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6.8 out of 10

Whistler PRO-78SE

Great Deal: $167.79

Reviews and Problems with Whistler PRO-78SE

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Overall 2

Do not Buy

isaac a., Newegg
4 January 2013
  • Pros: It Picks up all different types of Radar and Laser
  • Cons: It Picks up so many types of Radar that its always going off. There is a City mode that sort of helps but not really. I also got a ticket with it. Really if you get hit with a laser there is no slowing down. There are also so many false alarms that I have started ignoring the device. I had a rocky mountain radar Laser detector before this device (it was stolen out of my car) and I thought this would be an upgrade to that old radar detector. I was mistaken and will nev...
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Overall 8

Very nice for the price

Aaron M., Newegg
3 September 2012
  • Summary: If you're looking for a high quality low wallet impact radar detector then I would greatly recommend this.
  • Pros: I got my for 400 off of that one popular online bidding site and I have to say its very solid for the price. I can pick up city police with their K band Stalker dash mounts 0.5 miles ahead. And the MAXID feature lets me know the difference from false alarms and actual Instant On radar ahead.
  • Cons: If you live in a state with laws against detectors then you might want to grab another one, although this is rated at 300 feet detection. This detector does pick up a decent amount of false alarms (All of them justified by other cars with leaky detectors or garage door openers and even picked up a trucks backup distance sensor. As another rater said, be sure to drive as normal with this detector for a while before you start relaxing about police. Learn where your fals...
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Overall 10

Great investment!

Chrisopher T., Newegg
31 July 2012
  • Summary: Think about it.... A $300+ ticket that dings your driving record which boosts insurance premiums or a $150 device to prevent it? To me it is a no brainer.
  • Pros: I can attest this detector has saved me from at the least three guaranteed tickets. Considering I live in CA it has saved me a lot of money, time and grief. I get great distance responses. I usually catch cops radar from a good mile out. This gadget catches them far before I can spot them visually. It is excellent for night and highway driving.
  • Cons: I haven't been able to turn off the k band which gives me quite a few false alarms. The false alarms on Ka are very seldom and only in the city.
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Overall 4

User Review

Dennis K., Newegg
7 August 2011
  • Summary: My first Whistler unit still works after greater than 10 years of use. The second lasted about 5 years. I bought this one to replace it. Not sure I would buy another Whistler, seems the quality is no longer there.
  • Pros: Worked as expected for 10 months.
  • Cons: Sound (speaker) failed after 10 months so no longer able to have audible alerts.
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Overall 8

Solid Radar Detector

Will S., Newegg
30 September 2010
  • Pros: Simple to mount. Has 3 bands (X, K, Ka) plus laser. Great for highway driving. You can cruise at 80mph and the detector will alert you to a cop that is ~0.5 miles away, even if he is out of sight. Saved me many a time. Definitely turn off the X and K bands, as they give false alerts. I've read many reviews that claim it gives false alerts, but you can prevent this by properly setting it up (Turn off X and K band).
  • Cons: A little tricky to setup. The manual was in Russian for some reason, but I went to Whistler's site and got the English one. If you are tech savvy it is a breeze.
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Overall 10

Nice detector

Edward B., Newegg
23 August 2010
  • Pros: Fine mid-budget radar/laser detector. Have already been warned of NJ local cops moving Ka radar, Pro-78 warns of known Ka ranges by specifying the frequency of known Police radar. Notifies well in advance.
  • Cons: No GPA or other fancy features, but this is to be expected in the sub $200 range
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Overall 8

Works for me

Neil N., Newegg
19 November 2009
  • Summary: I recommend my strategy: When you get your new radar detector, don't change any of your driving habits until you get comfortable with the functions and have them adjusted the way that's most comfortable for you. This can take the better part of a year. After that point, use the detector to keep apprised of law-enforcement efforts -- not to evade them. You don't want having the detector to fool you into losing your license (or to fool you into killing someone).
  • Pros: I have the Pro-78, which has a simpler display than the 78se. However, the radar detection circuitry is the same. There are three levels of City-mode: X-Band Off, X-Band Reduced Sensitivity, and X-Band Full Sensitivity. Since most police have moved to K-Band or Pop bands, I keep mine set to X-Band Reduced Sensitivity. Usually, the false alerts are rare. After a short while, I learned where the few remaining false alerts occur, and they're all in industrial neighborhoo...
  • Cons: When the Laser alarm goes off, it will rattle your teeth. The Dark mode [for stealthiness at night] is not completely dark. However, after a couple of years, I learned that it's not bright enough for me to be paranoid about, regarding cops possibly seeing and objecting to me having a radar detector. It's pretty dark, and the LEDs do turn completely off [in Dark mode] for a minute when any alarm is activated, to give time for the police to go away without seeing your d...
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Overall 2

Save your money for a better unit!!!

Andrew P., Newegg
7 November 2009
  • Summary: I bought into the hype and some early favorable 'professional' reviews on this product. Convinced that it wasn't working as advertised, I purchased a V1, the 'King' of radar detectors, and compared them in my car side by side. First off, the 78SE gives TONS of false alarms. Often it would go off when the v1 wasn't making a peep. Sometimes, it would go crazy when I was out in the middle of a road surrounded by corn fields! Is this because it is more sensitive?
  • Pros: Lots of nice menu features--at least in theory.
  • Cons: The menu features don't matter if it just doesn't do its job--doubtful it will save you from a ticket. Either save your money and buy something higher end--or find something w similar performance for much less (I'd recommend the former if you want to avoid a ticket)
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Overall 10

Отличный девайс

Александр, Onliner
5 May 2010
  • Summary: Покупал в России, оттуда же ехал с ним в Минск, отлично себе показал на дороге!!! Превышал, правда, немного (на 30 км/ч). Зато комфортно едешь и не беспокоишься за свой кошелек. Цена кусается, но я рассматриваю это как плату за нервы.
  • Pros: выше
  • Cons: выше
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