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Black & Decker ASI300

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worked for just a few minutes

Vincent11, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: I received this as a gift from work. I inflated two car tires from 25psi to 35psi. First tire, no prob worked great. Second one I had to play with the dial and then it spontaneously kicked on. 3rd tire no dice. No matter what I do (turn on/off, moving dial, unplug/plug) I cannot get the motor to turn on. The gage still lights up and I can hear it "click" turning on but no compressor action. This was on A/C power.
  • Pros: light up gage, quick inflation when it works (only 2x for me)
  • Cons: it just doesnt work also AC cord is very short
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Very impractical design.

JRayS, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: Fuse for AC operation apparently blew over the weekend and pump will not work now. Pump is about 2 years old but gets very little use. I concur with all of the criticisms; in fact we used to grab our old B&D air station rather than use the new ACI300 just because it was so awkward to use.
  • Pros: Nothing, really.
  • Cons: See all the other reviews. B&D, you need to get your act together, and soon.
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Poor Design

hansondl, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: Works as advertised and automatic shutoff is nice feature, but the overall design is terrible: 12V cord blocks power switch (should be removable), air hose is too short, valve made of plastic (doubt long service life), etc.
  • Pros: Automatic shutoff
  • Cons: Overall design is terrible; in fact, it is inexcusably bad plastic valve short air hose
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Worked exactly twice on the AC side

IrishMPK, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: I was able to use the AC side of the unit exactly twice before the fuse blew. Having read all of the other reviews on here I see that everyone else experienced the same problem. Find it very hard to believe that B&D is doing nothing about this problem. I find these types of problems to be very common with B&D products and have decided that this will be my last B&D product that I purchase.
  • Pros: Worked well ONCE if you can consider that a pro.
  • Cons: Worked only ONCE before the fuse blew.
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Why hasn'his bn recalled!?

popimpexpress, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: This product was actually something I borrowed from my father in-law to inflate a few pool toys and has gone from me borrowing something and costing nothing to me having to spend about fifty bucks to replace it since the A/C side is useless now due to the fuse blowing which CANNOT be replaced.
  • Pros: It worked great for the first 15 minutes.
  • Cons: It's worthless if any use consists of A/C power supply because from what I've been reading it's not about weather the fuse blows or not, it's about how long can you get it to work before it does blow. Then what? Replace it with the warranty? Then what after that one blows? Anyway you look at the facts it's an inevitable failure on Black and Decker and an unbelievable disregard to their customer base by continuing to selling this product which is an obvious money wasti...
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Great Concept, But Not Reliable

JC+Haynes, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: I gave this product two stars because mine DOES still work on DC power. But, like most of the other reviewers, I expected more from B&D. Seems like a little pre-market testing would have exposed this fuse issue.
  • Pros: Auto shut-off and portability.
  • Cons: AC power and fuse malfunction
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jofro, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: I bought one in 2009 and it worked great on DC power. I used it a few times on AC power and the Ac portion stopped working. Black and Decker sent me a new one in 2011, even though the warranty was out of date. The customer service rep told me that they can not be fixed. After using AC power 3 times, it stopped working. It still works on Dc power. B&D knows that this unit not not work properly, but continues to sell the product.
  • Pros: Dual purpose AC/DC power
  • Cons: AC Power stops working after a few uses and can not be fixes.
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Stoppped working in less than one year

AirCompress, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: Great little unit...but apparently I must have blown a fuse like others have reported.
  • Pros: Automatic shut-off, lightweight
  • Cons: Will NOT buy a replacment unit from B & D. This one was less than a year old and it appears that it cannot be repaired by the homeowner. $100 MSRP is awful expensive for such a short life. Plenty of competitors at a lower price. My Campbell Hausfeld lasted over 5 years. Don't know if the 12 volt option worked as intended, the unit died before I could try it.
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Do NOT Purchase

6gun, Black & Decker
13 January 2012
  • Summary: This is the second B&D air pump I have owned. Both have failed within ONE year with very few uses. The circuit fuse blows very easily and can't be replaced. Come one Black and Decker! Really? Once the fuse blows this item is about as useful as tits on a bull. Spend your hard earned money on something else.
  • Pros: Great concept.
  • Cons: The fuse blows out and can't be replaced.
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poor quality and design of tire valve fitting

dvillani, Black & Decker
10 December 2011
  • Summary: Product worked for a few months. The end that clamps on to the tire valve failed, rendering it useless. It is a very flimsy plastic piece, of poor design, that simply broke under normal use. I sent it in under warrantee, but anticipate the replacement will have the same problem. The service center rep informed me that he could not replace the valve with a better one, and suggested I should have bought a better product.
  • Pros: Light, not too noisy, automatic shutoff.
  • Cons: Tire valve failed. I'm concerned about this failing on the replacement product, and the AC fuse problem experienced by others. I would not buy it.
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