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Onkyo TX-8255

Onkyo TX-8255 The Onkyo TX-8255 is a high fidelity stereo Read more

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Overall 10

Keep it simple: 2 channels, massive power, minimalist controls, super clean sound and separation.

Why Yes, I Do Have A Degree In Science, Amazon
12 November 2013
  • Summary: I've decided to keep things simple. As of this writing, there's now Dolby 7.1. Give me a break. In 3 years there'll be Dolby 15.1. Onkyo let's others play the Dolby catch-up game. 2 channels, massive power, minimalist controls. Super clean sound and separation. Want surround? Hook up a second set of speakers. I hooked it up to a new set of JBL ES20 JBL ES20 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers. Fills a 20x40 room with no problem.
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Overall 8

Good replacement amp and receiver

Bud Bartlett., Amazon
22 August 2013
  • Summary: The Onkyo TX-8255 was bought as a replacement for a nine-year old TEAC with the same power rating (50w per channel into 8 ohms). There was nothing wrong with the TEAC, and it may become a replacement in ts own time, but it had been in---literally---daily use for about eight years, and I was afraid it might lose a function or two abruptly. The Onkyo is the centerpiece of a system built to support playback and recording of old formats as well as cable TV viewing.
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Overall 10

makes an old man young again

M. P. Jackson, Amazon
27 June 2013
  • Summary: The Onkyo 8255 replaced a 40-year old Sony STC-7000 and a couple of newer power amps. The Sony wouldn't die, but got sick so gradually that I didn't realize it was failing until one channel died entirely. The new Onkyo has crystal clear highs (brushes on cymbals and snares that I hadn't heard for years, along with sharp attacks on strings and horns) and accurate, tight lows (not home-theater thumps).
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Overall 10

old fashioned stereo receiver

neonhead, Amazon
11 May 2013
  • Summary: Onkyo always has a good sound. It's power rating is conservative so this receiver will make a lot of good music. The best part is the user interface. My Techic and Sony have undecipherable interfaces with so many bells and whistles that I never use. This receiver has three small knobs for sound quality: base, treble and balance, that's it.
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Overall 10

Quality old-school stereo amplifier reciever.

Amazon Customer "hotdog", Amazon
10 May 2013
  • Summary: My 25-year-old Technics stereo receiver started cutting out at randomly, so I figured it was time for a replacement. This Onkyo TX-8255 Stereo Receiver is an affordable, old-school, no-frills stereo receiver amp that cranks out 50 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohm speakers. The upshot is that it provides plenty of power for a home environment. As expected, the sound is perfectly clean.
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Overall 4

Budget oriented, but simply did not work

Mechanical Aficionado, Amazon
6 March 2013
  • Summary: Craftsman ship seems OK from the outside. Everything looked neat, and edges were clean. However, my unit refused to power on, the standby light just blinks. This means the protection circuit is engaged. I called up a few local repair shops and they all unanimously told me to Not bother with anything under $300, as the quality has been significantly reduced in the past few years by ALL MANUFACTURERS.
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Overall 6

Not for Phono

Bender "Bender", Amazon
9 March 2012
  • Summary: I purchased this to replace a 20+ year Sony receiver that I used exclusively for a record player. When I upgraded my speakers to Polk Monitor 60s I was amazed at the quality for the modest price, but then that old receiver just up and died. I tried desperately to save it, but it's last note had already been sung. Since my budget was tight I researched some relatively inexpensive receivers that included a phono jack, not too many in the lower price range unfortunately.
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Overall 10

A Bargain-Priced Traditional Stereo Receiver

James B. Oakley III, Amazon
2 March 2012
  • Summary: This is full-featured traditional receiver at an excellent price. It even has a phono pre-amp, wonder of wonders! Also, the tuner is a good one. You have to go one model up to get a subwoofer-out jack, but this is all you need for a two-channel stereo system.
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Overall 6


Eric Haglund, Amazon
25 February 2012
  • Summary: After reading all of the glowing reviews, I bought this receiver for our vacation home. I agree that the sound delivery is clean but it lacks punch. The same bookshelf speakers (4" Infinity and Optimus) that amaze me on my old Technics receiver sound flat at best on the Onkyo. The old Technics has a built in equalizer and a loudness switch. Using those I can get the very most out of those speakers. Not so, the Onkyo.
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Overall 2

If you are after quality sound - stay away!

Steven Shevell, Amazon
23 February 2012
  • Summary: This receiver was to have had a simple assignment: power a pair of B&W bookshelf speakers in my study. It was a replacement for a trusty old receiver I had for many years whose left channel died of old age. Out of the box the unit took 3-4 tries just to power up. Then things went from bad to worse: I listened to the output. At all levels and across a wide rage of music this receiver yielded unlistenable results. Distortion and noise at all listening levels.
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