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Samsung Q1 Ultra / Q1U-series

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung Q1 Ultra / Q1U-series

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Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA review

20 March 2008
  • Summary: The Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA is a great device if you just need to stay online while you're on the move, but it's not really equipped for anything more taxing. It's also a bit too big to be easily portable, and the keyboard can be frustrating.
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Overall 6

Samsung Q1 Ultra

22 October 2007
  • Conclusion: Certainly an elegant and feature-rich device that addresses the first generation Q1's shortcomings. But for this price, I want more speed! Even simple tasks are annoyingly slow on the Q1 Ultra. But for those who need an goes-anywhere full Windows PC that fits in a roomy purse or briefcase and doesn't cost $2,000, the Ultra is worth considering.
  • Pros: Full Windows in a very portable format. Screen resolution is high enough for a near-notebook experience and the touch screen is accurate and responsive to finger touch. Good networking with Bluetooth, WiFi and even HSDPA on one model. Navigation software is a plus.
  • Cons: Quite slow. Interacting with small on-screen elements like Start Menu program lists, hyperlinks and close boxes take a precise hand (and use of the stylus rather than a finger). The tiny keyboard is better than nothing, but not by much.
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Overall 6

Samsung Q1 Ultra

maximum pc
19 September 2007
  • Excerpt: Microsoft created a ton of fuss with the launch of a version of Windows tuned for palmtops and other keyboardless PCs. But the devices that utilized it—code-named Origami—couldn’t live up to the prelaunch hype. The initial Windows XP–powered Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) suffered from a tacked-on user interface, goofy or unusable input mechanisms, poor performance, and an absurdly high price.
  • Pros: Great screen, good battery life, and improved stylus input.
  • Cons: still bad for the fingers; slow performance in media apps.
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Overall 5
Value for money 6
Features 6
Performance 4

Samsung Q1 Ultra Review

31 July 2007
  • Conclusion: The Q1 Ultra makes no pretense of being a speedy game machine or workstation-class number-cruncher. Generally, it takes the annoying decrease in speed between Windows XP and Vista and magnifies it slightly. Application-launching is leisurely, as are responses to some taps or button presses, though YouTube and DVD videos played smoothly enough.
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Overall 5

Samsung Q1 Ultra-V

PC World
18 July 2007
  • Excerpt: A sentence I typed on the integrated split-QWERTY keypad on Samsung's new Q1 Ultra-V ultramobile PC (UMPC) came out like this: "The quuck browm focx...
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Samsung's Q1 Ultra

Network Computing
26 June 2007
  • Excerpt: Ultramobile PCs are hot right now, but can a device with a small screen, a split keyboard, and performance in the PDA class convince you it's a fully functional PC?
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Expert Review

21 June 2007

Review: Samsung Q1 keyboard

6 March 2007
  • Excerpt: About two months after I sent away for it , the Samsung Q1 portable USB keyboard (model AA-SK0TKBD) finally arrived. Normally priced at just under $100 in the U.S., this one was free with the purchase of any UMPC in the Q1 series. The offer was one of the reasons I decided to buy the Q1P and organizer in December.
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Jack of all trades, master of some

Consumer Electronics Net
6 June 2006
  • Excerpt: Earlier this year, Microsoft began pushing an idea it called Origami, a set of specifications for small tablet PCs that would fill a niche between notebook PCs and PDAs. As the products began appearing on the market, they became known as ultra-mobile PCs, or UMPCs. One of the first available products that adheres to that specification is the Samsung Q1 UMPC, a nicely-designed tablet with a 7-inch LCD display.
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Overall 6

Samsung Q1

21 May 2006
  • Conclusion: There literally is pretty much nothing like it! it's gorgeous, it's cool and it functions well in a variety of rolls, from ultra-portable notebook to media player to digital note taker (and more). The hardware is of impeccable quality other than the integrated stand and the machine is powerful enough to replace a basic notebook. Is it worth the price?
  • Pros: Incredibly portable yet usable Windows machine. Windows XP Tablet Edition and the excellent touch screen make the most of the device. The display is vibrant and responsive. Good built-in stereo sound with SRS and dual array mics. Intuitive and easy to operate controls. Very attractive device that turns heads. Well connected with WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and wired Ethernet. Works with standard USB keyboards and mice as well as monitors.
  • Cons: The resolution isn't consistently supported by 3rd party or even Microsoft's own software: dialog boxes will sometimes run off the bottom of the screen, requiring user-prowess and judicious use of the res switcher button. Price is high when the device has to compete with higher spec-d traditional notebooks (that's the price you pay for miniaturization). Pen is a little cheesy.
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