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Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series
7.8 out of 10

Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series

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Reviews and Problems with Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series

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Overall 10

Good Quality Sound Card & Easy Interface

Christine P., Newegg
1 September 2015
  • Summary: I've been using this card for five (5) years now and it has been very easy to use with no software of hardware issues. Sound is easily configurable and you can test 7.1 channels with the software. Sounds great with a speaker set-up within the room or even with headphones.
  • Pros: -Easy to use software interface -great sound quality
  • Cons: it's a bit on the expensive side.
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Overall 2

Was good, for a while

Jeremy H., Newegg
28 March 2013
  • Pros: Sounded good i guess?
  • Cons: Doesn't sound any better than the soundcard that came with my motherboard. Didn't live very long ( of course, i didnt use it till i found it on a shelf long after it was out of warranty.... figures)
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Overall 4


Antoine M., Newegg
23 July 2012
  • Summary: Get it if you need a sound card, I didnt, I regret
  • Pros: It was on discount when I had it, so, lets say very cheap!
  • Cons: I never really felt the difference... My speakers are average quality logitec and I just took out the sound card since it was messing up my drivers. My speakers were not turning off automaticaly when I was plugging in my earphones and I had to do it manualy wich was a real pain...
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Overall 10

Love this card!

Lori S., Newegg
11 July 2012
  • Summary: I have to press the default settings in the Sound Blaster Console every time I boot my PC in order for sound to work,
  • Pros: Great sound quality and no humming (even with 2 560ti's and 6 case fans)! This card outputs high quality surround sound and I love watching movies. This is a great step-up from on-board audio!
  • Cons: Cheezy Creative drivers but I can muddle through the simple problems.
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Overall 10

Awseomness Sound

Mark W., Newegg
16 June 2012
  • Summary: Love the card, purchased one for each of my 4 systems. Love creative labs, one the bext cards they haveever done!
  • Pros: Clear sound, No clipping. SPIF optical tosklink. Its one of the best ever!
  • Cons: Woudl prefer a little better software to work with Windows 7 64
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Overall 10


Andrew R., Newegg
5 June 2012
  • Summary: This is an update to a previous review.
  • Pros: Still going strong after 11 months of daily use. Compared to the integrated sound on my motherboard, the quality of this is unbelievable. In games, I doubt I could do as well as I do without the 3D positional audio. Music is unbelievably better as well. I listen to it so loud (because it sounds s...
  • Cons: None that I can think of... Drivers honestly weren't much of a problem. GET THE PAX DRIVERS. (search Google, it's worth it)
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Overall 10


alfredo o., Newegg
19 March 2012
  • Summary: If you are thinking about upgrading your sound on your pc this card should be on your list. If you are an audiophile person this card might not be to your liking, but for the average user who listens to music, plays games and watches movies, this card will blow you away.
  • Pros: Coming from onboard audio to this is like meeting intelligent life from another planet, you will be shocked and amazed. Movies, games and music sound amazing. The crystalizer feature enhances sound and quality. People will tell you the newer mobo with onboard audio are just as good, i was one of ...
  • Cons: The only con with this card are the installation of the drivers, i myself have not experienced that. Also the dam* bloatware that comes with the card when you install it.
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Overall 8


Stephen R., Newegg
18 February 2012
  • Summary: A 'sound' Sound Card! Well built. I like the cover/case it has. All metal and protects the 'guts' very well. I was amazed at what I have been missing for years now. I have not had a true Sound Card in 10 years. My last was a SB Live I 'think'. Been so long...
  • Pros: A Very Good Sound Card! I like buying 'Discontinued Items' like this. This is about 4 years old Tech Wise but, so what.... It is still an Up-To-Date piece of equipment for a PC. I chose the Fatal1ty Pro because of the case over the one that is $20.00 cheaper. NOT for the little LED light either. ...
  • Cons: Of course the DRIVER ISSUE! I downloaded the latest ones I could find from Creative. (2010 approx) However, I have not installed them as of yet. I am still using whatever WIN7 (64bit) has. Seems to work OK but, I was getting Crackling Sounds in Skyrim when I changed them to DVD or Studio Quality....
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Overall 10

i need to stop being so cheap.

greg s., Newegg
8 February 2012
  • Summary: i had a very bad experience with the software install back when i had an audigy. just hated the experience and so it made it easy for my to just live with on-board sound. that and i couldn't bring myself to pay so much for a card and i might possibly put myself through more software hell to boot.
  • Pros: never had a sound card of this grade and man i wish i had got one along time ago. all i can say is BF3 sounds amazing now. music as well.
  • Cons: learned my lesson from my old audigy days (last time i had a sound card) and went directly to creative site for latest software install. only con about that was it took a while to get all of it installed. almost two hours for me. i've suffered worse so small point.
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Overall 10

Love it

Michael P., Newegg
6 February 2012
  • Summary: Even with my $100 headphones, I'm hearing things in my music that I couldn't hear before I got the sound card. I'd never go back to no sound card!
  • Pros: - great sound quality - cmss-3d works great, you can actually hear people behind you with stereo headphones - I had no issues with drivers at all, I just downloaded them from creative's site - simple to install - the crystalizer feature improves sound quality a lot
  • Cons: - the cmss-3d works, but it butchers the sound quality, I'd rather just have it off
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