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Acer H6500
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Acer H6500

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Overall 8

Works great 99% of the time

Kyle S., Newegg
13 January 2014
  • Summary: There is some fan noise when it warms up. It doesn't bother me and I rarely even notice it, but for major cine/audiophiles it may be too much, but you're not gonna find better in a sub-$1000 projector.
  • Pros: I have this set up in a home theater set up. All video is through the HDMI port from a Pioneer VSX-1022 receiver. The picture is great, and plays with almost no trouble (*see cons) The room has two large picture windows on the East side of the house which we put blinds over. The projector is brig...
  • Cons: The only con I've had is that occasionally, maybe once a month, the projector will shut off the video and run the fan like it's overheating, though it doesn't seem that hot, and the conditions haven't changed. Shutting it off and letting it sit for a minute or just pulling the power will bring it...
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Overall 10

Great projector, but terrible blacks.

John H., Newegg
1 July 2013
  • Summary: This is my first projector, I did alot of research before I bought this and the main reason I settled for this was it was on clearance, Got it + a Celing mount for $599. I use this for my PC, I play MMOs and FPSs and the Color is great! and it is very crisp and clear.
  • Pros: Great Color, Nice options for adjusting pretty much everything.(Keystone, the first time I used it, Made the edges all wavey and weird but that hasnt happened since.) Good throw. (About 120" Left to right from 15-17Ft.) Currently at 700 hours and going strong.
  • Cons: It can get loud, and if your next to it, it can warm you like a space heater. But I have it on my celing so nether bother me at all. I didnt notice till I watched a horror movie, Blacks? What blacks...? You mean that space on the screen where no light is shining? It gets to a point where its like...
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Overall 2

Not Reliable

Eddy T., Newegg
29 March 2013
  • Pros: Inexpensive for such a high resolution projector. Good video color (not too impressive though), but otherwise rather sharp video quality.
  • Cons: Somewhat loud noise from the fan from time to time (the fan speed various). But the biggest problem is that after 5 months of light use (less than 80 hours), the projector just went dead. Just a few seconds of fan sound after pushing the power button, then nothing... no light at all. I am going t...
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Overall 4

Poor Quality Control

Derek M., Newegg
25 March 2013
  • Summary: Acer is just not a reliable company. The quality control on their products is very poor. I cannot recommend anything they make to anyone for this reason.
  • Pros: Affordable, 24hz 1080P, dual input, light weight
  • Cons: I had this projector for 4 months, ran it for a total of 51 hours when the projector completely died due to color wheel failure. This is an integral part that should last 3000+ hours. This was quite clearly a quality control issue and my projector obviously a lemon. I never got any response from ...
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Overall 8

Impress your friends!

Joseph D., Newegg
7 February 2013
  • Summary: I had a new years eve and a superbowl party. Both my family and friends are very impressed with the 90" screen I am able to get with a 10' throw distance. Very little "rainbow" effect due to only 1 dlp processor but its hardly noticeable unless your a projector snob.
  • Pros: This projector looks fantastic with my bluray and directTV box. supports 1080i/p. very bright projection, allows for watching during the daytime as long as the light is indirect.
  • Cons: No built in audio, not a biggie i hooked my cable box and bluray up to a 2.1 speaker set i had laying around. I had to purchase a digial audio to analog converter because I do not have a surround sound system with a receiver. The lens does not pivot it is fixed so you will have to place it on som...
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Overall 8

Get lots of compliments

Dustin W., Newegg
21 January 2013
  • Summary: This is my second Acer projector, first one started getting dead pixels shortly after the 1 year warranty expired. Purchased the extended warranty on this one.
  • Pros: Great color, low noise fan, bright enough that I can watch with a room lamp on. My 100 inch diag. screen makes other TVs look tiny. Friends love it and tell me so.
  • Cons: Does turn off on it's own every few weeks while in use. Makes a beeping sound and is cold to the touch, attempting to turn back on gives more beeps but no lamp. Fix is to unplug the power cord before turning back on.
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Overall 10

User Review

Grayson B., Newegg
29 November 2012
  • Summary: Projects at an upward angle, I recommend that if you are going to mount it high, definitely go with a ceiling mount.
  • Pros: Image quality is great, have it projected against a painted screen that gives me minimal glare even with daylight in the windows. As good of a picture as my 1080p hdtv.
  • Cons: Wish it had other projection angles.
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Overall 8

Decent entry level 1080p

Jonathan O., Newegg
27 November 2012
  • Summary: Happy with the purchase overall. I hope the Rainbows go away some after more break in but I can live with them. Great image pop. Fills a 100-inch screen nicely.
  • Pros: - Price: At $700 after discount, it's a solid value. - Very bright. Picture is still excellent with a 60 watt bulb on in the room, or a shade or two open during the day. Really great for sports or when you don't want that "cave" feeling when friends are over. Conversely, in a fully dark room you ...
  • Cons: - Fan can be annoying when dynamic black is enabled. DB causes the fan to spin up and down depending on the scene and thus you can never really tune out the fan noise. I turned off dynamic black for this reason. - Black levels typical of this class of projector (not a con, necessarily, but this p...
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Overall 10

Very Satisfied

Anonymous, Newegg
29 October 2012
  • Pros: To start this off I'll just say that I am not a major cinephile. I don't care if I'm not getting the 'full 1080p with blah de blah de blah'. I just want the picture to look good, and that's what I get from this projector. The picture is crisp, I can watch it with the lights on, or with the window...
  • Cons: Every once in a while the fan kicks on and can be kinda loud. It's not so bad that you can't just turn the volume up a bit, but it can kinda interrupt the mood if you're looking to get deeply engrossed in your film.
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Overall 10

Very economical 1080p projector with fantastic video reproduction

Michael L., Newegg
30 September 2012
  • Pros: Fantastic picture, widely adjustable brightness, great color reproduction, great black levels and good contrast, small form factor, lightweight, multiple HDMI inputs, and reliable with long lamp life. The projector is a great bargain for a 1080p projector. Using it on a 125” screen and it looks f...
  • Cons: Plastic casing is small, meaning cooling is limited. The fan is audible if the receiver is put on mute, but I don’t find it noticeable or annoying when watching a movie or TV.
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