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Zalman ZM1000-HP

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Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000W Modular PSU

19 July 2008
  • Summary: We initially plugged the PSU into an EZ PSU Tester 3 in order to power it on for our "idle" measurements.  As noticed below, the voltage rails were fairly stable with no load, but these aren't necessarily indicative of overall load performance.  According to our Kill-a-Watt, the power draw was 9W.
  • Pros: Low electrical noise, Rated at 1000W continuous, Mostly modular with lots of peripheral and SATA connectors, Very stable with a fairly heavy load, 14cm and heatpipes keep it cool and quiet - inaudible over any other fan, Should work in all but extreme systems.
  • Cons: Only four PCIe connectors, No power switch
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Expert Review

Silent PC
13 May 2008
  • Summary: The Zalman ZM1000-HP is really irritating. We don't want to like or recommend it because it's a gargantuan power supply of the type we have mixed feelings about... at best. No one needs a 1000W PSU. But...
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Overall 10

Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000W Power Supply Video Review

16 March 2008
  • Summary: If you're in the market for a high wattage power supply but you require it to be ultra quiet, be sure to checkout the Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000W Quiet Power Supply. Since it has a quiet 140mm fan, honeycomb ventilation and heatpipes it remains cool in almost any environment. It has modular leads and efficiency is also above 86%. It even comes with a unique Standby Noise Filter Switch which eliminates high frequency noise in standby mode. Watch the video to find out more...
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Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000 Watt Power Supply

15 March 2008
  • Excerpt: Another one of those quality products is the subject of our next review. The ZM1000-HP is one powerful power supply and it is also good looking. This six 12-volt rail 1000 watt behemoth is a sterling dark gray glossy finish that is pretty attractive without being flashy.  And while I am on the exterior features of the ZM1000-HP is mostly modular for unlimited cable management possibilities.This power supply has all that one would need in a unit to power the best of...
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Zalman ZM1000-HP 1,000W Power Supply Review

PC Perspective
27 February 2008
  • Excerpt: The ZM1000-HP power supply is the latest and largest addition to Zalman’s line of PC switching power supplies.  It features a combination of fixed and modular cables, support for dual CPUs and multiple high-end graphic cards, and can deliver up to 1,000 watts of continuous DC output.  The ZM1000-HP uses two heat pipes to augment the internal cooling system for increased reliability and to reduce noise.
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Overall 10

Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000W Power Supply

19 December 2007
  • Summary: If your Christmas shopping list includes a power supply and money is not a problem, then go get the Zalman ZM-1000HP now! But only if you can live without a power switch. This and the longer size are the only two shortcomings I can find with this unit. I don't understand why Zalman has added a useless "standby filter" switch but no power switch, which costs something in the neighbourhood of 2 cents to implement.
  • Pros: Extremely quiet, 1000W of power, Stable output voltages, Large number of connectors, Modular, Six 12V rails, Cables are fully sleeved, 3 Year warranty
  • Cons: High price, No power switch, Longer than ATX standard
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无可挑剔的电源,Zalman ZM1000-HP深度测试

5 March 2008
  • Conclusion: 1、300W轻度负载 不必多言,这样的测试结果可以几乎秒杀所有我们已测试过的300W额定输出电源。其高达87%的转换效率,实在是令人无法相信。不过分析一下测试环境即可确认,这是我们低温测试环境带出来的必然结果。工业级的电源检测标准,一般都是在室温40度甚至50度环境温度中进行,而功率元件对环境温度都很敏感,每提高5摄氏度内部阻抗就会增加一倍,因此在我们20摄氏度的环境温度中,获得如此高的转换效率结果也是必然。   波纹的表现同样出色,各路输出的振幅仅为最大允许波动范围的20~25%。不过这是轻载的表现,随着负载的增加,波纹应会越来越明显。 再看工作温度。热管连接的散热片最高点测试为29摄氏度;电源内部温度能测试的最高温度点为主变压器上方,也仅有31摄氏度。 2、500W中度负载 从理论上说,随着负载的提升,输出电压应有所降低、交流波纹都应有所升高,但都不能超出规定值。Zalman此款电源的数据完全呈理论值变化,但变化幅度非常小,证明其内部的电路结构、用料等方面的质量都无可挑剔。...
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Alimentatore Zalman ZM1000-HP: Heatpipe cooled

4 January 2008
  • Conclusion: PNY NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 XLR8: NVIDIA presenta la fascia mainstream 24.07.2012 - Andrea Faes È possibile giocare con i videogames più recenti spendendo meno di 100 euro per una scheda video? Scopriamolo leggendo la review della nuova PNY NVIDIA GeForce GT 640!
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