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Dyson DC33

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  1. Testfreaks.33053966
    25 November 2012

    The Dyson DC33 is one Dyson to RUN FROM!
    We bought one, & right out of the box, the DC33 made LOUD grinding noises EVERY time we attempted to use it on a carpet.
    I called Dyson & was told that this was "normal" & that the grinding was because something must have been blocking the brushes.
    They further explained that the grinding was actually a protection device to protect the gears & belt of the unit when something is blocking the brushes from turning.

    With the Dyson person on the phone, I checked everything that the Dyson person said to look at....Well...Surprise, surprise there was NOTHING blocking the brushes on the Brand New DC33 that was simply taken out of the box & then plugged in.

    Next, the Dyson person told me to take the bottom off the brush area & remove a rubber gasket to “reduce suction”. Why? Because, as it was explained, the motor on the DC33 is just “so powerful” that it is actually getting stuck on the carpet because of the “powerful suction”....Yup....you read that correctly....The Dyson person told me to remove a gasket to REDUCE suction! I may be wrong here, but isn't the powerful suction of the Dyson the whole reason you want to buy one??
    I mean, their entire ad campaign is based on “..the vacuum that never loses suction”...& here is a Dyson Customer Service person telling me procedures to reduce the suction of a Dyson; just so that it can do the very basic task of cleaning a carpet!

    After doing everything as instructed (still with the Dyson person on the phone), the vacuum STILL made grinding noises on any room carpet I tried. The only time it did not grind was when I vacuumed a small tile area near our front door.

    After hearing over the phone that the Dyson was still grinding, the Dyson person said it must be a defective DC33; & to exchange it where I purchased it.

    Instead, I returned it & got a refund. (Wait...there is more...)

    Six months later, my Wife purchased another Dyson DC33 (from a different retailer). She felt that the problems we had with the first one was all due to a defective unit.....I hoped so as well......we were both about to have our hopes shattered...

    The new Dyson DC33 did EXACTLY the same grinding (right out of the box) as the first one we had purchased 6 months prior did!

    Again, I called Dyson & was brought along the same gasket removal procedure I was brought through with the first DC33 we had.
    Again, it did nothing to stop the problem.
    Again, I was told it was “odd” but we must have a defective unit; & to exchange it where we purchased it.

    We brought the DC33 back to were it was purchased.
    When we walked in with it, my Wife told a salesperson we were having a problem with it. The salesperson kind of twisted his face & said with a crooked half smile “Let me guess.....its grinding...right?” My Wife & I started laughing & said almost at the exact same time “YES!!”

    He said he has had ALLOT of people bring them back for the grinding problem.
    He was very nice & wanted to hear for himself what the grinding sounded like. He plugged in the DC33 & turned it on. It worked fine on tile & vinyl flooring samples he had; but as soon as it went onto ANY type of rug, the grinding noise was insane. He had many flooring samples for testing vacuums; & the DC33 made grinding noises on ALL of them except a wood, vinyl, & tile sample.

    We wanted to return our second defective DC33 & get another refund; but since my Wife had thrown the box away (UGH!) we were unable to return it. (Side note: It is nobody’s fault but OUR OWN on the thrown away box / no refund issue!)

    The Dyson DC33 is by far the WORST vacuum we have ever purchased.
    Just do a simply web search for “Dyson DC33 Grinding” & you will spend the rest of the day & night reading nightmare after nightmare about the DC33 grinding.
    There is obviously a design flaw with this unit that cannot be denied....except by Dyson.

    To have Dyson Customer Service instruct its customers to take parts out of their units to reduce suction in order to stop a grinding problem that should not be happening in the first place, is absolutely unbelievable & ridiculous.

    At least the yellow color of the DC33 is perfect for it, since it’s a lemon!

    If you are unfortunate enough to purchase a DC33, DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY! Trust me, you will more than likely need it again in the VERY near future!

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