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Black & Decker CG100
8.2 out of 10

Black & Decker CG100

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You WILL love it.

smoothmove60, Black & Decker
3 July 2013
  • Summary: This gun makes caulking a breeze. It lays down a steady bead and with a few minutes of use--it will make you love it in every way. I live in a big older home that is 120 years old--and it needs caulk all over the place. This tool some might cause some to be skeptical of it--but--the old kind will never enter you life again after using this baby. I rate it 5 stars and A+++++. It even does windows perfectly.
  • Pros: Ease of use--strong or slower laying down of caulk--and the even bead that will bring tears to your eyes!
  • Cons: Nothing, really. Maybe the gate to open up the battery compartment is harder than I would like--but that is a tiny annoyance. I use rechargeable AA batteries in it--they work great. Using AA batteries (4 of them) is a big plus too--since they are the most common ones everyone has.
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More useful than expected

RobNordic, Black & Decker
19 May 2011
  • Summary: Overall I like this caulk gun. I thought it was just a gimmick; but, then I used it and found that it made my caulking job go much faster. On the high speed setting, the caulk came out a good pace. I used the slow speed setting for touch ups and difficult areas. It gave me a smoother bead of caulk than I can do by hand; although, it was still not perfect. I still had to smooth the bead after the caulk was applied. The gun is easy to load/unload.
  • Pros: Good caulking pace. Definitely made my job go faster. Gave me more control and more consistent output.
  • Cons: My gun has a rattle like something is loose inside. I'm not sure if it supposed to do that or not; but, it did not appear to affect performance. I was hoping that the caulk bead would be perfectly smooth; but alas, even a machine cannot product a perfect bead of caulk. $50 MSRP seems a bit much to me for this product. I found mine reconditioned on Black and Decker's eBay store for $20. After using it, I think that I would pay up about $35 for it.
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Black & Decker CG100 2-Speed Powered Caulk Gun

A.Dumont, Rate it all!
3 April 2009
  • Summary: I went to Home Depot to look for a power caulk gun after getting tired on a big home project of the manual gun. I thought the Ryobi for around $30, plus $30 or so for a NiCad battery and $39 for a charger that also works on the optional Lithium Ion batteries that contractors swear by was a bit much. I read the reviews for the B & D online and as ususal, some good and some bad. I took a chance and ordered it on line.
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Black & Decker CG100 2-Speed Powered Caulk Gun

eric--b, Rate it all!
20 March 2009
  • Summary: This tool is awsome....everything I try to calk with it looks like I am a pro! I calked all the windows on my colonial style house with it and it looks terrific....I would highly recommend this tool if you do any calking.
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Black & Decker CG100 2-Speed Powered Caulk Gun

M.Petrie, Rate it all!
6 February 2009
  • Summary: Save your money and use your finger and a manual caulk gun. In fact, it is so slow that I have ended up doing that on a couple of occasions. Maybe I'm not doing something correctly. I changed batteries and it did help, but very little. I wanted this for the occasional caulk job for home use, however, it is really just not all that great. If you are caulking something big, definitely pass on this. Also, it is far from being of any use commercially.
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Black & Decker CG100 2-Speed Powered Caulk Gun

AndrewG.Davis, Rate it all!
17 September 2008
  • Summary: We had our entgrance screened in and I gave it the installer and asked him to try it. Amazing! A nice continuous bead and NO extra loading due to the stoping ability. Now I'm looking to projects to use it in, even pestering tne neighborhood.
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Black & Decker CG100 2-Speed Powered Caulk Gun

diygranny, Rate it all!
16 September 2008
  • Summary: I find it difficult to use a regular coulk gun because of my small hands. You don't get a nice bead of caulk using two hands. The problem is solved with this tool. I've done the baseboards in two large rooms in a very short period of time. Great tool!!
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