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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 / GT-N8000 / GT-N8005 / GT-N8010 / GT-N8013 / Note 10.1 LTE GT-N8020 / SCH-I925
7.7 out of 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 / GT-N8000 / GT-N8005 / GT-N8010 / GT-N8013 / Note 10.1 LTE GT-N8020 / SCH-I925

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Reviews and Problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 / GT-N8000 / GT-N8005 / GT-N8010 / GT-N8013 / Note 10.1 LTE GT-N8020 / SCH-I925

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Overall 6
Performance 5
Battery performance 7
Display 9
Camera 7
Software 6
Speakers 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review (2014 Edition)

1 October 2013
  • Excerpt: When I was in high school, I fantasized about leaving my numerous spiral bound notebooks behind in favor of a handheld digital drawing board. That technology didn’t arrive in the form of the iPad until after I finished college, but that didn’t stop me from buying one the weekend it was released,...
  • Pros: Useful handwriting recognition, Beautiful high-resolution display
  • Cons: Sluggish performance, High price, For a pen-enabled tablet, it's not geared toward pen users
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Review: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 may need more time in the oven

Ars Technica
1 October 2013
  • Conclusion: The bet Samsung seems to be placing every generation is that periodic software updates will massage away the hiccups and deficits of today's hardware and software. Further, it bets that the next generation hardware will catch up and be able to do well what last year’s model did so-so.
  • Pros: Charming 10.1-inch 2560×1600 display, Better proportions than previous Samsung tablets, and the textured back offers plenty to grip, A capable stylus experience, More widgets, gestures, and usage paradigms than you can shake a stick at
  • Cons: Janky and unresponsive UI, Faux-leather and faux-chrome are forgettable, Hard to care about the features when they either don't work well or don't add value, Benchmark optimizations are poor form..., ...particularly when scores still fall behind the competition.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: An Embarrassing, Lazy, Arrogant Money Grab

Android Police
21 August 2013
  • Excerpt: in the next version of Android. Multitasking on tablets was (and still is) non-existent, and I wanted my tablet to be less of a big phone, and more of a small computer. I wanted split screen, and floating apps, and really, I wanted to just of this nice, big screen I had.
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Overall 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Review

Review guidelines
15 July 2013
  • Excerpt: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a complete and feature-rich tablet that is different from the other models in circulation for the ability to write directly on the screen with the stylus, the so-called S-Pen, so it is ideal for taking notes, to draw or to enter the text within images.
  • Pros: Full HD video footage; Memory; S-Pen; Front camera, quad-core processor, UMTS with HSDPA, SIM card slot, GPS.
  • Cons: No NFC, Resolution Display.
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Overall 10

My last day with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

24 June 2013
  • Excerpt: Well, I sure did enjoy having the opportunity to utilize the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for nearly two weeks and I'm sad to see it go. I enjoyed it's unprecedented speediness due to it receiving service from Verizon's 4G LTE network , one of the fastest mobile networks available and by far the most...
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Overall 10

Move over furry little friend; The S Pen ain't no cheese-eater.

17 June 2013
  • Excerpt: I'll admit, I had never used the new tool that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 , The S-Pen , before. When I first began using computers, I became thoroughly familiarized with the control device that allowed me to point and click, cleverly named 'the mouse,' because of it's uncanny...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with 4G LTE

16 April 2013
  • Conclusion: Both Samsung and Verizon surprised me with the Note 10.1. I was impressed with the Note 10.1’s features, especially when paired up with fast mobile internet via 4g LTE. With the built in S Pen I can see this being a perfect device for business use but even in my case I had a blast with it.
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Review: Galaxy Note 10.1

20 March 2013
  • Conclusion: At $499 the Galaxy Note 10.1 is far from cheap (and that’s on contract even). Also, the display is lower resolution than many competing high-end Android tablets (and even a growing number of Android phones now).
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Overall 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Verizon Wireless) Review

LAPTOP Magazine
15 March 2013
  • Summary: Ultimately, we prefer the latest iPad for Verizon over the Note 10.1 because Apple's tablet has a sharper display, longer battery life and wider app selection. Plus, the iPad has a more premium design.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: A Capable Elder Brother?

11 February 2013
  • Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a power horse that does not fail to deliver when tasked. An excellent choice for productive type people who want to do multiple things simultaneously and the addition of the S Pen just sweetens the whole deal.
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