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Apple iPad

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Reviews and Problems with Apple iPad

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Overall 9

Apple iPad 2 Review

Phone Arena
16 March 2011
  • Conclusion: As much as Apple touts its wonderfully new slimmer design, which we openly agree as being eye catching, one of the most alluring things about the iPad 2 is its spot on pricing. At $500 for the entry-level model, you’re presented with a fantastic looking tablet that’s filled with plenty of goodies to make it a worthy successor.
  • Pros: Impressive thin profile, Fast performance with its A5 processor, Enabled for video chat, Solid price point
  • Cons: Shoots terrible photos, Same old iOS experience
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Overall 8

Apple iPad

4 March 2011
  • Summary: The Apple iPad is the first affordable tablet computer worth owning, but it won't (yet) replace your laptop.
  • Pros: In an act of aggressive tech convergence, Apple has consolidated your Netbook, e-reader, gaming device, photo frame, and iPod into an elegant, affordable supergadget. Features such as Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi, movie rentals, 10 hours of battery life, optional 3G wireless, and the most-celebrated App Store on the planet have us pretty worked up.
  • Cons: The iPad's large size is as much a hindrance as it is an advantage. As a jack-of-all-trades and a master of few, the iPad can't entirely mimic many of the specialized products it seeks to replace. The iPad's lack of front or rear cameras, Flash support, and integrated HD video output already have us pining for next year's model.
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Overall 7

Apple iPad 2012 64GB WiFi and 3G

11 February 2011
  • Summary: The iPad is a fun device to use - the interface, the apps, the games. Browsing is a fun experience too. This is a quality lifestyle product that is fun to use. However, it's aimed at having fun, and not at getting work done. Priced at Rs. 27,900 to Rs. 44,900 depending on the storage and whether you opt for 3G connectivity or not, the iPad is not cheap, and not exactly value, but as far as tablets go, it's pretty much the pick of the current crop.
  • Pros: Well designed, well built and attractive looking, Great simplistic interface and very good onscreen keypad, Great gaming experience, Wealth of applications available
  • Cons: Expensive, Lack of a front camera for chatting and such, Lack of memory expansion as an option, Display is prone to smudges
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Overall 8

Apple iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G)

PC Magazine
10 January 2011
  • Conclusion: The iPad is revolutionary, but it's not a true handheld device. That means you should think twice about whether you really need AT&T 3G before plunking down the extra cash for this version of the nation's best tablet.
  • Pros: Sleek design. Gorgeous, sharp, accurate touch screen. Improved iPod, Safari browser, photo, and e-mail apps. A plethora of downloadable apps. Flexible and affordable 3G service plans.
  • Cons: Costs $130 more than the Wi-Fi-only version. Some applications don't work over 3G. AT&T is the only U.S. carrier with 3G support.
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Overall 8
Value for money 6
Features 8
Performance 10

Apple iPad

30 November 2010
  • Summary: Verdict: Is it worth it? Put it this way. If you never bought one, you wouldn’t miss it. But buy it and you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it.
  • Pros: Brilliant user interface, lovely LCD screen, great form factor and design, WiFi support.
  • Cons: Quite an expensive gadget, expensive accessories, no Flash support.
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Overall 7
Performance 3
Battery performance 10
Display 9
Weight 10
Noise 10
Gaming performance 1
Connectivity 4
Keyboard 4
Temperature 9

Review Apple iPad 3G 64GB

12 September 2010
  • Summary: Entertainment Tablet. Is the iPad the heralded revolution? Can it replace a notebook or a netbook? We have dealt extensively with Apple's tablet over several weeks in our long-term test.
  • Pros: Precise touchscreen use, Outstanding IPS screen, Silent, Good battery life, Appstore and iPhone compatibility, Workmanship, design, interaction
  • Cons: Arrow keys are missing (virtual and hardware), Only Apple Apps permitted (no alternative browser), Few expansion options, iOS4 not yet available, A few functions of a full-fledged operating system.
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Overall 7
Value for money 7
Features 7
Performance 7

Apple iPad Review

2 September 2010
  • Conclusion: Of course the iPad is not solely an entertainment device. It offers serious functionality such as such as simple-to-use email and a fine e-reader for, y'know, "books." At the same time, it lacks the goods under the hood to make it a viable alternative to a true "tablet computer," for mainstream work use. But it now owns that valley between work and play, with a new category of device that looks like it was pillaged from the U.S.S.
  • Pros: Big, gorgeous screen, Works with current iPhone/iPod touch apps, Up to a 64GB of memory (and 8+ hours of battery life) in a slim package, Movies, music, internet and more, big enough to share and intuitive to operate
  • Cons: How are we supposed to hold it for long periods of time?, Onboard sound is severely limited, No flash support, Charging is not as simple as it could be
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Overall 7

Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G

14 May 2010
Overall 7

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G (64GB) Review

LAPTOP Magazine
7 May 2010
  • Summary: There's no question that having 3G inside the iPad makes it a more compelling device. You can surf the web, stream video (albeit at lesser quality), and download apps while mobile. We also think an iPad with integrated mobile broadband is simply more convenient than having to schlep a separate mobile hotspot, which costs twice as much per month for data.
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Overall 8

Apple iPad

eReader Central
30 April 2010
  • Summary: The Apple iPad isn't an eBook reader, which makes it very hard to compare it to other eBook readers. It doesn't use e-ink technology, it's heavy, you can't read out of it in bright places, and the display will strain your eyes eventually. Still, it has some major advantages over other eBook readers in the market – color, touch screen interface, and internet browsing capabilities.
  • Pros: Amazing design, Most intuitive interface yet, Full-color screen, Wi-Fi and 3G wireless, Will do just about anything
  • Cons: LCD display is hard to read from in bright places and will eventually strain your eyes, Battery lasts only ten hours, Heavy, Costs almost twice as much as the Kindle 2 or Nook, Additional 3G wireless fees apply (around $130)
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