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Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook
7.6 out of 10

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook

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Overall 8

Creative X-Fi "Hear it to believe it"

21 April 2012
  • Summary: "make sure to use the express card from selecting it from the playback devices in your volume control." Buy will full confidence you wont regret it---that's my thought
  • Pros: Well my laptop's 3.5mm jack was damaged and I was looking for a express card to usb,than I found this Creative X-Fi for notebook,I have read some reviews and thought of taking a shot.I was pretty excited when I got it,and when I started using it for the first time I was totally amazed!! Read no f...
  • Cons: ->well I am little disappointed with the sound coming from my laptop speakers after installing the sound card. ->you should know exactly how to control it,plenty of options(I consider it as a con as everyone who use might not have knowledge of how to exactly use the features through creative cont...
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Overall 2

Not impreessed

Stephen B., Newegg
18 February 2012
  • Summary: Creative was not much help. Very disappointed to say the least.
  • Pros: Would be good if it had worked
  • Cons: I have used the Creative products in the past and have found I always had to update the drivers online. I tried this one in two different laptops with any success.
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Overall 4

Well, almost...

Mr. M., Newegg
11 January 2011
  • Summary: Eh, where do i start... The card IS okay, i'm just guessing that i happened to get my hands on one of the... "Bad" ones of the bunch, so don't get me wrong there. With a perfectly functioning card, i would say this would be a good option, though I've heard rumors that audio is proccessed via...
  • Pros: The audio out worked. It sounded alright at first... Crisp, and clean. (keeping in mind that I'm the type that isn't satisfied with anything less than "perfect") The line in worked alright, WHEN you could actually get something to plug into it. Not to mention, it looks nice... It was a bit smalle...
  • Cons: The only problem with the audio output, the sound dropped out intermittently... I also noticed that there were no Bass/Treble controls... (no mixer to speak of) within the device's control panel. Still not sure whether it was a hardware issue, or just software though. The line in was a beast to t...
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Overall 6

X-Fi- Notebook lacks WIN 7 64 bit Support

Dennis, Newegg
22 December 2010
  • Summary: The X-Fi Notebook Express Card is NOTHING like it's predecessor ( the old PCMCIA one) it lacks the needed driver support for what runs in today's notebooks, most everyone now-a-days is using WIN 7 64 bit, this could be a GREAT card with some current updated drivers, my Creative USB-Surround pro 5.1,...
  • Pros: Sleek, small form-factor, won't take up too much room, as Notebook don't have much space
  • Cons: Lacks Windows 7 64 bit Support....come-on Creative, write some updated drivers for this device
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Overall 4

User Review

Daniel D., Newegg
21 March 2010
  • Summary: i did notice some sound quality improvement, not enough to make it worth the trouble though. not an actual sound card though, uses your processor for all the work so no performance increase.
  • Pros: slight improvement in sound quality over on-board sound
  • Cons: driver issues, every time my laptop went to sleep the drivers decided that i only wanted sound out of my right speaker and no sound out of my left speaker, oh and it decided that i want my system volume maxed out. way too much work to restore these settings every time i sleep my laptop.
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Overall 6

Good only for music/movies

Nuvong S., Newegg
12 March 2010
  • Summary: runnin' on core 2 duo laptop
  • Pros: sounds better than generic laptop sound cards, most of them. that's for sure. nice smooth black finish.
  • Cons: not ideal for music creation, box even states it. thing is way too laggy after instant music playback. the audigy 2 ZS notebook was faster than this.
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Overall 4

Not Worth It

Anonymous, Newegg
30 December 2009
  • Summary: I was very disappointed to find that the creative audio control panel and console are severely stripped down versions of their desktop cards. The EAX effects and x-fi CMSS-3D done through software on this card are not the real thing and are virtually useless.
  • Pros: The drivers and software for this card are absolutely horrid. The installation disc is loaded with bloatware. Be very careful of what you choose to install. If you are using vista or 7 do not install the drivers on the included installation disc. Go to Creative's website and download the newer dr...
  • Cons: This card offers very little improvement over onboard sound. This is not an actual soundcard, the processing is done through software. The only thing actually handled in the card physically is the stereo I/O and the wireless feature. The wireless feature can't be used without purchasing another e...
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Overall 10

I am still struggling to understand the negative reviews...

Katherine W., Newegg
28 December 2009
  • Summary: I had also planned on setting up a wireless link to my stereo with the use of an Apple Airport Express module but I just found out that this item works wirelessly with a Creative receiver which costs about $20 less so I will be making that purchase soon as well.
  • Pros: Unfortunately, the mixed reviews on this product--mixed here on Newegg and elsewhere--delayed my purchase of this product and almost stopped me from purchasing it altogether. Fortunately, in my experience the less than stellar reviews were incorrect. This product has, quite simply, solved all of ...
  • Cons: None whatsoever.
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Overall 8

vast improvement over onboard audio

pablo l., Newegg
13 November 2009
  • Summary: my main thought is that Creative made this unnecessarily complex. the audio merits of this little card are indisputable - the sound quality is SO much better than the onboard alternative.
  • Pros: * greatly improved audio quality compared to on-board audio (on a Lenovo Thinkpad X200, which admittedly has a disgraceful amount of built-in hiss). and *that* is a big pro, since that is what this card is all about.
  • Cons: * vast array of bloatware and unnecessary complexity added to audio setup (hey i just want to listen to better quality music through my speakers, and just tell me how to easily record stuff - isn't that the primary objective of a sound card?) * setup is not explained as easily as it should - afte...
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Overall 6

Bring out the Gimp

Jackson B., Newegg
14 September 2009
  • Summary: I would not have paid full price for this product. I got it new on clearance for forty-five at a local retailer whose two word name starts with "Best". That's about the value I would give it. At $90 I feel it's a bit feature-stripped and anemic to be worthy of it's price tag.
  • Pros: Subjectively, this card is a decent improvement over on-board sound in my gateway 7811fx, and provides for less "ear strain" over longer listening periods. The plastic adapter makes for a snug fit in my expresscard 54 slot.
  • Cons: No 5.1 support = lameness. I find the wireless feature worse than useless. It's a laptop, if you want your music in another room just pick it up and take it there. The Creative Console Launcher software is severely gimped from the desktop version. I have an x-fi in my desktop and the "recording m...
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