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Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil

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Reviews and Problems with Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil

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Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil (Wii) Review

12 July 2009
Overall 10

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil (Wii) Review

12 July 2009
  • Excerpt: It really is easy to understand why some people consider Capcom to be one of the worst culprits for beating a dead horse or milking the cash cow. Take the original Resident Evil, for example. Back in 1996, the game was released on the Sony Playstation, and then released on the SEGA Saturn and the PC. Then, there were two updated releases, the Dual Shock version and the Director’s Cut.
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Overall 7

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil

23 June 2009
  • Pros: Refined version of awesome original, Wii controls!, Still scary
  • Cons: Nothing new over GameCube version, Wii controls actually suck, Won't convert the unconverted
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Overall 6

Resident Evil Archives

2 June 2009
  • Excerpt: Without getting into yet another gripe about how Nintendo has pandered to the casual market, there is something that feels inherently wrong about the developers’ recent commissioning of repackaged Gamecube titles. So far, these ‘Wii-makes’ have proven to be near-carbon copies of their last generation counterparts, with no graphical touch-up, audio enhancement or bonus features.
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E3 2009: Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Hands-on Impressions

2 June 2009
  • Excerpt: Our first look of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles came during Captivate 09. The second time around featured the same demo, but we were able to go hands-on with the title, and the time spent was filled to the brim with zombie fun.
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Overall 7

Expert Review

Official Nintendo Magazine
22 July 2009
  • Excerpt: At times like this it's best not to ask too many questions and just be thankful for what you're given. But one or two refuse to lie down. Like, why have we got another version of Resident Evil on a Wii disc instead of via Virtual Console? And, why hasn't the aiming style of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition been incorporated? And where's Resident Evil 5? They don't affect the game as such, but those questions hang over this release.
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Overall 8

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil [Wii] Review

16 July 2009
  • Excerpt: Even though this is a remake, do not be instantly put off, as it promises new rooms, items, areas and creatures that have yet to be seen by new players and fanatics alike. To add to this, there is the proposal of 10, yes 10, alternative endings to the game, depending on what decisions and turns you take throughout the course of play. From the moment the game is started up, the atmospheric story is set.
  • Pros: Tension and atmosphere is apparent, Good storyline to follow, Multiple endings allow for more replay value
  • Cons: Confusing controls, Dialogue is a little monotonous, Not enough chances to save game
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Overall 7

Resident Evil Archives Review

7 July 2009

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero - Análise

10 February 2010
Overall 8

Resident Evil - Dark Side Chronicles (wii)

30 December 2009
  • Pros: Abwechslungsreiche Levels, Unterschiedliche Gegner, Düstere Atmosphäre
  • Cons: Genaues Zielen nicht immer möglich, Partner-KI nicht vorhanden, Zweiter Spieler kann nur zu Beginn des Levels einsteigen
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