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Optoma hd70
6.7 out of 10

Optoma hd70

The HD70 DLP is a projector used for the home theater with a nat Read more

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Optoma HD70 DLP Projector

Sound & Vision Magazine
15 November 2006
  • Excerpt: Sure, 1080p is getting all the buzz, but even the cheapest 1080p displays are still really pricey. For example, the lowest-priced 1080p projector is 4.5 times the price of this little Optoma.
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Optoma HD70 Home Theater Projector Review

Projector reviews
14 November 2006
  • Excerpt: That means that it competes directly against several 480p home theater projectors (although most now sell for under $800). Of course $999 is the MSRP (and also MAP – minimum advertised price), so no doubt there is some slight discounting below the $999 price.
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Overall 8
Features 6
Ease of use 8
Performance 8

Optoma HD70 Projector Review

18 October 2006
  • Summary: OK, let's review: $999 street price, 720p DLP, quiet fan and 1000 ANSI lumens - Buy, rinse, repeat. This isn't a decision so much as a point at which you have to ask yourself how happy you'll be with your current 32" CRT display and how much time it will take you to rustle up the funds to fit this...
  • Pros: First sub-$1000 720p DLP projector! (street price), Deep blacks, rich colors, Consumer adjustment of RGB gain, cut and gamma, Backlit remote, 1080p support (downconverted)
  • Cons: Weak 1.2x Zoom Lens, Requires some calibration out of the box, IR sensor on front only, No RS-232 Support
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Overall 10

Expert Review

Projector Reviews
27 July 2007
  • Excerpt: Projector Reviews HD70 High Definition DLP Home Theatre Projector Optoma has made yet another strong performer with the HD70. This little powerhouse offers a high definition resolution of 1280 x 720 together with a massive 4000:1 contrast.
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Overall 9

Optoma Themescene HD70 review

TechRadar UK
8 March 2007
  • Summary: Turn your living room into a home cinema
  • Pros: Good value Decent image quality Easy to operate HD-ready (HDMI port)
  • Cons: No DVI port No carry bag
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Overall 4

Expert Review

Le Monde Numérique
31 May 2007
  • Summary: Le vidéoprojecteur HD70 d'Optoma est un bon appareil. Dédié au Home Cinéma, il procure, pour un prix raisonnable une image particulièrement nette en Haute Définition, mais qui manque, en général légèrement de colorimétrie. L'installation doit être réfléchie.
  • Pros: Rapport qualité/prix, Netteté en Haute Définition, Configuration complète, Télécommande complète
  • Cons: Pas de déplacement de la lentille, Léger manque de couleurs, Forte chaleur à l'avant de l'appareil
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冲击市场 热评奥图码超值720P投影机HD70

26 January 2007
  • Conclusion: 奥图码(OPTOMA)HD70投影机评测总结 奥图码(OPTOMA)HD70投影机虽然是720P家用投影机,但是在价格上却在万元左右,因此这款投影机是一款热门家用投影机。另外它具有较高的亮度和对比度,以及专业的画面调解选项,能满足高清家庭影院的组建需要,是一款价优物美的产品! 1、 HD70投影机外观采用钢琴烤漆,浑身乳白,非常光滑的机身材质显得很精致镜头也大了很多,采用内凹式设计,而且体重只有2.5公斤,整体看起来轻巧大方! 2.
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Overall 10

Expert Review

1 January 2007
  • Summary: Kort sagt: skall du köpa en BILLIG DLP idag – köp Optoma ThemeScene HD70! En klockren ”Bästa Köp – DLP” för oss, som vi anser presterar i klass med 20 000 kronors-maskiner!
  • Pros: + MYCKET kraftigt ljusflöde!!, + Mycket stor dynamik och kontrast!, + Vanlig bra DLP-svärta, + Naturlig färgåtergivning, med ”Bright” som förval!, + Nästan lika bra färghantering oavsett insignal!!!, + Fungerande de-interlacing, + Bra skärpa, + 7 segment färghjul, + Priset
  • Cons: - 4x spin (240 Hz)
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Overall 9

Optoma HD70

17 November 2006
  • Conclusion: Optoma propose un vidéoprojecteur DLP vraiment abordable équipé pour la première fois d'une matrice haute définition. Economique en apparence, il est à la page techniquement et ne semble manquer d'aucune fonction pratique.
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便宜也出彩 评奥图码家用投影机HD70

10 October 2006
  • Conclusion: 奥图码家用投影机HD70颜色效果展示,发觉颜色比较正,实际画面要比拍摄出来的画面稍微暖色一些! 红色 看看绿色的效果 来一张动物图片鲜活表情 看看这张金属色,非常的通透! 总结:Optoma HD70家用投影机配载了奥图码独有的ImageAI智慧动态影像技术,能带来极佳的色彩饱和度和更精细的图像细节。同时采用了德州仪器的Brilliant Color极致色彩技术,利用最新的色彩处理演算法与系统强化技术,能提供更真实、生动色彩和中间色调表现,所以呈现出来的画面显得非常的清晰和鲜活。还有相比其他720的DLP投影机价格还比较低廉,相信HD70是一款值得拥有的家庭影院投影机。
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