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HP Designjet 130

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Overall 2

Wouldn't Ever Buy an HP plotter again

PC, Amazon
30 September 2014
  • Summary: I worked for about 12 years as a full time draftsman may years ago and we always had HP Design Jet plotters. So 2 years ago when I was asked to select plotters for the company I now work for, I chose HP Design Jet 111. They are a piece of junk. We have two plotters and they both have given us nothing but problems. And it's not like we're plotting 100 sheets a day or anything either. We use our plotters maybe once a week.
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Overall 2

This printer is a total piece of crap

R Crane, Amazon
28 February 2014
  • Summary: Avoid this printer completely. It is a total disaster. You will spend hours trying to print a simple document. Documents sent to this printer result in a loud beep, then nothing happens. Cryptic symbols flash on the display, and there's no indication why the document won't print. I have come close to throwing this printer out the window several times.
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Overall 10

Incredible bang for the buck - Good outweighs the bad

Birefringent, Amazon
22 February 2014
  • Summary: Since this model is no longer in production, I am writing this from the perspective of buying one used. I have owned this printer for several years, having bought it used myself. All the one star reviews are way too negative, in my opinion. People who need printers that "just work" need to accept paying more for a higher end model with every kink ironed out, and full support.
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Overall 8

Our old 130nr finally gave out after 7 good years of service.

Fred Winters, Amazon
10 February 2014
  • Summary: The printer itself is a fine printer. The 130 is not Network Ready (I assume that is what nr stands for), but we had the 130nr model before, and after many years of service, it finally gave out on us. I was able to swap out the parts that made it an 130nr (the ethernet card and roller assembly), and now we have essentially a brand new 130nr again.
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Overall 2

A major time waster

Ben "Ben", Amazon
6 August 2013
  • Summary: I've owned the HP Designjet 130 C7791C for several years. After trying to load the roll paper (unsuccessfully) 8 times this morning (truly) I decided to take a break to write this review before being 100% consumed by frustration. To summarize my prolonged experience: don't hold your breath while loading the paper, you'll die (I have a combined time of maybe 30 minutes at the most trying to load the roll in one attempt, that adds up to a lot of time over the years).
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Overall 4

Frustrating Printer

Kris, Amazon
8 July 2013
  • Summary: while I can say that I have not had the same issues as some users of this printer (the printer itself is functional, I have had few printing errors etc.) where I have the issue with is the maintenance software for the device. While they do have a version that is supposed to work with windows 7, I cannot get it to detect the printer.
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Overall 2

Waste of money and time

Chelsi512, Amazon
10 June 2013
  • Summary: The company I work for had this sitting on a shelf. It was purchased by a previous manager and never used. My current manager decided it would be a great time saver for some of our projects and had me get it set up. I has been nothing but a pain in my rear. We have had every problem everyone else has. Now I know why it was sitting on a shelf going unused. It's really sad because this thing could be so great to have in the office.
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Overall 2

This printer is EVIL

PK in St. Louis, Amazon
31 May 2013
  • Summary: This printer will try to kill you. Not in a gruesome horror movie kind of way but in a raise your blood pressure to boil and eventually cause a heart attack kind of way. Where to begin? Loading paper -- individual sheets or using the optional roll feeder -- is nearly impossible. After a couple of hundred plots things will begin to break down and you will have to shell out $600 on new ink and print heads which will at best fix things for another 50 plots..
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Overall 2

Terrible plotter

erc, Amazon
21 May 2013
  • Summary: We purchased this plotter several years ago and have used it consistently at a low level for construction drawings and graphics (architectural firm). It has never really worked well-- trouble with loading paper, various error codes and color problems-- but recently the print color quality has eroded--- everything printing in shades of purple. So, I changed all the printheads ($350 worth of printheads). Color and the printer was working fine after the printhead change.
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Overall 2


John S. Najarian, Amazon
26 January 2013
  • Summary: If u r looking for a $1200 machine that beeps everytime then this is for u!!! I have yet to successfully print ANYTHING on this printer. All it does is spit the paper out no matter where i load it from. And when this happens a loud BEEP comes from it. Every time!!! I hate it i hate it, i hate it. Dont let the 24" wide fool you. This only happens if u buy the "extra" roll feeder. If u dont have it u can only print 13" wide. If it does print.
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