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Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

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Reviews and Problems with Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

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Overall 7
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 7

Dungeon & Dragons Tactics

Game Boyz
8 February 2008
  • Excerpt: Although I am not a D&D fan but I do like playing any RPG like games that involve some action and strategy. Dungeons and Dragons Tactics for the Sony PSP is a game that seemed to have some of these elements I was looking for. Developed by Kuju Entertainment and published by Atari it was a perfect game to take on the road or to work to explore the almost cultish world of a D&D adventure.
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Overall 5

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

The Gamers Temple
3 February 2008
  • Excerpt: Many people were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dungeons and Dragons: Tactics to store shelves. In this corner, you had the D&D fans salivating at the prospect of a solid turn based game that would give a more true experience of the game that mirrored the pen and paper version. In the other corner you will find the turn based strategy enthusiasts, salivating at a game that promised strong character customization and plenty of options that would allow them to approach...
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Overall 10

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

Playstation Illustrated
26 January 2008
  • Excerpt: Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is a pretty enough game, despite the small screen format of the PSP. While the number of character images is smaller than I expected, the fact that each character model has eleven heads to choose from allows for the ability to more easily distinguish between characters. This is useful, as you will personally be controlling up to six.
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Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

27 November 2007
  • Excerpt: It is 2007, and Dungeons and Dragons - in one form or another - has been entertaining fans for over 30 years, and now for the first time, the franchise comes to Sony's PSP. This means being able to play D&D anytime and anywhere, alone or with friends. There have, of course, been a few deviations to the rules in order to allow the game to work optimally on the PSP.
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Overall 7

Tactically Sound

30 September 2007
  • Conclusion: This is a really solid SRPG that adheres to the D&D rules and mythos as much as possible without reducing the fun factor. I recommend it for anyone who likes SRPGs in general, and even more so if you're deaf.
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Overall 6

Dungeons and Dragons: Tactics

Evil Avatar
11 September 2007
  • Excerpt: So to the game at hand. Dungeons and Dragons: Tactics is set to provide you with all your D&D needs that can fit in your pocket. From the opening menu screen with it's sweeping soundtrack you know you are in for a truly epic experience. You begin the game by creating your character, and or party of characters with a pretty in depth character generator.
  • Pros: Awesome Character Portraits, Nice spell effects, Tons of gameplay and depth
  • Cons: Steep learning curve
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Overall 8

Dungeons and Dragons Tactics Review

Strategy Gaming Online
30 August 2007
  • Excerpt: D&D has been around for a long time. Starting as nothing more than some paperback rulebooks and a complicated set of rules, it has blossomed into a system upon which many other RPGs have been based on. There are video games, miniature games and even movies that have been spawned from this license, all with widely varying quality.
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Review – Dungeons and Dragons Tactics

29 August 2007
  • Conclusion: Anywho, if you like the tactical genre, Dungeons and Dragons is worth a play. It is a solid tactical game and is very deep when it comes to items and weaponry. Character creation is great and the graphics are very well done. It doesn’t happen often but this is a PSP game that I would whole-heartedly suggest to someone I like and want to keep talking to after they are done with the game.
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Overall 5

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

Gamer vision
16 August 2007
  • Excerpt: Name: Dungeons and Dragons Tactics Genre: Tactics RPG Platform: PSP Dungeons and Dragons has shaped video games since the first nerd locked himself in his basement with some friends instead of going out for the night. From Final Fantasy to World of Warcraft, every single RPG created takes one thing or another from D&D and tries to make it a video game.
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Expert Review

14 August 2007
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