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6.4 out of 10

Rooms: The Main Building

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Reviews and Problems with Rooms: The Main Building

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Overall 8

Sliding puzzles combined with a mystery for brainy fun.

Common Sense Media
25 August 2010
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Rooms: The Main Building can be both addicting in that you don't want to stop solving the puzzles, and frustrating when you find a puzzle that's difficult to solve. However, Rooms is as stimulating to the mind as any of the Brain Games that Nintendo released a few years ago. It keeps you thinking, and you think about it even when you're away from the game. There is some mild violence if you enter a room with explosives unprepared.
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Overall 6

Wii Review - 'Rooms: The Main Building'

8 June 2010
  • Summary: In Rooms: The Main Building, an invitation arrives at the character's doorstep and unknowingly diverts them to an alternate world where players use extraordinary items and devices to navigate through a variety of rooms and buildings. To enter the next room, players must carefully shift rooms around in a manner similar to slide puzzles.
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Overall 7

Rooms: The Main Building Review

7 April 2010
  • Summary: These puzzles may not be pretty, but they've got the brains to make up for it.
  • Pros: Diverse puzzle elements create layered conundrums, Substantial number of puzzles for not much money, Battle mode is enjoyably tense
  • Cons: Fuzzy visuals muddle artwork and sometimes obscure puzzle elements, Element-packed blocks demand precision pointing
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Overall 6
Design 7
Gameplay 4

Rooms: The Main Building

31 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Hudson's really been showing some third party love for Nintendo recently, and its latest game is built around a particularly intriguing concept. Rooms: The Main Building is a unique puzzle game that provides interesting challenges, but clumsy controls and poor visuals put a damper on the experience. Rooms is all about solving puzzles at every turn.
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Overall 6
Gameplay 6
Graphics 6
Sound 6

A game as dull as its title.

23 March 2010
  • Conclusion: The few interesting mechanics that are mixed into Rooms' slide puzzles just aren't enough to make it entertaining from start to finish, and the coolest modes are locked from the start. The Wii and DS versions may be $30 budget titles, but even that seems grossly overpriced when the same game is available on the PC for less than $10.
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Overall 4

Rooms: The Main Building

30 June 2012
  • Conclusion: Ontleden we de game tot het niveau van de ideeën, zien we enkele interessante concepten waar wel iets mee te beginnen valt. Op voorwaarde dat er verder over nagedacht wordt en dat ze gekoppeld worden aan andere goede ideeën om een boeiend geheel te smeden. Dit eindresultaat is zeker niet om over naar huis te schrijven en dat ligt vooral aan de gebrekkige uitwerking.
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Overall 4

Rooms: The Main Building

28 June 2010
  • Conclusion: Rooms: The Main Building ziet er grafisch armoedig uit, heeft een meer dan flinterdun verhaal en één van de meest ongeïnspireerde namen sinds Jumpman voor de Commodore 64. Onder deze laag aan negativiteit schuilen echter verrassend verfrissende spelmechanieken, die op hun beurt weer teniet worden gedaan door de belachelijk kleine schaal van de tegels en levels die veel te lang makkelijk blijven. De ideeën zijn goed, maar de uitwerking niet.
  • Pros: Afwisselende gameplay-mechanieken
  • Cons: Blijft veel te lang te makkelijk, puzzeltegels zijn te klein op de DS, bar slechte presentatie
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Overall 6

Expert Review

9 June 2010
Overall 5

Rooms : The Main Building

Tom's Games
3 June 2010
  • Conclusion: L'aventure contient des petits rebondissements même si le mode histoire ne reste pas vraiment très accrocheur. Les fins apportent quelques réponses à des questions qui ne préoccupaient pas vraiment le joueur. Un peu court, Rooms : The Main Building reste néanmoins un jeu divertissant qui ravira les adeptes des puzzles et des casses-têtes.
  • Pros: Des idées intéressantes, Des puzzles et des objets bien pensés, Une ambiance vieillotte pleine de charme
  • Cons: Trop court, Pas toujours évident de voir où vont les pièces, Seuls 10 puzzles créés peuvent être sauvegardées
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