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Sony SmartWatch 2

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Sony SmartWatch 2: Still a Good Buy?

4 weeks ago
  • Summary: The Sony SmartWatch 2 is pretty reliable. The one we reviewed nearly 2 years ago and which we passed on to a team member, is still going strong, with the only issue being that the crown has been knocked off in a careless moment. For a more in-depth review please read our earlier write-up here .  Our extended use of the SW2 overall this time has only confirmed our initial findings. If you have money to spend you have plenty of choice these days.
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Sony SmartWatch 2

4 weeks ago
  • Summary: El Sony SmartWatch 2 es, para resumirlo de la mejor forma posible, un visor, una suerte de ventana rápida a lo que tenemos en nuestro smartphone, así como un pequeño gadget que nos avisará de nuestras notificaciones desde la muñeca. Para bien y para mal. Para bien, porque le otorga simplicidad y facilidad de uso, así como permite que tenga un tamaño contenido y un diseño industrial bastante bueno, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el poco poquísimo tiempo que llevan este...
  • Pros: Bonito, ligero, cómodo, Más fluido de lo que podemos esperar, Muy buena respuesta táctil, Funciona con cualquier smartphone Android 4.0 o superior
  • Cons: La mayoría de aplicaciones funcionan de forma demasiado dependiente del smartphone, El reloj tiene pocos diseños, La correa coge polvo con mucha facilidad
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Sony Smart Watch 2

16 April 2014
  • Conclusion: The Sony Smart Watch 2 (Est. $200) is a solid, conservatively designed smartwatch that serves as a notification device for your Android smartphone. The screen doesn't have a sleep mode, so you can at least always tell the time. You can update your Facebook page and tweet directly from the smartwatch.
  • Pros: Customizable vibration notifications, Screen is always "awake", Several hundred apps
  • Cons: Heavy to wear, Limited watch-face options
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Expert Review

Tweak Town
25 March 2014
  • Summary: In the end, I found Sony's SmartWatch 2 a great accessory to my smartphone. It's something that doesn't replace it, but compliments it.
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Sony SmartWatch 2 review: it’s not bad

8 March 2014
  • Excerpt: The best compliment I can give Sony’s SmartWatch 2 is that it works. I still believe that wearable devices are in their infancy, and the SmartWatch 2 is proof of this. While it’s filled with great ideas, a readable screen and actually looks like a fairly cool watch, the SmartWatch 2 is still more a novelty than an essential gadget buy. Here’s the question you’ll be asking yourself: “Why do I need a smartwatch when everything I need is right on my smartphone?
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Expert Review

17 February 2014
  • Conclusion: As a notification center on your wrist, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is a perfect companion. However, I have to comment that it doesn’t always behave nicely with non-Sony smartphones. There are a number of times where the SmartWatch 2 didn’t play nicely with my HTC One, including disconnecting randomly, not display proper updates, or waiting up to 45 seconds to notify me of a new email. These issues seem to disappear when paired with an Xperia Z1, funnily enough.
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Sony SmartWatch 2 Review and Giveaway

13 January 2014
  • Summary: If you can afford it, buy it. It’s a great choice for a smartwatch.
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Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

10 December 2013
  • Conclusion: If you're looking for a bit of fun in the immediate future and don't want the bulk of the Samsung Galaxy Gear (or don't have a Samsung smartphone), look to the Sony SmartWatch 2. If you've just heard of the Qualcomm Toq in this review for the first time ever, go with the Sony SmartWatch 2. If you like the idea of the physical buttons on Pebble, but would rather have a touchscreen and full color too, go with the Sony SmartWatch 2.
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Sony SmartWatch 2

PC Magazine
27 November 2013
  • Conclusion: Sony gets closer to the smartwatch ideal with the SmartWatch 2, its second-iteration wearable smartphone companion. But bugs and other limitations make it a product that's unlikely to appeal to the masses.
  • Pros: Sleek, comfortable design. Several hundred apps already available. Water-resistant. Readable in sunlight.
  • Cons: Bulkier than the first model. Buggy software. Many apps lack utility. Doesn't make or receive calls. No camera. Only works with Android.
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Baby steps towards the watch of the future

26 November 2013
  • Summary: A successful smartwatch needs to have three things done right: a set of functions that people want; have those functions actually work; and have a compelling design that doesn’t scream “I’m wearing a computer on my wrist.” The SmartWatch 2 hits on the design part, but it misses on the other two.
  • Pros: Always on display, Attractive fit and finish, Multiple day battery life, Micro USB charging
  • Cons: Low resolution display, Clumsy interface and setup, Lots of lag, Android only
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