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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

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Reviews and Problems with Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

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Overall 7

Amazon Fire HD 7 Tablet (2014) Review

10 November 2014
  • Conclusion: Amazon's Fire HD 7 performs well where it matters most, and that's in casual activities like surfing the web, listening to music, watching videos, and other common tasks that owners will ask of the device. In terms of benchmarks, the Fire HD 7 posted respectable scores in our run of browser-oriented tests like SunSpider and Browsermark, though it didn't fare very well when we turned our attention to gaming.
  • Pros: Price is easy on the wallet, Various color options, Decent sounding speakers, Tight integration with Amazon's services (if you're into that), Bright display is somewhat viewable in sunlight
  • Cons: Plastic construction, Subpar cameras, Not suitable for high-end gaming, Tight integration with Amazon's services (if you're not into that), Lacks expandable storage and HDMI output
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Overall 6

Amazon Fire HD 7

PC Magazine
17 October 2014
  • Conclusion: The Fire HD 7 is a good window to Amazon's content library, but its storage is too limited for much offline use.
  • Pros: Bright screen. Solid build. Amazon Prime streaming and FreeTime kids' content. Very easy to use.
  • Cons: Extremely limited memory in the base configuration. Short battery life.
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Overall 7

Amazon Fire HD 7 (2014) Review

LAPTOP Magazine
10 October 2014
  • Summary: Sporting a vivid display, a zippy processor and access to a wealth of Amazon content, the Amazon Fire HD 7 is one of the better tablets you can get for under $150. The slate's FreeTime parental controls make it the perfect gadget to share with your little one, and its long battery life allows the whole family to get plenty of use out of the tablet on a single charge.
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Overall 9

Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Tablet Review

17 April 2014
  • Summary: We were impressed with the makeover of the Fire HD with lots of useable upgrades including a bright HD screen, more storage space, dual-driver speakers with Dolby audio and a long battery life. We truly enjoyed watching our favorite movies and shows on the Fire HD and the price is still affordable making this tablet a great gift to buy for yourself or anyone on your list.
  • Pros: Beautiful Presentation:, Simple Yet Powerful:, Keeping You Entertained:, Extras That Count:, Balanced Audio:, Screen Upgrade:, Eleven Hours:, Affordability:
  • Cons: Button Location:, Minor Flaws:
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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ review: does Amazon’s latest light a fire under the Nexus 7?

8 March 2014
  • Excerpt: Amazon changed the tablet game late last year with the introduction of the Kindle Fire , a $199 7-inch tablet that – while limited by a slim offering of apps and lower-end hardware – really upended the lower end of the market and proved a dramatic success. No other manufacturer could compete on both price and features until Google and Asus dropped the similarly priced Nexus 7 this summer.
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Overall 8

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review: In Depth

5 December 2013
  • Conclusion: The first thing users will see when they take it out the box is a very plain, very ordinary looking tablet. It’s unimaginative design is deceptive to the point of doing the device a disservice, as once you switch it on you’re treated to a rich and diverse user experience unlike anything the competition say they may offer. With both the Kindle Fire and Fire HD, Amazon has changed what the sub-brand means and it’s as a result of the hardware on offer.
  • Pros: Beautiful 7-inch HD display, Excellent stereo sound, Vast library of content, Affordable
  • Cons: Clunky, generic design, Locked to Amazon apps and content, No expandable memory
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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 vs Google Nexus 7 2013 – Tablet Comparison

Good E-Book Readers
15 August 2013
  • Conclusion: Over the course of this video comparison, we go over the overall e-Reading experience. It is important that we compare these two devices and see how they handle comics, newspapers, magazines, and eBooks. Finally, we wrap it up and run some video and audio tests. Sometimes with tablets, its not the specs written down on paper, but how do they really perform in real world conditions. We seek to really go in-depth with this comparison.
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Overall 8

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

1 July 2013
  • Summary: Before anyone gets confused and starts comparing this with the likes of the Google Nexus 7 and the other Android tablets out there, it is imperative to specify that this tablet is made to work in the Amazon ecosystem. While it may be Android at the very basic level, the Amazon skin completely takes over. Excellent hardware and display make this a very good device to read text on, and the gaming performance is impressive.
  • Pros: Sharp and crisp 7-inch display, Good design and form factor, Intuitive Interface wrapped around Android, Unmatched e-book library, Amazon App Store is clean in terms of quality, Pre-registered with your Kindle account
  • Cons: Android fans will be disappointed, Every opened item adds to carousel, App Store still has some missing links, Power and volume keys are not designed very well
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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 VS. Kindle Fire 2012 Model

Good E-Book Readers
1 April 2013
  • Conclusion: In this video we compare both the hardware and software to give you all the information you need on how these tablets compare against each other. We show videos, music, ebooks, games, internet experience, and much more!
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Overall 10

Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Good E-Book Readers
1 April 2013
  • Conclusion: The Amazon Kindle Fire HD certainly puts all the other tablets under $200.00 on notice. The combination of dual-core processors, webcam, 1 GB of RAM, Micro HDMI, and a high resolution display screen absolutely destroys most mid level tablets that are currently on the market. You get tremendous value for your money, even if you are locking yourself into the Amazon ecosystem.
  • Cons: Severely Limited in What You Can Buy outside the USA, You Have to Be a Prime Member to Enjoy Many Features, Overdrive Library eBooks Could Be Simpler, Audiobook Program Has Few Options for Optimization, Side-Loaded Apps and Content Look Very Pixelated on the Main Carousel
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