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Creative Sound Blaster Z
9.7 out of 10

Creative Sound Blaster Z

An ideal all-round audio & gaming solution 116dB Signal-to-Noise Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Creative Sound Blaster Z

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Overall 10

Sound Magick

Justin L., Newegg
30 June 2015
  • Summary: So here's the thing, make sure you work on your sound settings to get the optimal experience. Not really a drawback, but I have a Razer headset, which required some adjustment to the microphone sensitivity. Serious power in the card.
  • Pros: Best sound I've gotten out of a sound card.
  • Cons: None that I've found.
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Overall 10

Good sound card

Michael M., Newegg
20 June 2015
  • Pros: A workstation used for AV was having sound problems. I replaced the motherboard, RAM, and the sound card. Sadly none of this made any difference. That being said the sound card works really well and sounds awesome! When we build a new system this sound card is going with it. The software has a fe...
  • Cons: It didn't solve my unsolvable audio problem, but that is another story all -together.
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Overall 10

Nice Little Card

Paul L., Newegg
18 June 2015
  • Summary: It is a small card and even right next to a GPU should not be a concern to hinder cooling. A lot of people don't realize this card will not only work in a PCIe X1 slot but also in the x4 & x8 so there are more mounting options.
  • Pros: A Lot of features and a great sound for the price.Superior to on board sound in every way. I don't have to turn my volume up as much to hear even more sounds in games,
  • Cons: That red LED inside is rather annoying and bright. There should be a software option to disable it. You can take the shield off and either wrap it with electrical tape or dull it a bit with a black sharpie. The instructions are weak. My surround sound speakers actually plugged into different hole...
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Overall 10

Anyone who tells you a soundcard is a waste, its not.

Justin R., Newegg
9 June 2015
  • Summary: When buying a soundcard its definitely one of those things you have to try for yourself and experience since there simply isnt anything like benchmarks for soundcards. There are a lot of mixed reviews on whether you should own one or not but i truly believe anyone who says its a waste of money and...
  • Pros: Coming from someone who has never had a soundcard before this was great. Ive used a program called SRS Audio Sandbox for years and have always thought it was good enough for my needs because it was able to improve onboard sound quality by a lot but it wasn't until i bought a 5.1 surround sound sy...
  • Cons: I really don't feel there are any cons for this since i've had no issues with it so far but some have reported bad drivers or software issues as well as interference but luckily for me i've never experienced any of these in the time that i've owned it and it appears problems with this soundcard a...
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Overall 6

Some Kinks, But Works

A S., Newegg
1 June 2015
  • Pros: Great sound quality when it works
  • Cons: Very crackly, every now and then distorts ALL sound (defect?), red LED inside is bright and positioned at eye level...
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Overall 4


Peter B., Newegg
27 May 2015
  • Summary: Dont waste your money, Sound Blaster is now integrating their chips into onboard sound on motherboards, so you just have a bunch of driver issues.
  • Pros: Works good with older gen motherboards, somewhat.
  • Cons: With the z87 board there is nothing but issues. Before that it was ok, It will not take a 5.1 sound headset, it makes you use it as speakers, i hate that. And its set up for 2 channel headset.
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Overall 8

Solid Card, Great sound

Mr. R., Newegg
19 May 2015
  • Summary: Had been using onboard sound and getting static in the right channel after the case heated up and fans went on, with this card its all gone away. Software does more than is needed.
  • Pros: PCIe x1 so easy to fit in places. EMI Shield is very nice to have. Headphone jack AMP Nice packaging.
  • Cons: The red light.
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Overall 6

7 out of 8 ain't bad.

Donnie N., Newegg
18 May 2015
  • Pros: I've used Creative sound cards going back to the AWE 32. This is the first time I'm been not all that happy but will keep the Card. A real score would be 3.5. I liked the old software better and wish there were a way to still use it. The best sound on this card is Stereo 2.0 since it doesn't like...
  • Cons: Have to detune the card or it is just too loud, harsh and noisy. Shame on you Creative for trying sell software that should be free with a card that costs this much. After all of these years this might be my last creative based card. My DT-770 Beyerdynamics cans doesn't need an AMP.
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Overall 2

Card Died 2 weeks after warranty expired.

Steven H., Newegg
17 May 2015
  • Summary: Not going to buy another one.
  • Pros: Was a really nice card. Pretty good software.
  • Cons: Headphone stereo jack started flaking out ONE WEEK after the (one year) warranty expired.
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Overall 4


Theodore K., Newegg
16 May 2015
  • Summary: I honestly do not know what is the bigger disappointment, having a product that is not working right or getting the run around. I am done spending money on shipping to try and fix this issue. I am gong to file this audio card in the circular filing cabinet and call it a bad buy.
  • Pros: Great sounding audio when it feels like behaving. ASIO drivers.
  • Cons: Static noise that after a few reinstalls of the operating system and drivers may or may not go away until the next time you reinstall your operating system. Merely reinstalling the drivers and software for this product have not fixed the problem. Tech support seems to blame the motherboard. Mothe...
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