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Asus Vivo Tab RT / RT LTE (TF600T)
7.2 out of 10

Asus Vivo Tab RT / RT LTE (TF600T)

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Reviews and Problems with Asus Vivo Tab RT / RT LTE (TF600T)

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Review: ASUS VivoTab RT TF600

7 March 2013
  • Excerpt: ASUS’s rendition of Windows RT shows what Microsoft got so right, and so very, very wrong with the Windows RT. It’s not like ASUS is trying to hide VivoTab RT, in fact, it’s one of the only Windows RT devices that is really making a go of it in the United States.
  • Pros: Excellent multitasking, refined hardware, great Transformer dock performance.
  • Cons: Windows RT’s walled garden limitations, multitasking hampered by desktop app ban.
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ASUS VivoTab RT TF600T review: Windows RT according to ASUS

14 January 2013
  • Excerpt: Microsoft released an ARM version of Windows 8 called Windows RT, and that's the version that runs on the ASUS VivoTab RT. Also known as the ASUS TF600T, we will take a closer look at that tablet today.
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Atom vs Tegra in Windows 8: battle of the mobile chips

9 January 2013
  • Excerpt: Windows 8 is the first consumer version of Windows that not only runs on processors with the X86 architecture (from Intel and AMD), but also with processors with the ARM architecture. That makes it possible to compare the performance of these two architectures, which is exactly what we did.
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ASUS VivoTab RT Review

31 December 2012
  • Conclusion: Viewed within a vacuum, the VivoTab RT is a strong first effort from ASUS as part of the new Windows tablet push. It’s a conservative and mature design that has proven itself in the marketplace. It’s a thin tablet with a clean, modern aesthetic that doesn’t push the boundary much.
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Overall 8

Review: ASUS VivoTab RT

28 December 2012
  • Summary: The ASUS VivoTab RT isn’t the absolute best Windows RT tablet on the market, but it’s a pretty darn good one. You’ve probably noticed by now my repeated references to the Surface.
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Overall 8
Performance 5
Battery performance 10
Display 9
Weight 10
Noise 10
Gaming performance 4
Connectivity 5
Keyboard 7
Temperature 9

Review Asus Vivo Tab RT TF600 Tablet

25 December 2012
  • Summary: The battle begins. The Microsoft Surface RT was the first device that introduced the world to the newest version of Windows and the first one to run on the ARM architecture. Asus is well known in the industry to make the best quality tablets other than Apple.
  • Pros: Precise touchscreen, Workmanship / choice of materials, Work speed, Battery life, Bright screen, The maximum brightness enables outdoor use. The tablet mutates to a permanent companion due to its robust build and size.
  • Cons: No digitizer pen, Current price, Full-sized USB port only in dock or via adapter, A digitizer pen for handwritten inputs like in the case of Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet 2 would complete the bundle
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Overall 9

Expert Review

Phone Arena
14 December 2012
  • Conclusion: Before we get into the nitty gritty, we’d like to point out that Asus is offering a special promotion on the VivoTab RT , which enables any buyer of the tablet to get the keyboard dock for free. Yes folks, you heard that right!
  • Pros: Sleek and sturdy design, Better camera performance than the Surface RT, Convertible design, Phenomenal battery life with the keyboard dock
  • Cons: Keyboard layout is a bit cramped
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Asus' VivoTab RT convertible tablet reviewed

1 November 2012
  • Summary: The VivoTab RT is one sweet little system. It's remarkably thin and light even with the keyboard dock attached, and both components combine solid build quality with a certain elegance.
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Overall 7

ASUS VivoTab RT TF600T

26 October 2012
  • Summary: With its vivid screen, sturdy build, and sleek user interface, the Asus Vivo Tab RT is an excellent tablet in its own right -- but it can't beat the innovative Microsoft Surface RT.
  • Pros: Asus' Vivo Tab RT features the Windows RT's elegant and refreshing user interface, has a bright and rich screen, and is equipped with a keyboard dock for maximizing productivity.
  • Cons: The Vivo Tab RT's keyboard is cramped, its operating system takes some time to get used to, and both its app store and Desktop interface are severely limited.
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Overall 7
Performance 7
Battery performance 8
Display 7
Camera 7
Software 6
Speakers 8

Asus Vivo Tab RT review

23 October 2012
  • Excerpt: When I reviewed the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity , one of the best Android tablets available, I ended with this: "If you want one device that's both a tablet and a laptop, I'd wait a few weeks to see what Windows 8 has in store.
  • Pros: Light, thin form factor, Excellent battery life, Above-average speaker
  • Cons: Windows RT has some serious flaws, Keyboard and trackpad are too small, App ecosystem is basically non-existent
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