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Sony EyeToy

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Overall 8

Sony Eyetoy: Kinect for the PS2?

Seven17, Dooyoo
12 August 2012
  • Summary: This was what (pretty much) revolutionised movement tracking gaming. Back when this was first released it was just spectacular. It didn't actually track any of your body parts built rather project the video image onto a screen and when you moved about on the video, you could do things like wash a window and beat up plans coming towards you. Pretty good fun and whilst it is low tech for now, just being a camera, this was excellent back then!
  • Pros: Like Kinect but for the PS2. Cheap.
  • Cons: Uses an entire memory card in 1 minute flat
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Overall 8

sony eyetoy!

dirtyripper, Dooyoo
19 July 2011
  • Summary: The Sony eyetoy was a digital camera for the Playstation 2 which could process images and detect motion, allowing players to interact with games. At thwe time of release, the eyetoy was revolutionary, as this kind of technology had not been released before, but it has since gone out of fashion.
  • Pros: great fun
  • Cons: picture quality not as good as playstation eye
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Overall 8

Sony Eyetoy: eye eye

CaptainScarlet, Dooyoo
4 December 2010
  • Summary: The sony eye toy was a bit of kit I had with a game that I think was fun to play as a group when having friends around or at family parties etc. I remember when we all had a great laugh washing windows and dodging ninjas when we used the eye toy and it was great fun . The eye toy is a camera that you put on top of your tv and use it.
  • Pros: fun
  • Cons: hard to set up on thin topped tvs
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Overall 6

Sony EyeToy - Good mix up from Sony

MoneyMaker1, Dooyoo
28 August 2010
  • Summary: The Sony EyeToy is a camera accessory which is used in conjunction with the Playstation 2. It is just basically a small camera which allows the user to be the main part of the game. When this initially came out it was a thin people were excited about as nothing like it was ever released before. It gives you the power to play a selected number of games but instead of you controlling someone else it will be yourself that you actually control.
  • Pros: Adds more fun to the console
  • Cons: Different factors can effect the quality of the camera and limited games
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Overall 6

Sony Eyetoy: That is me on the TV! ME!

ally_kats_mama, Dooyoo
28 August 2010
  • Summary: When I had a PS2 which feels like many years ago, the Sony Eyetoy was introduced as an accessory. The Eyetoy for PS2 was revolutionary and what it is basically is a USB camera which places you into the game. Yep, you read correctly, this little flat camera places your image into a game though not just any game it has to be an Eyetoy compatible game.
  • Pros: Fun to see yourself on TV
  • Cons: Short cable wire, not so great picture quality
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Overall 6

A well built affordable motion gaming peripherial

XGcomplexity, Dooyoo
27 August 2010
  • Summary: I will review the camera and the game separately as a lot can be said about both. The eyetoy camera is a peripheral made by Sony owned company called Studio London a company who have also developed the eyetoy play series of games. The camera is made out of a fairly resistant plastic that will withstand a fair amount drops on the floor and knocks in to a wall.
  • Pros: Affordable, Can be used as a webcam,
  • Cons: A limited libary of games to play it on
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Overall 8

Sony Eyetoy: Eye-toy is back!

TheDenominator, Dooyoo
1 February 2009
  • Summary: A revolution in gaming when it first came out, and still many other possibilities when it went out of fashion. The original function of the eye-toy was the game on the ps2, that involved players using themselves in a reflected position to play games with their hands, feet, even head. But after this game went cold, i realised that i could use the Eye-toy as a webcam for my pc, instead of buying an actual one. I searched through the internet for the drivers and bam!
  • Pros: Multiple use
  • Cons: Light is annoying
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Overall 10

I'm On The TV!!

loulou22, Dooyoo
14 June 2008
  • Summary: I have chosen to write this review on the Sony Playstation 2 accessory - The Eye Toy Camera as I think it is a fantastic and fun accessory to have so everyone should know about it and have a go themselves! This review is (as the category says!) about the Eye Toy Camera itself, not a specific game! *** What Is The Eye Toy? *** The Eye Toy is a really fantastic accessory for use with the Playstation 2.
  • Pros: Great fun for anyone!
  • Cons: Need room to play properly
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