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8.9 out of 10

Half-Minute Hero

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Reviews and Problems with Half-Minute Hero

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Overall 8
Gameplay 9
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Replay value 10

Half-Minute Hero

Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: Role playing games are generally known to be builders of patience. Half-Minute Hero breaks the mold. The player has thirty seconds to stop the evil character(s). This involves leveling up, solving puzzles (like finding a secret path to the castle, or fixing a broken bridge). Sound impossible? Well there is a time goddess who allows the player to reset the clock. All the player has to do is pay her money.
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Overall 8

Half-Minute Hero

23 January 2011
  • Excerpt: That’s what she said. When it comes to RPGs, until recently, the PSP has not […]
  • Pros: + Soundtrack, + Easy to pick and play, + Small amount of load times
  • Cons: Graphics, Simple Game mechanics, No replay value
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Review – Half Minute Hero

1 November 2010
  • Conclusion: This is why I have to appreciate a game like Half Minute Hero.  It was made by people of a certain age for those among their peers who understand that you don’t need irony to grow out of something and yet still have an appreciation for it.  Games don’t tend to grow up with their audience, but that’s what Half Minute Hero tries, and ultimately succeeds in doing.
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Review: Half Minute Hero (Sony PSP)

Diehard GameFAN
14 March 2010
  • Summary: One good mode out of four does not a good game game. Sadly for Half Minute Hero, one good mode is all it has. It feels like all of the creativity and fun went into Hero 30 while the rest merely had the game’s presentation and story to lean on. Don’t get me wrong. I truly enjoyed my time with the game, but a lot of my time with it was spent feeling like it just didn’t live up to its potential. If the dev team is willing to try again, I’d definitely give it a look.
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Instants de joueurs #1 : Half-Minute Hero

Generation NT
8 March 2010
  • Conclusion: Je détruis le monument, le Reaper Evil Lord me nargue de là où il se trouve (à côté du château du roi), et me voilà à partir en sa direction. Entrée obligée dans un village où je suis attaqué par des monstres-zombies, qui ne sont en fait que les autochtones de tout à l'heure sous leur forme horrifique. La déesse du Temps me prévient : l'une de ces créatures est différente des autres, et on comprend instantanément qu'il s'agit de Sasha. Et là, je ne comprends pas.
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Overall 4


5 March 2010
  • Excerpt: As we’ve seen before, taking the best bits of top titles and melding them together does not necessarily make a brilliant game. Wheelman managed it, blending elements of Grand Theft Auto and Burnout to fine effect, making for a fast and fun actioner. Damnation gives it a go with highlights from fellow third-person shooters, and while not terrible, it does fall way short of the bullseye.
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Overall 9

Half-Minute Hero

Playstation Illustrated
4 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Screw the two hour-long grinding sessions. Forget the amnesiac hero's quest to find his true identity. Just go save the world as fast as you can. Such is the perspective of Marvelous Entertainment's Half-Minute Hero , a wildly unique and disarmingly funny role-playing game that every PSP owner should play. It will drive younger heroes to fits of laughter, and it will bash more experienced gamers over the head with the nostalgia stick.
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Overall 8

Half-Minute Hero

3 March 2010
  • Conclusion: There are also two further unlockables in a 300-second Hero mode with no rewinds and an extreme 3-second stage that YouTube videos make look significantly easier than it actually is. These extras will satisfy the game’s more devout followers, but none of the game’s superfluous content proves to be as entertaining as the deceptively lengthy, and brilliant, Hero 30 mode.
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Overall 9
Gameplay 9
Graphics 6
Sound 9
Longevity 8

Half-Minute Hero

25 February 2010

Half-Minute Hero (PSP) Review

24 February 2010
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