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Logitech Harmony One

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Overall 10


Jared C., Newegg
18 February 2015
  • Summary: As mentioned above, the price of the remote is justifiable when you look at how much simpler having a single remote. The software to configure the remote is a little quirky and takes some figuring out, but is pretty easy once you get going.
  • Pros: - Went from four remotes to one! Turning on everything needed for particular activities, to the correct presets/channels is very nice. (i.e.: "Watch TV" - TV on to HDMI 1, DVR on, and A/V Reciever on to HDMI 1; all with the touch of one button, and powering down is just as simple) - Price is easily justifiable for the value of simplicity. - Battery lasts many weeks on a single charge. - "Favorites" channels saved in an easy-to-use menu, comes in very handy.
  • Cons: Haven't found a single one.
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Overall 10

Works great!

Jared C., Newegg
27 January 2015
  • Summary: The only suggestion I can make is to adjust the input delays between the remote and your devices. At first it seems like "lag", but drop the ms delay from the default to 100 or so and you can hardly tell.
  • Pros: Was able to consolidate 4 remotes in to one, easy to use remote/interface. Customization of activities to achieve one touch power-on for all devices needed. (i.e.: "Watch TV" turns on TV, cable box, and reciever on correct input). As for the battery, it is still running off of the initial full-charge right after opening the packaging (going on 3 weeks).
  • Cons: Can't find anything wrong with it yet.
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Overall 10

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Remote Control

Tim M., Newegg
16 February 2013
  • Summary: I'm not sure if they still offer this remote but it's a great one touch remote for all your gear.
  • Pros: The remote is great, it does everything. After installing the software on my computer it was a breeze to set up. Using the prompts and hardware look up table I programmed the remote for my TV, AV receiver, Direct TV box, blue ray and even my IP station. The remote has a nice touch screen that displays icons for your gear. You can set it up to watch TV so with one touch of an icon it turns on your TV, Cable box and your receive to a specific input/output. Same with any...
  • Cons: The battery wont hold a charge after two years but that is to be expected.
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Overall 2

Great while it lasts...

cmaddeaux, CNET
12 January 2013
  • Summary: I purchased the Harmony One in September of 2011, the unit died within 6 months, I RMA'd the unit via logitech only to have it fail again just after it's 12 month warranty expired. Logitech is unable to provide me repair service and had suggested I buy another remote.
  • Pros: easy to configure
  • Cons: poor build quality
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Overall 10

Love Love

David A., Newegg
24 August 2012
  • Pros: Controls 2 sets of tv blue ray, cable setups. really excellent product exceeds expectations
  • Cons: none really
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Overall 6

Batteries: they are near impossible to extricate.

Rook2, CNET
14 August 2012
  • Summary: This IS still one to purchase. If they were cheaper, more user friendly in its programming AND better, easier in changing its ever dying rechargeable battery, I would say it would be perfect.
  • Pros: When it works it is great.
  • Cons: Eats rechargeable batteries, is increasing difficult to program.
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Overall 1

Great Remote/ dismal programing

RandyLJames, CNET
25 July 2012
  • Summary: It is a terrible shame that such a good remote would have such a terrible support system.
  • Pros: Does almost everything.. The macros are great, device coverage equally good..
  • Cons: SETUP SETUP SETUP..... Some genius decided that an "online only" setup was the cool way to go.. FAIL... while the database of devices is spectacular.. the servers themselves are horrid at best (see the Logitech forums, literally hundreds of complaint
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Overall 1

Do NOT buy, in spite of the pros. The CONs win.

jmb_co, CNET
23 July 2012
  • Summary: Under no circumstances should you buy this product. It is DEFECTIVE. The re-chargeable battery provided by Logitech will expand over time such that you can't remove.
  • Pros: Functionally good. Worked with lots of devices. IR is so 1970's, but that's not really the remote's fault - devices are stuck in the 20th century.
  • Cons: Per Logitech: "the reason why we do not have the instructions on how to remove a bulging battery is because we do not recommend to remove it. This may cause harm to you and to the remote if you try to remove the remote by force"., Need I say more?
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Overall 2

You will need the extended warranty!

mobilephonebill, CNET
19 July 2012
  • Summary: If it weren't the only universal remote that is so easy to program, I'd not be buying my third one in four years! This time I'm getting the Extended Warranty. I recommend you all do the same.
  • Pros: Very easy to program. Great device library. Super simple to use. Fair to good customer support.
  • Cons: Very cheap components (memory fails easily). Not intuitive and confusing screen layouts with complex AV receivers - you will have to redo ALL 20 "pages" of commands.
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Overall 8

Very happy with it

rdeal2, CNET
24 April 2012
  • Summary: A great product and was my favorite Christmas present that I received this year. Heck, even my kids can now easily play games on the xbox, watch TV via cable, and watch DVDs without having to use multiple remotes: even the 5-year old can use the remote!
  • Pros: Love the programming capabilities, especially the ability to place delays between commands. Had a problem where the Harmony was sending the commands too fast to the device, and the delay capability was just what was needed.
  • Cons: Sometimes the remote gets confused about what is and is not turned on. The help built into the remote isn't very good.
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