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Epson Stylus Pro 4900

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Reviews and Problems with Epson Stylus Pro 4900

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Overall 2


Bill Carner "Bill Carner", Amazon
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: I used an Epson 4800 at work for several years - only because the university wouldn't buy a different brand. It burned through ink like there was hole in the back of it spewing ink onto the wall...and the heads CLOGGED all the time, so I had burn through more ink to clear them if the printer sat idle for as little time as a week.
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Overall 4

Caveat Emptor

W. Buckles "Pre-owned engineer with non-repairable frame damage. Many new parts", Amazon
1 March 2015
  • Summary: I have owned four (yes, that's 4) 4900s - all but one have died with clogged heads. I have one unit with a clogged yellow channel still under extended warranty and am fighting with Epson for a head replacement - they want to f__k around with remote diagnostics when I tell them the unit needs a new head. I have wasted two days on the phone with people who do not spicka de English and have gone past annoyed with Epson service.
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Overall 8

Don't give up-try this for clogged heads.

Sylvia Ford, Amazon
28 February 2015
  • Summary: I bought the 4900 in 2012. 2 weeks ago after 1400 plus beautiful prints it stopped printing ink. It started with one color and just kept going until zero colors when doing the nozzle check. I did everything Epson told me to do plus took some advice and did some at home tricks with windex. I gave up at first then about 5 days ago I deceided to turn on the printer and turn off all nozzle and head cleanings and install anew maintence tank.
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Overall 4

Free to a good home, or any home for that matter. Please, just come take it out of my house.

Jeffrey Hanlin, Jr., Amazon
30 January 2015
  • Summary: To any foolish soul out there who might want to take on a problem-ridden (and possibly cursed) machine that will likely not result in any rewarding outcome whatsoever -- I have a very large 3' x 3' Epson professional photo printer that weighs 115 pounds, and only due to the fact that I can't physically lift it by myself to throw it into the street because it is so large, I am looking (out of the sheer goodness of my heart) to give it away.
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Overall 2

I had a great printer for 4 months

Destroya, Amazon
29 January 2015
  • Summary: I would give this zero starts if I could. I will never ever buy an Epson product again. I am screaming to anyone who will listen to avoid this corrupt company and all their products. There is clearly an issue with the 4900/7900/9900 printers regarding clogged heads. I am sure Epson knows about this and yet they do nothing. I had a great printer for 4 months, then got sent another one to replace it and then another and then another. 4 printers all died within a year.
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Overall 2

Don't waste your money

14 December 2014
  • Excerpt: Don't waste your money. The print heads clog pretty much where they feel like it. You will waste ink like Epson planned it that way. You can spend days trying to clean the heads. Support will give you a few things to do that don't work very well. You can get them on the phone at least.If it prints, the prints look great.
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Overall 2

Worst printer I've ever owned

Vance, Amazon
19 November 2014
  • Summary: I've had the same problem as most of the Amazon reviewers of this printer. Gradual clogging of the print heads in spite of my printing regularly. In the end the unit I owned failed - not worth getting it repaired (which would include buying a whole new ink set at about $1000). Worst printer I've ever owned. I now have a 120 lb paperweight.
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Overall 10

Great Quality Prints

lansing16943, Ebay
6 July 2014
  • Summary: Great Quality Prints. Excellent speed for the print quality. Ink usage is OK, Unit is heavy and needs a substantial support surface. Access to 4 side s is convenient. Somewhat expensive to purchase. Needs t be used regularly.
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Overall 2

It isn't worth getting free....

Nordic, Adorama
4 July 2014
  • Excerpt: The head clogs, although it prints beautiful and awesome prints, the Epson inks are apparently the problem. Don't buy it! It wouldn't be worth it free.
  • Pros: Disposable
  • Cons: Plugs Head
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Overall 6

Do not buy a new printer

Jay Brown, Amazon
17 June 2014
  • Summary: Here is a tip; I purchased a new printer from Epson. Epson's policy is if anything is wrong with the printer they will send you a refurbished printer in exchange. You are taking a chance that the new printer works, mine did not, and if it doesn't they charge a deposit on your credit card and send you a refurbished printer. In my case one that had left over food in the tray. Why buy new?
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