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Acer Iconia Tab W500

Acer ICONIA Tab W500 The Acer ICONIA TAB W500 is a tablet P Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Acer Iconia Tab W500

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Overall 6

Acer Iconia Tab W500P-BZ841

4 weeks ago
  • Excerpt: I’m not really a fan of using tablets for my business. But, as time progresses, I realized I needed a full upgrade and go portable with nearly everything that I do. That’s when I decided to go and buy Acer Iconia Tab. Acer isn’t really my top notch hardware of choice, but I gave it a try anyways since the price seems quite reasonable. What really got me into this tablet isn’t really the design, but the fact that it can function as both a laptop and a cool tablet.
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Overall 7

"Good tablet/netbook with windows 8. Never used with 7."

ndhp1234, CNET
19 January 2012
  • Pros: Excellent screen, two USB ports, full SD card slot, full HDMI, and easily portable. Responsive touch screen.
  • Cons: Battery life could be better, keyboard dock is nice but is too light and therefore can easily tip over, processor should really be 1.5 GHZ, SSD should be at least 64GBs, would be better if there was a 4gb of ram option.
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Overall 9

"Best tablet by far! Real computer not a toy. Love it!"

yeshualovesu2, CNET
29 September 2011
  • Pros: I love the screen, and the fact that it uses a real operating system like Windows 7. I love that it has an HD port and SD card slot and USB port. I also love that it comes with a keyboard that you can use when you need to. Everything I can do on my laptop
  • Cons: I wish it had a larger hard drive. Accelerometer is a little slow and does not change as quickly as it should from landscape to portrait mode. I wish the USB port had been placed on top, that way you could have a mini usb of say 128 gb and it would not be
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Overall 10

"This tablet is fantastic; ignore the video."

KGood2134, CNET
29 July 2011
  • Pros: -Full Windows 7 OS included (which can be upgraded once 8 comes out) -Legitimate hardware as opposed to watered down specs you see on many tablets. -The keyboard is free -You don't even need to use the so-called "slow" touch-friendly apps installed, and i
  • Cons: It's very difficult to think of any, and nothing minor is even worth posting, but I'll try anyway: -It takes a bit of customization to fit your needs. I have big hands and I like a clean look on my computers, so I increased the icon and text size by one d
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Overall 8

"Great Windows 7 Tablet"

Camden28, CNET
6 July 2011
  • Pros: *Most importantly, this tablet has a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Compared to other tablets and netbooks that Windows 7 Starter, this can't be beat! Having the full OS makes this tablet very easy to personalize to your liking! *The physical s
  • Cons: *When connected to the keyboard dock, this tablet does not serve like a netbook. It does not fold down and even when the tablet looks like a clamped notebook... it is not! Instead, it is held together with two magnets instead of a hinge. *There is no wa
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Overall 5

"The greatest of all Netbooks, the least of all tablets."

JonathanNJ, CNET
29 June 2011
  • Pros: Screen, viewing angles, multitouch responsiveness, Windows 7, two USB ports on the tablet itself, Bluetooth, decent video,
  • Cons: Battery life, processor gets bogged down easily, for Web browsing still work well with pinch-to-zoom
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Overall 10

"Great tab for business users."

kevinlause, CNET
8 June 2011
  • Pros: Love having a Win 7 tab. It easily streams video, plays music, and works as a Kindle reader. Then when I need to I can open Outlook, VPN into work, Remote desktop to a server etc. I really like the dock idea. The review says it's very clunky and hard to
  • Cons: Small hard drive. Would love to have had a larger one or a way to replace it. Same with battery. No way to replace it from what I can see. That seems to be standard for the tabs though so if you are doing a iPad comparison I'd say that matches up. I put i
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Overall 10

Great Hot and Real cool

Nizar, J&R
5 June 2011
  • Summary: easy and fast to run
  • Pros: Adequate Storage, Durable Construction, Easy To Use, Fast, Good Battery Life, Large Screen, Lightweight, Reliable Performance
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Overall 10

Greatest tablet I ever have

Coastbv, J&R
5 June 2011
  • Summary: This is the best tablet I have ever had. It is a tool, not a toy like other tablet with other OS. To my surprise, the battery life is excellent. It can run more than 6 hours with regular use, enough to last a whole day. I first worried about the CPU performance since I used to have a netbook with Intel Atom. However, this mechine runs programs like office etc fast and responsive. The only con I can think of is I wish it has more storage space.
  • Pros: Adequate Storage, Durable Construction, Easy To Use, Fast, Good Battery Life, Large Screen, Lightweight, Reliable Performance
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Overall 8


shinminglee, CNET
28 May 2011
  • Pros: LIKE the flexibility of a tablet at night for reading and entertainment and a netbook for business when i need to do a fair amount of typing. Do not find the Docking Station to be "cumbersome" - but rather "cool" I took home the XOOM (didn't like) and the
  • Cons: Bluetooth driver problems with regards to tethering through my TORCH so as to access the internet via 3G - ultimately had to "give up" (future shop techs couldn't find a fix either) and purchase and download the TETHER software ($49.95 US); so now have bl
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