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6.8 out of 10

Netgear GSM7224v2

Great Deal: $420.00

Reviews and Problems with Netgear GSM7224v2

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Overall 4

Looks good on paper, but...

Tim D., Newegg
8 March 2013
  • Summary: If you're a very small business, these may work fine. If you are an SMB or SME, consider moving up to Cisco, HP, Juniper, Dell - hell, I think even D-LINK business switches are supposed to be more reliable than these. I would not recommend Netgear for any networks pushing large amounts of data 24/7.
  • Pros: Nice specs
  • Cons: Consistently eventually shows "fan failure" regardless of firmware update. It appears this is the case for all GSM series switches
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Overall 10

Great switch, worth 3 times the price

Sophie Y., Newegg
29 November 2011
  • Summary: Hope Netgear keep making this model forever. This is a great switch for any business.
  • Pros: We brought this switch before and this is the six switches we brought for this model. They are great switches. VLAN, tagged or untagged, bonding with very high throughput.
  • Cons: none
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Overall 6

User Review

Richard K., Newegg
24 March 2010
  • Summary: I have always purchased NetGear but have never had to deal with tech support to this extent. Now I have a different opinion of the company and will probably look elsewhere the next time. Sorry Netgear.
  • Pros: This unit comes complete with everything to hook it up and mount it. It even comes with a serial communications cable. Well built cabinet.
  • Cons: Usually you will give a low score on a device when it does not work. This is one of them. After 4 weeks in service this unit started dumping clients off of the network. This unit is used in a radio station moving uncompressed digital audio from a server to client air computers. I am not a network engineer but I can read and usually get things figured out. After several complaints from staff and then a complete meltdown on a Sunday I pulled this unit from service and p...
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Overall 8

Great mid level gigabit switch

Rodney S., Newegg
27 July 2009
  • Summary: RT*M :)
  • Pros: The price was right for the features it has. The CLI has a little bit of a learning curve coming from cisco, but I found it to be somewhat similar and much easier to comprehend than the web interface. The gigabit cisco switches were just way too expensive for our application. (The real cisco switches, not the linksys disquised as a cisco switches)
  • Cons: The web interface was REALLY confusing to me. It's not very intuitive at all.
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Overall 6

Nice switch - terrible support

Gross C., Newegg
2 December 2008
  • Summary: Newegg is great and I'll continue considering them for business purchases. Also, if you do get one of these switches, don't forget the gigabit NIC's. I say that because I forgot about a couple machines that had the 10/100 cards and there was a noticable difference when I replaced the cards
  • Pros: Documentation is on a CD but is very extensive. It'll keep you busy for a few days reading it all. Also, includesd a quickstart setup sheet that had me up and running pretty quick. I would advise assigning these a static ip which is pretty easy to do with hyperterminal. The web interface is easy to use and pretty extensive. Port locations alternate up and down instead of 1-12 on one row and 13-24 on next which worked out better for me. Once I got into the web interfac...
  • Cons: Tech support. After I installed and hooked up the switches (3 stacked) I started getting complaints that the network was running slow. I noticed that one switch was generating collisions so I put the old switches on line and everything was fine. I called tech support and talked to David who told me I had to download the latest firmware but I found out later that the switches had the latest firmware installed. That was his only offer of a solution, like he just wanted ...
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Overall 10

no problems

Richard F., Newegg
30 May 2008
  • Summary: We haven't used many any of the advanced features.
  • Pros: Compared to a Netgear GS748TS
  • Cons: Setup not quite as easy as some other switches (or maybe I was just confused at the start).
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Overall 10

Great value

Jay G., Newegg
28 May 2008
  • Summary: I purchased one of these about 6 months ago and another today to support a growing web server farm and cluster of database servers.
  • Pros: Blazing speed, rock-solid stability, excellent tech support
  • Cons: Documentation is spotty in places. To set up VLANs I had to call tech support who gave me a totally different procedure than what was listed.
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Overall 10

Beats Cisco (sort of)

Anonymous, Newegg
6 September 2007
  • Pros: Nice web interface. Much easier to manage than Cisco and easier to mine out information. Installed it side by side with a Cisco 3750 (that cost about $4,500) and actually got about 3-4% faster throughput for 1/4 the price.
  • Cons: Doesn't have the dizzing array of options that a Cisco does but perhaps that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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Overall 10

Nice Switch for the money

Seth H., Newegg
14 June 2007
  • Summary: Love these devices, they are very stable and my one complaint about it would do noting to keep me from purchasing more!
  • Pros: Easy to set up
  • Cons: web interface is sort of clunky until you upgrade the firware... No big deal but i had to reset the device twice to re-flash it (firefox had some issues with the Web interface until the upgrade)
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Overall 10

Fast switch

Anonymous, Newegg
31 July 2006
  • Pros: Easy installation, nice interface, very configurable and well supported. It was easy to set up a well secured, switched network with this and still maintain a very, very high speed. This thing blazes! slowest thing on my network is the harddrives in the computers :(
  • Cons: it's a little spendy, but well worth it.
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