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Vivitek H9080FD
7.8 out of 10

Vivitek H9080FD

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Vivitek H9080FD LED-Based DLP Projector

Sound & Vision Magazine
25 May 2010
  • Excerpt: The last few years have been a golden age for digital front projection in home theater applications. Today’s best projectors offer an absolutely stellar combination of price, convenience, essential features, and most importantly, performance. In virtually all of these respects, today’s digital projectors shatter any expectations we had a few years ago. But there is a rub. Digital projection as we’ve known it has been driven by analog lamps for illumination.
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Vivitek H9080FD Projector Review

Projector reviews
19 August 2009
  • Conclusion: Most impressive. This is the first close look I’ve had at at a home theater projector with an LED light source. All considered, the picture quality is great. After our basic grayscale calibration colors were pretty close to dead on, with skin tones appearing natural, and rich, without looking over the top. Black levels are fairly typical for what I dub “ultra-high contrast projectors”, which includes some home theater projectors starting just under $2500.
  • Pros: Great overall picture quality, Very, very, good color accuracy after calibration, Thanks to LED light source, projector will not dim as “lamp” ages, Very good black levels, definitely an “ultra-high” contrast projector, though blacks not as good as the very best, Very good shadow detail performance, Very bright colors are especially rich or rather “intense” without looking over the top. This projector does what other can’t, for example, with an object that’s candy app...
  • Cons: The price tag – it’s first generation LED projector, so its expensive, Not a bright projector, its below average brightness in “best” mode. When you need maximum lumens it only has about one-third of the brightness of the brightest lower cost projectors. Not suitable for larger screens, this projector belongs in a dedicated theater, A third HDMI input would be nice, As would more than two user savable memories, The H9080HD is a pretty large and heavy (36 lb.) projecto...
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Overall 9

Vivitek H9080FD LED DLP Projector

Trusted Reviews
25 June 2012
  • Summary: For those that can afford it, the LED-lit Vivitek H9080FD DLP projector raises the picture quality bar to a whole new level.
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Overall 8

Vivitek H9080FD review

TechRadar UK
21 August 2009
  • Summary: Vivitek's H9080FD is the world's first home cinema LED projector
  • Pros: Excellent colour fidelity, Great definition, Long lifespan
  • Cons: Not particularly bright, Not going to win any beauty pageants
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Vivitek H9080FD

2 August 2010
  • Conclusion: Długo czekaliśmy na pierwszy projektor do kina domowego zbudowany z wykorzystaniem diod LED. Choć w naszych testach nie brakowało kilku LED-owych rzutników, to były to modele miniaturowe, przeznaczone do pracy z zasilaniem bateryjnym. W porównaniu do nich model Viviteka to produkt z innej galaktyki.
  • Pros: Stosunkowo wysoka jasność, Bardzo dobra jakość obraz, Wysoki kontrast, Brak efektu tęczy, Możliwość rozbudowanej konfiguracji, Długa żywotność diod
  • Cons: Bardzo wysoka cena, Umiarkowanie cichy
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LED全高清 丽讯天价投影H9080FD评测

15 September 2009
  • Conclusion: 除了高清 视频 播放,高清 游戏 和其余高质量画质应用也是选择1080p投影用户的主要用途之一,我们也同样对这款产品进行了游戏效果测试和其它主观测试。输入源方面,我们仍旧选择了PS3主机,并通过HDMI线将设备与PS3相连。 丽讯 H9080FD PS3游戏投射效果 丽讯H9080FD PS3游戏投射效果 从游戏画面截图来看,得益于高达124%的色域值,丽讯H9080FD的游戏画面非常完美,艳丽的游戏画面令玩家很容易融入到游戏剧情中,给用户带来非比寻常的享受。而在细节方面,H9080FD的画面也毫不含糊,金属质感的车身无论在强光下还是阴影中,都表现的异常真实,而车身后部的喷火效果给画面带来极佳的速度感,画面质量远胜传统光源的全高清 投影机 。 丽讯H9080FD灰阶投射效果 从灰阶图投射效果来看,丽讯H9080FD几乎可以令人惊异的全部显现,受限于相机的原因,这一场景不能很好的显现。 丽讯H9080FD三原色效果 丽讯H9080FD三原色效果 丽讯H9080FD三原色效果...
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丽讯H9080FD 史上首部LED家用投影评测

24 August 2009
  • Conclusion: 5. (图)调整的重头戏在HSG,此选项只会在Color Gamut设在Native档位的状态下开启。 6. (图)HSG调整就是作色彩管理,包含R、G、B、C、M、Y六色的色相(Hue)、饱和度(Saturation)与增益(Gain)的调整。本画面是Hue的调整状态。 7. (图)我在HSG Saturation的设定数值如本图所示。 8. (图)HSG Gain的调整数值如图所示。 9. (图)若播放1080级HD讯源,我建议Aspect Ratio设在Native,这样本机的显示元件与讯源画素呈1:1对应的最佳状态,可避免像素转换造成的解析度损失。另外我把Contrast拉高到111增加画面亮度。 10.(图)进入Image选单的Sharpness之后,将Sharpness从Simple改为Advanced,即可随心所欲地调整物像轮廓的锐利感与细节的清晰度。调整过后,可让本机呈现出精致而自然的画质。 11.
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Expert Review

Hifi News
14 July 2009
  • Excerpt: Прошло более двух лет, как начато серийное производство проекторов, у которых в качестве источника света вместо ламп используются светодиоды. Однако, до недавнего времени это были модели с очень низкой яркостью, не превышавшей 200 ANSI люмен. Помимо того, что светодиоды служат гораздо дольше, чем лампы, никаких других преимуществ, кроме компактных размеров и небольшого энергопотребления, данные проекторы не имели.
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