manically smiling monkey first appeared on the Dreamcast a number of years ago. What really set it apart from other games at the time (and would still set it apart today) was its specialized controllers that resembled a pair of maracas. Now, several years later, SEGA has realized that the Wii Remote and Nunchuck make passable substitutes for maracas and have released a new version of the rhythm game.
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Men of War: Assault Squad

Hooked Gamers
5 February 2009
  • Conclusion: Men of War: Assault Squad is a sound game, reinforcing the already great formula that Best Way have been perfecting since 2004 with Soldiers: Heroes of World War II . The single-player skirmishes will no doubt lose their appeal after you've completed a few of them, they are a nice addition to the game. It would have been some of them replaced with a proper narrative campaign, but hopefully that will come in a future DLC.
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All-ages rhythm game has frustrating controls.

Common Sense Media
3 February 2009
  • Summary: Parents need to know that this is a rhythm game filled with several dozen pop songs, most of which fit into the Latin music category. There isn't much of anything that might be inappropriate for youngsters' eyes or ears, save a questionably shaped bikini top worn by one of the female characters.
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Shaking in frustration!

1 January 2009
  • Conclusion: The Hustle move requiring one controller above your head and the other between your legs!
  • Pros: A sequel to an all-time great game.
  • Cons: Achieving an A ranking through most of “Tequila” (Super Hard) only to plunge to an E within the last ten notes.
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Samba de Amigo

Hardcore Gamer
6 November 2008
  • Summary: There aren’t enough games centered around monkeys, especially stereotypically Mexican ones. Their cheerful smiles and maraca-shaking skills make life better as they bring music and joy to everyone, wherever they go. The world has been slightly darker for their absence these past eight years, but that’s finally coming to an end with the return of Samba de Amigo.
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