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Zalman ZM850-HP

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Zalman ZM850-HP Plus 850 W

27 April 2011
  • Summary: The most significant feature of the ZM850-HP Plus is, without any doubt, its cooling system that utilizes a dual heatpipe heatsink for silent operation. Indeed even with over 50°C ambient and at full load the cooling fan worked silently enough, at least for my ears. Despite being specified officially to 40°C operation, over-temperature protection did not trigger during our 50°C+ testing, which that means that the secondary heatsink's temperature was not getting too high.
  • Pros: Dual heatpipe cooling system for silent operation, High efficiency throughout 20-100% load, Tight voltage regulation at +12V and under 3% for 5V, Excellent +12V performance in Advanced Transient Response tests, Very good ripple/noise suppression at +12V and 3.3V, Supports up to three hi-end graphics cards
  • Cons: High price, 3.3V outside ATX spec during 2nd Advanced Transient Response test, 210 mm long, might not fight all cases, Mediocre efficiency at, Lacks a second EPS connector, Power distribution not optimal
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Zalman ZM850-HP Plus Power Supply

OverClock Intelligence Agency
25 January 2011
  • Summary: Zalman have done a nice job with the aesthetics of this power supply. The outer casing is solid black with a rugged textured paint job. All of the modular cables are covered in a nice black mesh that has ample flex around the connectors. There are plenty of connectors for all of your drives and the unit supports three-way graphics card systems. The 140mm fan remained quiet during out testing, unable to be heard over the other fans in the system.
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Zalman ZM850-HP Plus Power Supply Review

Hardware Secrets
14 January 2011
  • Summary: The new Zalman ZM850-HP Plus disappointed us. It failed our tests by presenting a voltage below the minimum allowed on its +3.3 V output. On the other hand, noise and ripple levels were always low. Efficiency was between 82.6% and 86.9%, which is the second problem with this power supply: at full load it can’t deliver its promised efficiency (85%) at real-world temperatures (it achieved 82.6% at 46.1° C during our 850 W test).
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Zalman ZM850-HP Plus PSU

23 December 2010
  • Summary: We initially plugged the PSU into an EZ PSU Tester 3 in order to power it on for our "idle" measurements.  As noticed below, the voltage rails were fairly stable with no load, but these aren't necessarily indicative of overall load performance.  According to our Kill-a-Watt, the power draw was 4W.
  • Pros: Low electrical noise, Rated at 850W Continuous, Lots of peripheral and SATA connectors, Stable with a fairly heavy load, 14cm fan is very quiet and cools well thanks to dual-heatpipes
  • Cons: Large size may not fit in all systems., +12v3 rail got a little noisy, but stayed within spec.
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Overall 10

Zalman ZM850-HP

15 September 2007
  • Summary: The Zalman ZM-850HP is not just another 850W power supply. It is engineered from the ground up to be silent and efficient. Two heatpipes on the inside transport heat away from the hot components to the rear of the PSU where it is exhaust by a big slow running 140 mm fan. Since the PSU's efficiency is above 80%, Zalman can afford to run the fan much slower because there is not so much heat to get rid of.
  • Pros: Very very quiet, High efficiency, Modular, 8-Pin connectors for new VGA cards, Four PCI-E power connectors, Lots of connectors, Cables sleeved, 3 Year warranty
  • Cons: Expensive, Takes fingerprints, No power switch, Only 18A per 12V rail, but six of them, Longer than ATX standard, 21 cm
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Zalman ZM850-HP 850Watts

8 May 2010
  • Summary: Zalman ha sabido construir un producto de alta gama en todo sentido, ya que a la hora de hacer un análisis general de esta PSU, no podemos dejar de recalcar la excelente estética que la misma dispone, como así también la calidad y el perfecto acabado de sus materiales. Algo a destacar es su sistema de refrigeración Dual por medio de HeatPipes de un tamaño considerable, y un fan de 140mm termo-controlado que aún girando al máximo registra bajísimos decibeles en su...
  • Pros: - 850 Watts de potencia.
  • Cons: - Ausencia de Switch ON/OFF.
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Zalman ZM-850 model güç kaynağı (Power Supply) gerçek anlamda sessizlik vaat ediyor.

13 April 2010

Zalman ZM850-HP 850W

29 June 2009
  • Summary: Godordene som har blitt gitt ut av brukere verden over om ZM850-HP ser ut til å stemme. Etter en god testperiode er vi meget fornøyd med resultatene vi ser. Det er lite å utsette på denne enheten, men som alltid kunne enkelte ting ha vært bedre. Samtlige av strømforsyningens primærlinjer viser til gode og stabile resultater etter endt testperiode. Ingen linjer faller over grensen for 3 % avvik, noe vi vil betegne som meget godt.
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