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9.5 out of 10

MXL AC-404

Great Deal: $82.00

Reviews and Problems with MXL AC-404

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Overall 10

Outstanding value

K W., Newegg
23 September 2014
  • Pros: I use one of these in a busy conference room and it performs as well and the very expensive Polycom mics. Great value.
  • Cons: I wish I could turn off the red light inside the unit, it makes people think they are being recorded even when there is no call in session.
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Overall 8

Works well

Gzim T., Newegg
28 July 2014
  • Summary: <.< lol It's a great mic and I got it when I decided I wanted one from games so I didn't have the little mic in my face but this one is just very sensitive to noise.
  • Pros: It works well and can be placed just about anywhere, it will still pick up your voice.
  • Cons: Now the problem is it also picks up any other noises in the background. Ac, other people talking, music from the room over if they play it too loud.
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Overall 2

It is Hands down Terrible

Ryan F., Newegg
9 May 2014
  • Summary: Not worth buying unless you live in a soundproof room and have no background noise.
  • Pros: It works although it picks up the TV in the other room and anything my wife says and if my dog farts, it catches that too.
  • Cons: It picks up EVERYTHING from my case/fan noise to my wife's TV through a door. Adjusted it up adjusted it down never found a perfect medium it now makes a impressive paperweight after getting constantly nagged about my terrible mike by everybody in TS and Ventrilo. I bought a 75$ paper weight thanks.
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Overall 6

Picks up well....Too Well

Peter O., Newegg
13 April 2014
  • Pros: I use the microphone to make VOIP calls from my PC. The audio quality is great and people have told me its better than my land line.
  • Cons: Besides picking up my voice great, this also picks up my typing really well! This is definitely something to consider before buying a PZM style microphone for your desk. I ended up using autohotkey to map my right windows key to mute the microphone. This makes it as easy as muting my deskphone, so the sensitivity no longer bothers me.
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Overall 2

Horrible for gaming

Alexander R., Newegg
30 September 2013
  • Summary: Use this mic for skype and audio conferencing, NOT for games. Since I bought this microphone just for playing online, I give this mic 1 egg. I've never regretted buying something so much. I tried to make it work for a year, but I'm sick of the bugs. Time to move on to something that consistently works.
  • Pros: The sound quality is great when the microphone works.
  • Cons: I use this as a desktop microphone for my computer. The microphone is super sensitive and needs to be turned down to 40-30% to operate at a reasonable volume. At full volume, you'll blast your friends away with static. They can't hear you, will assume your mic is garbage, and will be angry and annoyed. When the settings are correct, the mic is amazing. Here's the problem though: the mic just can't hold its settings. the volume will randomly switch between 100% and you...
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Overall 2

Terrible for Gaming

Adam G., Newegg
23 September 2013
  • Summary: Over-priced. Terrible sound quality when gaming. It might be fine for conferencing or voice-chat.
  • Pros: Professional looking. Quality construction. Very durable.
  • Cons: Terrible sound quality in games such as CS:GO. Produces a persistent echo that drowns out your voice. No way to boost sound.
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Overall 8

Lacks adjustability

Hanrui L., Newegg
8 September 2013
  • Pros: Looks great. Great for conference calls.
  • Cons: Not as useful if other people are in the room. Picks up a lot of background noise. Also, first time I plugged it in, there was a loud whining noise.
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Overall 10


Denise G., Newegg
13 August 2013
  • Pros: Excellent microphone. We were suffering from cheap webcam microphones for conference calls and I bought 2 of these to supplement the setup. Night and day difference -- you can now hear everyone in the room even with clapping and laughter.
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 10

Great quality-worth the price

Lawrence K., Newegg
30 March 2013
  • Summary: It came shipped in a bubble-wrap envelope instead of a box. The mic box was all crushed to smithereens and the plastic bag the mic was in was pressed so hard against the mic it was shredding against the top grating. When I pulled the mic out there wasn't a scratch or dent on it, that's how durable it is.
  • Pros: This has a nice quality, chunky, heavy all-metal construction. Using it on a Macbook Air for all the various video chat applications and works superb. I used to have the input volume cranked all the way up and people could still barely hear me and words would be garbled. With this mic the input volume is barley halfway turned up and people say it's like being in the same room it's so clear.
  • Cons: I need to pull it out and connect it to my laptop for video chats. I also have to be more careful about what I fiddle with or do off-screen while video chatting, since people can hear EVERYTHING that happens around me now, like planes flying overhead or dogs barking next door.
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Overall 10

Objectively Superior

William T., Newegg
7 March 2013
  • Summary: It comes with the same kind of cleaning cloth that eye glasses or tablet PC's come with. Why?
  • Pros: Superior clarity, range, and build quality. I love that it's heavy. I also really like the neo-retro look of this mic. The rubber base pad is nice too. Plus, it's USB so you can extend the signal distance with a USB extension and hub, while an analog-only mic's signal would degrade considerably with an extension. We host a daily company-wide video-conference with 16 people standing/sitting scattered around a roughly 400 sq foot open work floor with moderate background...
  • Cons: It was damaged (bent grill) in shipping. I can't ding the device's rating for this, and since it is hardly noticeable and doesn't affect performance, I'm not going to bother replacing it. Be warned though, Newegg shipped this highly sensitive and relatively expensive piece of equipment in a bubble-wrap envelope. Others may not be so lucky (or complacent) as me. Be prepared to return it.
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