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Reviews and Problems with FlingSmash

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Overall 7
Gameplay 6
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Replay value 7


Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: FlingSmash is a side scrolling action adventure platformer that has one unique key feature. That unique key feature is your hero is a ball like creature that is almost always in motion. I used a Wii Motion Plus controller (editor: which came in the purchased package) to bat him around the screen. I was also given the choice to hit a female ball character around as well. So FlingSmash is part ping pong, and part Nintendo platformer.
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Overall 6

FlingSmash review

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Fun, simple central mechanic, Amusing aesthetic, Riffs on its main idea a good amount
  • Cons: Controls aren't entirely reliable, It's over before you know it, Could have played with the concept much more
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FlingSmash Review

31 January 2011
  • Excerpt: FlingSmash doesn't so much sound like a game, but a child's toy designed to cause havoc around the house. You can imagine it being sold alongside Nerf guns as a way to inflict mild pain on your siblings, and in many ways that would be more entertaining than this Wii-exclusive, MotionPlus-enabled, block-smashing game. As far as Nintendo-published titles go, this is bottom rung of the ladder stuff, sharing a small ledge with the likes of Wii Play.
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Overall 2

Test Flingsmash

Generation NT
25 January 2011
  • Conclusion: Le Wii Motion Plus, sorti il y a quelques temps déjà, n'a pas beaucoup servi. Les jeux sortis depuis n'ont quasiment jamais demandé à ce que le joueur dispose de l'accessoire pour se rendre accessible, où s'ils l'ont fait, on a pu passer outre la sollicitation. Sortir une Wiimote Plus, une Wiimote intégrant donc directement le Wii Motion plus, est assez anecdotique. Et loin d'être indispensable.
  • Cons: Aucun intérêt, Prise en main souvent hasardeuse, Un gameplay très limité, Aucun amusement, Bundle plus cher que la simple manette
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Overall 7


5 January 2011
  • Summary: FlingSmash introduces you to the varicolored world of Zip, a curious little critter who looks like a cross between a tropical fruit and a tennis ball. When his home, Suthon Island, is assaulted by the foreboding villain Omminus, it’s up to you to use the Wii Remote and Wii Motion Plus to smack, smash, and fling Zip through various stages collecting items and defeating dark minions.
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Bouncing hero pounces on enemies, creating fun experience.

Common Sense Media
4 January 2011
  • Summary: Parents need to know that while there is some cartoony violence in FlingSmash , mostly in the form of the round hero bashing into things, the action and the plot are generally safe for kids. And the incredibly easy gameplay mechanic is one that can be picked up by almost anybody. But while getting into the game is a piece of cake, excelling at it will take lots of time and practice.
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Overall 4

Expert Review

12 November 2010
  • Summary: It's rare for a game's title to sum up the entire gameplay experience as aptly as the term FlingSmash manages to do. This is indeed a game in which you do lots of flinging and smashing--and nothing else. But despite its accuracy, the title is also somewhat misleading. The idea of flinging and smashing suggests a kind of childlike glee in the act of destruction, but you'll find precious little enjoyment here.
  • Pros: Flinging and smashing provide occasional moments of satisfaction
  • Cons: Shallow, repetitive action, Imprecise, frustrating controls, Terrible final boss battle, Grating music and sound effects
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Overall 7

An Amusing But Inessential Good Time

Game Informer
8 November 2010
  • Conclusion: Concept: Bat a cute cartoon character around in some inventive side-scrolling levels Graphics: The character and boss designs are nice, though it’s graphically unimpressive Sound: Generic music and sound effects you’ll forget an instant after they’re gone Playability: Since it’s packed with the built-in Wii MotionPlus controller, I expected more accuracy Entertainment: This bundle costs $10 more than the standard remote pack, but delivers your money’s worth Replay:...
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Game Revolution
7 November 2010
  • Excerpt: Flung... and smashed... The backstory of FlingSmash is muddled... something about an evil presence descending on a peaceful island. The bad guys start wreaking havoc and the island king is forced to unlock an ancient chest where our hero sleeps. Apparently, he's saved the island before, so I don't know why they locked him up in the first place, being a hero and all.
  • Pros: Low cost, Wii Potion Plus controller, Predictable boss battles, Boring mini-games, Repetitive controls
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Overall 5


Nintendo World Report
4 November 2010
  • Summary: Controls smash!
  • Pros: Co-op is more fun than single-player, Occasionally fun level design, Worthwhile unlockables
  • Cons: Awful, fickle controls, High scores can be frustrating to obtain, Very short
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