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6.8 out of 10

The Hustle: Detroit Streets

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Reviews and Problems with The Hustle: Detroit Streets

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The Hustle: Detroit Streets Review

24 December 2006
  • Excerpt: Pool seems like a nice game for handhelds. It, you'd think, would be a nice and fast 'pick up and play' game to bring to the PSP - after all, we've had pool and snooker games since well before the 3D age. The Hustle: Detroit Streets from Blade Interactive is pretty much not how I'd make a pool game. In an attempt to make more of a 'game' out of what is already a great sport, The Hustle has ended up being a dull and rather awkward experience.
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The Hustle: Detroit Streets

23 May 2006
  • Conclusion: While The Hustle was already kind of a tough sell on the PSP, given its multiple caveats, it's near impossible to recommend the game as it appears on the PS2 and Xbox. This isn't some slickly written, The Color of Money- esque tale of stylish pool hustling, nor is it a particularly detailed or compelling game of pool.
  • Pros: A wide variety of pool games and trick shots, Decent control mechanics, Online multiplayer.
  • Cons: Ugly graphics, Story mode is a dull and plodding chore, Game is too easy, Frequent animation glitches and clipping issues, Nobody is playing this game online.
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The Hustle: Detroit Streets

4 November 2005
  • Conclusion: The Hustle: Detroit Streets is going to be a tough sell to anyone that isn't already a big fan of pool games. This isn't some slickly written, The Color of Money -esque tale of stylish pool hustling. However, it's a fairly fun game of pool that tries to wrap itself in a saucy attitude, though doesn't fully succeed at it.
  • Pros: Tons of different pool games and trick shots, Control mechanics are pretty good, Nice 3D visuals, Two-player multiplayer.
  • Cons: Frequent load times slow the game down terribly, Story mode can be a dull and plodding chore, Gameplay can often be overly simple, Clipping and animation problems.
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Overall 9

The Hustle: Detroit Streets PSP Review

1 November 2006
  • Excerpt: The Hustle: Detroit Streets is a story of a guy who had it all; he was the best pool player around. Everyone saw him as the best! As he was leaving town to get away from it all before he got deeper than he could ever imagine, he could not resist one last game. In a back alley there were some underground pool players, and he thought he could get one last hustle to make that little bit more. He was wrong!
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Overall 8
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Multiplayer 7
Control 8
Playability 8
Singleplayer 8

The Hustle: Detroid Streets - Review (PSP)

1 December 2009
  • Conclusion: Das Spiel The Hustle: Detroid Streets kann man ohne Zweifel als eine gelungene Billardsimulation bezeichnen. Eine nette Grafik inkl. zeitgemäßer Präsentation ist genauso vorhanden, wie viele Spielorte, Gegner und Spielarten. Bis wir wirklich alles gesehen haben, wird viel Zeit vergehen. Selbst mit der Steuerung kommt man schnell klar, auch wenn diese ein wenig empfindlich ist. Allerdings gibt es auch ein paar Kritikpunkte die stören. So nervt vor allem der Sound.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

16 June 2007
  • Excerpt: Incarnez Jack Swift, arnaqueur pro du billard Des filles superbes, des salles splendides, des bagarres de bar et des coups époustouflants : un jeu de billard indispensable ! Gagner le respect des habitués est la clé du succès. Battez-les à leur propre jeu et amassez le cash !
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Overall 7

The Hustle - Detroit Streets (psp)

15 April 2007
  • Conclusion: <break>In The Hustle: Detroit Streets übernehmt ihr die Kontrolle über einen Billardspieler auf der Suche nach Anerkennung und Respekt. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen spielt ihr euch in Detroit durch diverse Billardschuppen und zeigt der örtlichen Unterwelt, wer im Umgang mit dem Queue am besten ist.<break><h2>Bars und Pubs</h2>Zu Beginn seid ihr noch als Null unterwegs und müsst euch erst einmal beweisen.
  • Pros: Gute Ballphysik, Viele Spielvarianten
  • Cons: Ladezeiten, Nervende Hintergrundmusik, Zäher Einstieg
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Overall 7
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 8
Lastability 7

The Hustle : Detroit Streets

1 March 2007
  • Excerpt: Coutumier des jeux de billard, Blade Interactive n'en démord pas et nous sert un jeu du même style sur PSP. Pourtant, à bien y regarder, The Hustle : Detroit Streets n'a pas grand-chose à voir avec ses prédécesseurs à commencer par la série des Championship Snooker du même développeur.
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