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When the Wii was originally announced, there was an outcry over various f...
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When the Wii was originally announced, there was an outcry over various facets of the latest next gen system from Nintendo. One initial complaint was the system seemed way underpowered compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 , graphically many will argue that the Wii is barely an upgrade over the Gamecube in that area. It was originally codenamed Revolution, and then the new name did not inspire much confidence either: Wii? What kind of name is Wii?

Well apparently, it stands for weeeeee, this is fun; because the Nintendo Wii is the best selling system on the market. It is still in such demand, that many places do not have it in stock. Whether this shortage is due to artificially created by Nintendo is debatable. However, the numbers do not lie; the Wii is the best selling console in this round of the gaming wars.

So what makes the Wii so attractive to so many? Well, it is the first console to entice whole new groups into the video game world, the Wii can be picked up and played by young and old alike. It is not unusual for several generations of family members to be sitting around a TV playing Wii.

The control scheme is the secret ingredient of the little white console from Nintendo; Using a Wiimote and Nunchuk, the player can control the action using motion and gestures instead of an analog stick or control pad. In addition to the controller mentioned, there is a hard to find Wii Fit game and controller as well as conventional control pads available. The Wii Fit is a balance board that allows the user to play games using ones body as the controller. In addition the game can measure the users body mass index, compare the players fitness against others online and play over forty different activities.

One of the nicest features of the Wii is that it is backwards compatible with the Gamecube and can play all of its titles as opposed to the limited backward compatibility of the PS3 and Xbox360.

Many people believe that Nintendo is more of a kid-oriented console and in some ways they are correct. While it does feature mature games such as Resident Evil 4, Manhunt 2, Far Cry: Vengeance, Scarface and Godfather, the Wii does focus on more family fare.

Here are some game types and titles.

Types of Games:

One of the most popular game types for the Wii is Simulations; the player uses the Wii remote to mimic real life actions such as swinging a tennis racket, throwing a pitch or putt-ing a golf ball. Wii Sports is one such example of this genre, which comes included with the console. The game is so addicting that you may not need another Wii title for several weeks before you stop playing. EA Sports have ported their popular Madden and Tiger Woods franchises to incorporate the Wiimote into the game play. Some new Wii simulations on the horizon include: Wii Sports Resort, Mario Super Sluggers, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels.

First Person Shooters are another genre that plays differently with the Wii gaming paradigm. Games such as Red Steel, Call of Duty 3, and Far Cry: Vengeance are games of this type. The third person shooter is a similar genre featuring a different perspective for the player. Resident Evil 4 is the best example of this style and is one of the best rated Wii games available. Game developers are taking advantage of the unique controllers to take these games into new and exciting directions. Titles to look forward to include: Call of Duty: World at War, Red Steel 2, MadWorld and The Conduit.

With the recent releases of Guitar Hero: World Tour and RockBand 2, the Rhythm Game category has grown more expansive. Nintendo is not sitting idly by, the have released their own title, aptly named Wii music. This game allows the player to use motions and button presses on the Wiimote and Nunchuk to control a six member Mii band to play preset songs. The game will also include Jam mode and Minigames. Another upcoming rhythm game is Samba de Amigo, which is the Wii version of the popular arcade game.

Nintendo has many franchise titles that have traversed their various systems including the DS and GameCube. These games have proven to be widely popular and just as popular with the new control schemes. Some of these titles include Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Party 8, Super Mario Party, and Metroid. They encompass many different genres, but are some of the Wii’s best selling titles. Nintendo has several more franchise based titles coming out including Wario Land: Shake It, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Mario & Luigi RPG 3, which was just announced this past month.

The Wii is not just for kids despite the name. With an expanding library of games and the inclusion of some more mature titles, the Wii is looking to solidify its place as the best selling console of this generation.


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