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Reviews and Problems with JVC DLA-HD100

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15 January 2010
  • Conclusion: A few small grumbles aside, the JVC DLA-HD 100 produces breathtaking pictures with its massive contrast ratio, excellent factory setup, and three-chip technology — and it manages this without showing digital artefacts. But to get optimal picture quality you’ll have to input signals in 1080p format.
  • Pros: Huge maximum contrast., Excellent factory setup., Versatile positioning.
  • Cons: Sub-optimal processing of standard video., Awkward zoom and focus controls.
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Overall 7


18 February 2009
  • Summary: Although a top performer in some respects, the JVC DLA-HD100 projector's relatively high price makes it a questionable value considering its color accuracy issues.
  • Pros: The JVC DLA-HD100 has excellent black-level performance and consequently superb contrast ratio, a solid feature package allows plenty of flexibility in installation, and good connectivity with two HDMI inputs.
  • Cons: Poor primary and secondary color accuracy, which leads to severe oversaturation of color.
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JVC DLA-HD100 D-ILA Projector

Sound & Vision Magazine
13 August 2008
  • Excerpt: In the quest for deeper blacks and ever better contrast-ratio specs, dynamic irises that close down and open up the projector's light output automatically depending on the program material are all the rage. But there's no free lunch here. While the best auto-iris designs deepen blacks and increase contrast and are invisible in operation, there are inevitable issues with the varying black levels and brightness compression involved in this sleight of hand.
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JVC DLA-HD100 D-ILA Projector

Sound & Vision Magazine
12 May 2008
  • Excerpt: Oh, I might wish for more-accurate color. The color gamut of the HD1 is too wide, though the visual result is not unpleasant and, like a speaker with a bit too much juice in the deep bass and extreme highs, it can be addictive. A little more flexibility in the color-temperature adjustments would also be nice. And please, sir, can I have some more of those rich blacks without compromising the projector's already exceptional peak contrast ratio?
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Overall 9

JVC DLA-HD100 HD D-ILA Projector

Trusted Reviews
5 February 2011
  • Summary: Has JVC produced the best "affordable" high end projector out there? John definitely thinks so.
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Overall 10


PC Authority
24 August 2008
Overall 10

JVC DLA-HD100 review

TechRadar UK
6 March 2008
  • Summary: D-ILA technology is back and this time it’s better than ever
  • Pros: Spectacular picture quality, Plenty of features, Attractive design, Fair price
  • Cons: Quite big, Doesn’t have a 12V trigger output
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2 August 2010
  • Conclusion: Wysokiej klasy projektor do kina domowego oferujący wyjątkowo wysoki współczynnik kontrastu bez użycia dynamicznej przesłony. Należy do profesjonalnej linii produktów JVC, do której zaliczane są także wzorcowe projektory kina domowego. W USA skąd dotarł do nas testowy model występuje pod symbolem DLA-RS2, w Europie oferowany jest jako DLA-HD100. Wykonano go w rzadko spotykanej technologii LCOS, która łączy w sobie zalety przetworników DLP i paneli LCD.
  • Pros: Doskonała ostrość obiektywu, Świetny kontrast, Dobra plastyczność obrazu
  • Cons: Wysoka cena
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Overall 8


3 December 2008
  • Excerpt: Vidéoprojecteur JVC DLA-HD100 Par Jacquemin Vidal - Publié le 12/03/08 Prix indicatif : 6 990 € TTC Note AVCesar.com Type : D-ILA Résolution native : 1 920 x 1 080 pixels Standard : HD Ready 1 080p Contraste : 30 000:1 Iris : sans Modèle : 2/3 de salle Lens Shift : horizontal et vertical Dimensions (L x H x P) : 455 x 173 x 417 mm Poids : 11,6 kg 0 Commentaire Partager...
  • Pros: Image irrésistible, Piqué et définition, Colorimétrie naturelle, Excellent traitement vidéo, Fluidité irréprochable sans artifice, Profondeur des noirs sans aucun iris, Beaucoup de détails dans les scènes sombres
  • Cons: Pas de gestion du CEC, Lens Shift manuel, Zooms vidéo limités, Pas de sortie Trigger
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6 May 2008
  • Conclusion: ■ 三款产品小结 在功能方面,产品支持电动调焦功能,同时在画面方面也要于“DLA-HD100”,这一点也确实让我感觉到了产品的进步。 VPL-VW200 VPL-VW60 至此我也就结束了对2007年秋天推出的LCOS系列产品VPL-VW60,VPL-VW200和JVCDLA-HD100的测试,这里对测试进行一下小结。这些产品中,最重视镜头移动量的是DLA-HD100,一般来说镜头调节范围大了,光学性能会下降,但是DLA-HD100则没有这个弱点。如果考虑到产品的重量与尺寸的话,VPL-VW200更适合日常使用。而VPL-HD100,VPL-VW60都不是轻量小尺寸产品,不过比较适合需要休闲的年轻用户。在这里性价比最高的产品当然是DLA-HD100,而VPL-VW200一是灯泡价高,另外运行时功耗也更高一些。在产品静音性能方面,VPL-VW60/200则超过了DLA-HD100。如果与以前的DLA系列产品相比的话,DLA-HD100则要更加安静,不过与索尼的2款产品相比,在噪音方面要差一些。...
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