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Fate/Unlimited Codes

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Overall 8

Fate/unlimited codes

Playstation Illustrated
17 November 2009
  • Excerpt: If you caught my preview a few weeks ago of Fate/unlimited codes , I was confused who was actually in the market for a PSP-only fighting game. Small screens and even smaller buttons cramp any sort frantic play style that most fighting games are accustomed to. Well, now that I have spent a bit more time with Fate/unlimited codes , I think I should change my outlook.
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Review: Fate/Unlimited Codes (Sony PSP)

Diehard GameFAN
13 November 2009
  • Summary: : Fate/Unlimited Codes is one of the better fighting games on the PSP, and while it might have been better off as a console release, it’s still well worth checking out if you’re even a little bit of a fan of fighting games, as it’s a generally well-rounded, enjoyable product. The story is enjoyable and captures the essence of the original visual novels well without dumbing them down or getting overly descriptive, the visuals are clean and technically proficient enough...
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Fate/Unlimited Codes Review

7 October 2009
  • Excerpt: Most Western audiences are unfamiliar with the manga, anime, and interactive visual novels of the Fate universe, which deal with a struggle between powerful magicians and warriors for the Holy Grail. Despite this unfamiliarity, Capcom has made its Japanese arcade and PlayStation 2 fighter Fate/Unlimited Codes available for the PSP via the PlayStation Network.
  • Pros: Solid, accessible fighting system, Controls well, Mission mode is a good way to learn effective combos
  • Cons: Dull story sequences, Sleepy AI on all but the toughest difficulty
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Overall 6

PSP Review – Fate/Unlimited Codes

PlayStation LifeStyle
3 September 2009
  • Summary: Coming to the PSP as a digital download only title, Fate/Unlimited CodesRead the full article…
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PSP Preview - 'Fate/unlimited Codes'

8 August 2009
  • Summary: In Fate/unlimited Codes, handheld fighting will reach a whole new level of drama and excitement, where warriors clash in a battle royale for the Holy Grail.
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Overall 7

Fate/Unlimited Codes Review (PSP)

Yet Another Review Site
25 August 2010
  • Excerpt: It may have it’s up and down moments, but is still worth checking out if your an Anime fan or not. Most Anime and Manga fans will pretty much already know about the Fate Universe series, otherwise known as Fate/Stay Night which is still popular in most parts of Japan. The series itself struggles between powerful magicians and warriors trying to get the Holy Grail.
  • Pros: Great Japanese voice acting, Good visuals and artwork, Sharp controls and easy to pick up.
  • Cons: No UMD version downloadable only, Perhaps a little too easy, Confusing story for some.
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Overall 9

Fate/Unlimited Codes

12 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Культовая серия Fate / Stay Night уже не один год будоражит умы и ласкает сердца верных поклонников. А ведь началось всё с творчества одного чудесного человека по прозвищу Насу. Скромный, но одаренный японец написал визуальную новеллу Tsukihime, по которой позже было создано немало фанарта, манги, файтинг и даже аниме-сериал.
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Overall 7

Fate/Unlimited Codes

Страна игр
25 November 2009
  • Excerpt: Файтинг по мотивам популярного аниме сделать проще простого: «знающие люди» всегда оценят, производство больших бюджетов не потребует, известные студии привлекать ни к чему. Но как же быть, если речь о файтинге по мотивам визуальной новеллы? Unlimited Codes не повезло c графикой: объекты и локации сплошь полигональные, и не сказать, что сильно напоминают мультфильм.
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Overall 5

Test : Fate/Unlimited Codes (PSP)

9 November 2009
  • Summary: Le jeu de baston a la cote en ce moment et ce n'est pas Fate/Unlimited Codes portable qui viendra mettre cette relative popularité à mal, les équipes du studio 8ing ayant réalisé une conversion adroite de l'épisode PS2, même si l'ergonomie de la PSP pose toujours quelques soucis avec certains personnages.
  • Pros: Des combats dynamiques, Bonne réalisation générale, Les missions et le didacticiel, Beaucoup de choses à débloquer, Maniabilité adaptée au support...
  • Cons: ...mais pas toujours confortable, Pas de mode en ligne, Quelques persos trop puissants
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Expert Review

26 October 2009
  • Conclusion: Avec un gameplay solide et véritablement fun, Fate / Stay Night devrait tout de même arriver à tirer son épingle du jeu.
  • Pros: Gameplay complet, Combats funs, Bon casting de personnages, Enfin un titre du genre qui arrive en Europe
  • Cons: Scénario trop peu développé, Pas beaucoup de modes de jeu
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