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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

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Reviews and Problems with Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

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Overall 5

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Wii Review

Console Obsession
29 May 2010
  • Excerpt: With a game that’s as ambitious as Scribblenauts, people are sure to take notice of any game that 5th Cell were involved in, even if they felt that the idea was part of a weak game. The concept for the original Drawn to Life was dreamed up by 5th Cell, but for the Wii version of its sequel, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, development duties have fallen to Planet Moon Studios.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 7

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Game Boyz
2 January 2010
  • Excerpt: Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter for the Wii brings us back to the citizens of Raposa who just happen to be the guardians of the Book of Life. After having finally rebuilding from the damage Wilfre did in the first instalment of Drawn to Life, the people of Raposa find themselves in trouble once again. When the Book of Life goes missing, along with a series of items throughout the village, Mari, the new mayor of Raposa, seeks the aid of the Creator to provide a Hero.
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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Review

20 December 2009

Mario-styled action in which you draw parts of the game.

Common Sense Media
17 December 2009
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter contains cartoon violence. Your characters can strike with weapons including punching, bouncing off, and hitting bad guys with pellets from a "shooter" weapon. You can expect about the same level of violence found in a Mario game. The game requires players to draw characters, pieces of the actual environments, and many other elements. Drawing skills are not necessary.
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Overall 9
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Replay value 9

Drawn to Life The Next Chapter

Family Friendly Gaming
17 December 2009
  • Excerpt: Interactive games have been growing by leaps and bounds over recent years. Drawn to Life The Next Chapter is one such video game on the Nintendo DS. THQ lets us draw the hero of the game, along with various items in the game. Morphing into new forms is a new addition to the series. What raises my spirits most about Drawn to Life The Next Chapter is this game acknowledges the Creator. The player is an agent of the Creator, and is out to set things right.
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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Review

13 December 2009
  • Excerpt: Scribblenauts meets LittleBigPlanet. That's the tantalising description we've come up with for cute side scrolling platformer Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Aren't we clever? The game's clever, too. You use the Wii Remote to draw objects that magically appear in the levels: things like platforms for you to jump on, and cars for you to drive in. Unfortunately, Drawn to Life doesn't allow you to go nuts with object creation and just mess about.
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Overall 10

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Review

25 November 2009
  • Excerpt: Drawn to Life was originally a game on the Nintendo DS, created by the wonderful minds at 5th Cell, who also created the recently-released Scribblenauts. Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is the follow up to the original game. While the DS version was developed by 5th Cell, the Wii version was created by Planet Moon Studios. So, how did the Wii version turn out?
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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Review

13 November 2009
  • Excerpt: If you've ever had an interest in art and drawing, then you might find the concept of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter intriguing. A follow-up to 2007's DS-exclusive Drawn to Life, The Next Chapter is a 2D platformer that lets you draw objects and characters right into the game using the Wii Remote. While the results are rudimentary, the drawing tool lets you create just about anything you can think of, either from scratch or with the aid of templates.
  • Pros: Drawing tool allows a limitless range of concoctions, Plenty of interesting puzzles solved through drawing, Charming characters and environments
  • Cons: Platforming gameplay is overly simplistic, Frequently loading screens, Lacklustre and repetitive multiplayer games, Drawing tool is imprecise
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Drawn To Life : The Next Chapter Nintendo Wii

Testfreaks blog
10 November 2009
  • Conclusion: Drawn to Life The Next Chapter is not a game that many adults will like, but that doesn’t matter too much as it’s aimed at children and not adults.  Don’t get me wrong though, adults can like this game, myself included, but kids will love it, it’s bright, colorful and just plain fun for children. If you’ve got small children then you might want to seriously consider getting this game for them, if they’re anything like mine then they’ll love it.
  • Pros: Great kids game, Lots of fun, A truly interactive game where you get to design the game itself
  • Cons: Most older and adult gamers will not care for this title
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Overall 6
Gameplay 5
Funfactor 6

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Digital Chumps
5 November 2009
  • Conclusion: You have to applaud Drawn to Life’s developers for at least attempting to push a unique concept. While it’s fun (initially) designing your playable character and various elements of the world around him, however, The Next Chapter’s novelty quickly fades. It’s at this point which it becomes painfully obvious that the core gameplay cannot support the game alone. The platforming is decent—sometimes remotely challenging—yet mundane and aged.
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