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Google Chromebook Pixel

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Overall 6

Review: Chromebook Pixel from Google

12 June 2014
  • Excerpt: There are some products that come out that make you just wonder why they exist. Google released the Chromebook as a low cost PC that Google says is “For Everyone!” With Chromebooks starting as low as 199.99, it’s not hard to think twice about picking one up, if not just to satisfy your curiosity.
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Chromebook Pixel hands-on review: Google guns for premium market

8 March 2014
  • Conclusion: The Chromebook Pixel is a beautiful machine, with a truly remarkable screen, a lovely industrial design and good specs – but it needs to be at the price, and it’s going up against some truly impressive opposition. For those who love Google Apps and have been waiting for something premium, this will be a fantastic new arrival. However, for those that are choosing from scratch between Ultrabooks, Macbooks and Chromebooks there are still major doubts.
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Chromebook Pixel review: Google goes gunning for the premium market

8 March 2014
  • Excerpt: Most companies make products because they want people to buy them, but Google doesn’t give a fig if you buy a Chromebook Pixel or not. It wasn’t made so that people would buy it, though doubtless some will; it’s a learning exercise made flesh. Let us explain. Google’s Chrome OS is a fast, secure, always-updated lightweight operating system whose only job is to give you a computer that has a web browser on it.
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Overall 8
Performance 9
Battery performance 6
Display 9
Keyboard 9
Software 6

Chromebook Pixel review

7 January 2014
  • Summary: "Disposable." When Eric Schmidt and Google first introduced Chrome OS, its operating system designed for desktop and laptop PCs, they kept using that word . Schmidt promised cheap devices that were essentially interchangeable — when all the computing power, storage, and apps come from the internet, because the entire operating system is just a slightly modified version of the Chrome browser, why build good hardware?
  • Pros: Screen is incredible, Great keyboard and trackpad, Excellent design
  • Cons: Average battery life, Chrome OS is still severely limited, Price is a deal-breaker
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Overall 7

Google Chromebook Pixel Review

maximum pc
3 October 2013
  • Summary: Still, we understand what has led the majority of reviewers to label the Pixel the sexiest notebook no one should ever buy—its utility still falls far short of a full-service laptop. At the same time, there are a lot of a people who think the Tesla S is an impractical, overpriced electric car, too. That assessment is probably accurate, but there’s no denying that the Tesla S is a damned-sexy car few of us would turn down. Same goes for the Google Pixel.
  • Pros: Beautiful construction; pleasurable track pad; 3:2 screen.
  • Cons: Chrome OS dependent on Internet; power connector should be magnetic; expensive.
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Chromebook Pixel Review

8 July 2013
  • Summary: "YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE CHROME OS FOR YOURSELF" The Pixel Chromebook is a halo product, a showcase product. Google did not plan on generating revenues with the Pixel. For a first stab at designing high-end laptop hardware, it is a solid product. I was skeptical about the value of the Pixel Chromebook until I could put my hands on it. It is one of those devices where you really need to experience it for yourself to appreciate it, or not.
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Chromebook Pixel – beautiful, powerful, crippled and overpriced

23 June 2013
  • Conclusion: The Wifi only Chromebook Pixel has already been released and it retails for a whopping $1299 – that’s probably more than you’d want to spend on what is essentially an experimental machine, unless you’re sure you can install a real OS on it. There’s also the LTE model, which will be released in April and will raise the price to $1449.
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Overall 5

Chromebook Pixel: Brilliant touch screen, hefty price

13 June 2013
  • Summary: Despite impressive hardware specs and solid industrial design, the Chromebook Pixel’s high price and cloud OS limitations make it impossible to recommend for the vast majority of users.
  • Cons: Pricing starts at a lofty $1,299; Web-based Chrome OS requires you to be online to do most tasks; Web apps can't yet compare to most Windows or Mac software, especially for media-centric activities like video.
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The Chromebook Pixel Review

31 May 2013
  • Conclusion: Something magical happened during the course of this review. I know many of you have been waiting for it, and we apologize for the delay. But truth be told, it was worth it. I’d already spent a few weeks with the Pixel when it entered the bowels of Anand’s lab to have its display characterized. I used that time to put together much of what you’re about to read.
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Google Chromebook Pixel Review

29 May 2013
  • Excerpt: Earlier this year, Google did something almost ground-breaking when it introduced the Chromebook Pixel . Sure, the Chromebook line as a whole has existed for a few years , but the entire premise of such a range of notebooks revolved around only a couple of design goals. One of those was accessibility, and almost by default, the other was affordability. The original Chromebooks were priced at $500 or less -- in some cases, far less.
  • Pros: Solid Performance, World-class Construction, Gorgeous 12.85" High-Res Touch Panel, Free LTE with $1499 Model, Amazing keyboard + trackpad
  • Cons: Poor u sability in Offline Mode, P ricey, Chrome OS Has Limited Functionality, No USB 3.0, Meager local storage capacity
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