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Overall 9
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Replay value 10


Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: I remember when Exit came out on the Playstation Portable (PSP). I so wanted Family Friendly Gaming to get this game, and prayed I would be selected to be the reviewer. Alas a copy never arrived, and I patiently waited for it to drop into my price range. Exit recently got into my price range, and I purchased it. I have been playing this hand held game, and enjoying it. Exit is a puzzle game where you help others escape.
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Overall 8


22 January 2011
  • Excerpt: In a gaming world dominated by puzzle games that are focused on blocks, gems, or […]
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3 July 2010
  • Excerpt: "Exit's unique graphics and fluid style make this yet another innovative puzzle game in Ubisoft's arsenal," said Jay Cohen, vice president of publishing at Ubisoft. "Ubisoft is excited to be bringing three of the industry's most innovative titles to gamers this year." As "Mr. ESC", a professional escapologist who can rescue people from just about any situation Exit players must guide themselves through numerous obstacles while rescuing victims from life-threatening...
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Overall 9


Playstation Illustrated
11 August 2007
  • Excerpt: Exit is a stylish 2D platformer/puzzle game that looks a lot like a resurrected comic book. Everything is true 3D, even the backgrounds, which gives the game great depth despite the fact that the gameplay only deals in two dimensions. The polygons are also cel shaded, which lends some style to the game. The sound and music are very action-oriented. There is little recorded dialogue, except for the people you are trying to save screaming one-liners out every now and then.
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Exit – Review

4 August 2007
  • Excerpt: Without a doubt, the next generation of hardware should be pretty fantastic from a technical standpoint—and by extension, the games should be too. These superpowered machines are more potent than ever, and it's pretty clear that the stakes are being raised for developers who want to compete; the market is being driven towards an endless cycle of must-be-a-blockbuster. However, what about indie developers and people with new ideas, or those working on a shoestring?
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Exit Review

14 June 2007
  • Excerpt: Superheroes don't have to wear obscenely coloured costumes, move faster than the speed of light, shoot web from their wrists, control the weather or possess any other such fantastical powers. Well, that's what Mr. Escape, the hero of Ubisoft's Exit would like you to believe. In a world where merely saving people the good old fashioned way doesn't seem good enough, does this simple puzzler have what to takes to prove people wrong?
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Overall 8

Expert Review

6 December 2006
  • Excerpt: When a genuinely innovative title pops up out of nowhere, it never gets the credit that it deserves initially. Later on though, the game ends up being heralded as real groundbreaker, and swarms upon swarms of players descend upon bargain bins and eBay to find that elusive copy. Exit is genuinely innovative, and just a little bit special. The game sees you playing as ‘Mr. ESC.’ ‘ a shadowy and strangely dressed figure who, it seems, is an escapologist.
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30 November 2006
  • Excerpt: Taito's Exit centres on a character named Mr. Esc. (short for Escape, of course). He's a self-styled 'get-you-out-of-a-jam man' who's ready to hire himself out for those all too frequent moments in life when one finds oneself in dire straits. Fire, ice, crumbling walls and debris can't deter Mr Esc. from the one thing he's really good at - saving lives. Exit is a game as simple as its title. You take control of Mr. Esc. and aim for the exit.
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30 November 2006
Overall 7
Gameplay 6
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Longevity 7


3 June 2006
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