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William Optics ZenithStar 80 II ED APO F/6.8

William Optics ZenithStar 80 II ED APO F/6.8

The newest ZenithStar II generation Doublet APO is a 80mm ED Read more

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Lens Design
• Doublet ED, using premium Japanese Ohara FPL-51 Japanese glass, air spaced, in CNC machined ultra high precision lens cell. • Each lens is Fully Multi-Coated with the best in anti-reflective coatings.
Low C.A.
• Fully baffled to block all extraneous off-axis light rays and prevent glancing reflections, increasing overall contrast. • 80 mm clear aperture.
Nothing Left to Chance
• Fully CNC machined production, no plastic part used. • Drawtube travel length 80 mm, with precision graduated scale. • 1.25” adapter included. • Brass Compression rings on the adapter: will not ruin your precious eyepieces!
Super Portable
• Retractable dewshield, for enhanced portability. • Only 2.8 kg. Perfect for piggybacking a guide scope. • Optional rings, guiding rings and 0.8x field flattener/reducer are available!
Beautiful Anodizing
• Superior anodizing will not only give you a beautiful telescope, but also protect it by making the surface much harder than natural aluminum. • Elegant blue finish, stylish like a designer product! It is particularly suited to be paired with an SCTs as a guiding scope.
Wonderful WO Microfocuser
• William Optics 360-degree rotatable Crayford focuser, smooth and precise. • Adjustable focuser tension. • Super-smooth and reliable 1:10 micro focuser for fine focusing during astrophotography or visual observations alike.
Attention to Packaging
• Exclusive Aluminum carrying case included in the price. • Water resistant case. • Carry-on size: you do not have to leave your treasure home! • Two-year, no fuss warranty and constant customer service!
Focal Ratio
Focal Length
Objective Type
FPL-51 ED Glass, Doublet, Air Spaced, APO
Resolving Power
Limiting Magnitude
Lens Shade
2" 360° Rotating Camera-angle Adjuster, 1:10 fine focus
1.25" Adapter
Brass Compression Rings
L- type Mount
L Bracket Based
Field Stops
10 Baffles
Tube Diameter
Tube Length
16.9" (430mm) Fully Retracted
Aluminium Case (Standard)
Case Dimensions
22.4" x 12.6" x 8.3"
Release Date
First seen
2 February 2009