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Blue Microphones Snowball Plug & Play USB Microphone

Great Deal: $52.53

Reviews and Problems with Blue Microphones Snowball Plug & Play USB Microphone

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Overall 6

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Kyle C., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Pros: The microphone pics up a lot of sound! It looks nice! Fits in the palm of your hand!
  • Cons: The stand doesn't lock properly. In fact...mine doesn't lock at all. It just slides out. And I am afraid if I try to screw it down tighter I will break the plastic! It maybe picks up to much sound...In every recording from at least 3 feet away from my desktop, it can pick up the fans whirring. :( Really wish the USB cable was a bit longer.
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Overall 10


Thristan M., Newegg
18 December 2014
  • Pros: I think this microphone is perfect, as soon as I joined my normal skype group, everybody said that I should of add more microphone to my order and give them as christmas gift. Love it
  • Cons: Size, I can't find the good place to position it, the quality is unbelievable, but you ear my mouse click too well and my computer fans too, even my mother speaking to me. Shouldn't be a con for everyone though
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Overall 6

OK for some things.

Shawna W., Newegg
13 December 2014
  • Summary: So, the first thing is, I have a less than ideal recording area. I have a fan in my computer that refuses to run less than 1200rpms and no controller to tell it to shut up, so there is constant fan noise. This would be less of an issue if my room layout and the length of the cable allowed me to move it to a position where my computer were behind it and it could be picked up less. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.
  • Pros: - Inexpensive - Good for use as a speaking mic - Decent for pop vocals
  • Cons: - Stand is iffy and will not lock, very hard to get the mic to screw on to it properly as well - Incredibly large - Included USB cable is much too short to get away from computer noise - Absolutely cannot handle soprano vocals
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Overall 10

Fantastic quality, high volume, great price

Jt H., Newegg
4 December 2014
  • Pros: I got this mic based on a number of streamers' recommendations. First thing I did was pop into my buddies' vent server, and ask, "Can everyone hear me okay? Just got a new mic." A few different people keyed up with "whoa" and "wow" and then my guild leader said, "Yeah, we can hear you really good. Makes me want to buy a new mic." It's a very good mic. Extremely good quality. I like the style too. Highly recommended for a mic in this range. Great for podcasting or stre...
  • Cons: None that I have found yet. Will update if anything goes amiss.
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Overall 10

It's great.

Larisa B., Newegg
16 September 2014
  • Pros: Plug and play. It works great. It catches voice quite well, and does a better job of background noise reduction then any of my other mics or headsets. I recommend this for sure.
  • Cons: None so far. Works great after a year of us
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Overall 10

Works Great!

Christopher K., Newegg
4 September 2014
  • Summary: Great mic for the price, and a great name.
  • Pros: Great sound quality, easy to use, plug and play, good levels even at a distance, and great for entry level recording, video recording, streaming, and general VoIP
  • Cons: Huge. And red light on front. It's rather large, but this doesn't bother me. The light on the front is red, so it doesn't dilate your pupils very much and thus doesn't bother me when I sleep.
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Overall 10

If you need a desk mic, look no further

Alexander J., Newegg
26 August 2014
  • Summary: All in all, this is a killer microphone for the price and I highly recommend it!
  • Pros: 1) Excellent mic quality. I've used this for in-game voice chat, Steam voice calls, TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Skype. Never once have I gotten a complaint of mic quality and have actually been asked a few times what mic I'm using. 2) Rugged design. This isn't made of cheap plastic and poorly insulated wiring like all the other desk mics I've used. Durable metal and plastic construction makes me not worried about accidentally bumping it. 3) The tripod it includes is durabl...
  • Cons: 1) The design of the mic itself is not very aesthetically pleasing, as a huge ball on a stick doesn't exactly scream "microphone" in everyone's eyes. Also, it's kind of large and can sometimes be hard to find a place for on the desk depending on your desk size and monitor setup. 2) The USB cable could really stand to be longer, as it's only something like 24 inches. Hard to position far away from my tower without pushing the cable to the limit.
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Overall 10

Great Micophone

William H., Newegg
12 August 2014
  • Summary: I use this for Skype calls, and it picks up my voice easily, even blocking out a bit of the background noise. I've used Audacity to record my voice and see how good the quality is, and I was impressed. Very good headset, even if your going to use it to Skype, sing, do podcasts, or even play an instrument, this is a great mic to do it on.
  • Pros: Red light for when there is power. Screw in mic, with separate stand, so you could use the mic without the stand, or use Blue's custom snowball stand.
  • Cons: Stand is a little poorly done, as the rubber 'feet' seem to feel like they want to fall off. Cable is a bit short for my needs, but for someone who will use this with a laptop, and not across a desk, its perfectly fine. You could even pick up a USB extension if you had to anyway.
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Overall 6

Works Alright

Kathleen S., Newegg
7 August 2014
  • Summary: I usually use a different mic, but I was going to buy a smaller one for Skype calls. In my opinion, there are probably much better spoken word mics for not much more money, and I would look into it.
  • Pros: -Cheap, I got mine for $50 -Well built -Quality cable -Fair sound quality, but the three settings are mainly normal, quiet, and quieter.
  • Cons: -The three settings are useless for spoken word. -You can't change your distance or orientation relative to the microphone without drastically changing the sound -The stand is awkward, and requires some fiddling with to fit into a mic holder
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Overall 8

Better quality

Joseph T., Newegg
25 June 2014
  • Summary: It has a pilot light on it, but it didn't bother me. I'd like to know if a mic is potentially "live." Works with Windows Recorder, Skype, and VoiceMeeter. I have no regrets for this purchase.
  • Pros: The sound quality just on my voice was much better than on the cheap (e.g. $10) microphones I'd been using. I did not need to get right up on it either. For podcasting and similar uses, it is very fit for purpose. Plug and Play on Windows 7. The stand feels sturdy, and it is a good weight, so it won't fall over or slide around.
  • Cons: Huge; about the size of a softball. Has proprietary threading; i.e. you couldn't mount this on a standard tripod without finagling an adapter.
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