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Creative Sound Blaster Zx

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Reviews and Problems with Creative Sound Blaster Zx

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Overall 8

Creative Support, has gone to zero

Steve Goodstein, Amazon
1 week ago
  • Summary: Awesome, sound card, the problem is the creative support. It sucks in plain english. I argued with the support person about what came in the box even took a picture of the box still she would not agree that the product came with the cables that connect your headphones to the mic module. I had to figure out my own issues. Creative labs support used to be great now it's in Hong King or someplace where they have no clue how to diagnose or support a problem.
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Overall 10


Jason F., Newegg
29 December 2014
  • Pros: - Nice design - Glows red
  • Cons: - After 2 months the control unit stopped working
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Overall 6

Fortunately the card is working without the updates in my ...

pnc, Amazon
19 December 2014
  • Summary: This is a difficult review to write: I just installed the card, software, and hooked everything up. Installing the software took a bit longer than I would have expected. At the end I was asked if I wanted to check for updates - and I did. The two "CRITICAL" updates I was told to install add up to 184MB. My network download speed (just tested) is 58.8 Mbps. But I am into my THIRD HOUR waiting for the download of the updates.
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Overall 10

monster Beast

Christopher L., Newegg
11 December 2014
  • Summary: 4 month i used it.
  • Pros: i have only one thing to say , WOW its the best sound card i never use.
  • Cons: i recommand everyone who want a good sound card to use that one
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Overall 10

99 problems but my sound ain't one?

Sean Martin "-famousj6-", Amazon
1 December 2014
  • Summary: So far, so good! I have owned this product for about a week now, and I am quite impressed. I have a background in IT, but not in sound/acoustics, and I would not classify myself as an audiophile, but I certainly know what sounds pretty when I hear it. Here's my build: AMD FX-8350 processor Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard Kingston H2O RAM Samsung EVO 840 SSD Sapphire R9290x GPU I was using the front headphone port whenever it was late and I needed to keep the noise...
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Overall 10

Yes, its that much better

Michael S., Newegg
16 November 2014
  • Summary: Seriously clean audio runs my Z-5500 speakers like a pro. Even the very best onboard audio will have some things that lack in comparison to this card. If you don't think so, then you are not a true audiophile like me (and some of my friends). The microphone really does pick up sound people. My son has the same card (reason I got one for myself) and if I am in the next room rifling through papers or something, the people on his vent always notice it. Be warned.
  • Pros: Dedicated, reliable soundcard independent of the motherboard. One click to switch from headphones back to speakers and vice versa. No need to unplug headphones. The microphone picks up audio like nobody's business!
  • Cons: The microphone picks up audio like nobody's business! (Not a con if you are prepared for this).
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Overall 6

Good Soundcard Quality - Bad ACM

Daniel J., Newegg
19 October 2014
  • Summary: It's a shame the ACM ruins the relevance of buying a zX. Just buy the Z, you'll save some money and your sound quality will be better without using the ACM. I use Beyerdynamic DT880's with this card and at about 50% volume level in my mixer I am able to hear the 'edge' of all footsteps in CSGO (no need for scout mode). No one has a competitive advantage over me while playing this game as I can hear footsteps from the farthest programmed point.
  • Pros: Great sound quality, nice looking card, can handle my high 200 OHM beyerdynamic dt880's, in my opinion the included program is very functional and handy. You are able to switch from speakers to headphones with ease.
  • Cons: The ACM reduces sound quality. The difference is slight but if you enjoy getting the most out of your hardware (which I do) it leaves you wanting more. I also think the ACM causes some 'crackling' at high volumes, but I can't confirm this. I eventually switched to plugging my speakers/mic directly into the back of the card because I knew my sound quality had more potential. I took out 2 eggs for this because the price gain of the zx from the z is the ACM.
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Overall 10

Best hardware of 2014

Fanaticox, Amazon
4 October 2014
  • Summary: Stunning piece of hardware, this is the best sound card to the date -ever-. Surpase my XFi Platinum by large, a ten years old icon, which I though impossible. Creative Labs was out of the game for a while but they are back and proven worth the loyalty of their custormers. None with discernable audio experience will ever regret putting this thing into their pc.
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Overall 2

I wanted to like this product as I had Sound Blaster cards in ...

R. Sullivan "Digital Nomad", Amazon
25 September 2014
  • Summary: I wanted to like this product as I had Sound Blaster cards in the past and they were great. however, there is a serious problem with this card regarding IRQ ports. At first I thought it was limited to my motherboard but apparently it affects many motherboards. For me, it randomly switches back and forth between headphones and speaker output when the IRQ conflict is present. How do you fix it?
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Overall 4

Great sound, terrible drivers.

John L., Newegg
6 September 2014
  • Summary: I really like the card - I do. I just can't stand the constant problems. I've tried every "fix" imaginable but nothing works consistently for everyone, some argue its a driver problem some say its a PCI issue, but nothing consistently fixes the issue. The first agreed step is to revert to the .16 drivers, the FIRST drivers that released for the card. Get it together, Creative. I've bought a LOT of your products over the years and this is the second time I've been burned.
  • Pros: -Sound quality, by my ear, is great, especially with a decent set of headphones. -The card looks pretty good, though the EMI shield may potentially make for a tight fit in some systems if you have all of your slots occupied. -The beamforming mic is actually pretty neat when set up properly. It can be a bit finicky however, depending on where you place it. -The UI for the Pro Studio application is slick, decently laid out, a bit slow to start up sometimes but otherwise...
  • Cons: -Drivers are, as is typical with Creative, subpar at best. They have not realeased new drivers since January 2014, and these drivers only updated ALchemy and OpenAL, the remainder of the drivers do appear to be untouched since mid 2013, based on file dates. -I have had constant issues with channels randomly switching, sound clicking, popping, random volume changes, etc. I have effectively been told to "deal with it" and Creative refuses to acknowledge that this is eve...
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