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Reviews and Problems with Silverstone ZM1350

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SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 1350W Power Supply Review

[H] Enthusiast
13 September 2013
  • Summary: The SilverStone ZM1350 is the latest in a string of power supplies we have reviewed from SilverStone . However, the ZM1350 is just the second power supply we have seen from SilverStone that is well north of 1000W in capacity. The previous unit we have seen from SilverStone that was well north of the 1000W mark was the ST1500 and that was a rather good unit.
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SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 1350W Power Supply Review

13 September 2013
  • Summary: SilverStone's Zeus series is back from a four year hiatus with a new 1350 watt PSU offering to enthusiasts. This Zeus is rated with Silver efficiency at 50°C, and comes to the alter with a host of features including modular cables to keep your build looking tidy. You can even tune the rails by hand if you wish. Time to see if heads roll.
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Overall 10

SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 1350W Power Supply Video Review

26 April 2013
  • Summary: The SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 1350W Power Supply is certainly not for everyone, but if you're a power hungry user this PSU would be perfect. It's peak wattage is 1500W so it will power even the most demanding systems. Also, the rails can be manually tweaked and you can switch from a single +12V rail to a multiple +12V setup. This PSU is all about power, flexibility & reliability.
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SilverStone Zeus ZM1350 Power Supply Review

PC Perspective
18 January 2013
  • Excerpt: After a four year hiatus, SilverStone's top of the line power supply series, Zeus, has returned. The all new Zeus ZM1350 was designed for elite IT professionals, PC power users, and overclockers and retains excellent characteristics from its predecessors with a continuous output capacity of 1350W (1500W peak) rated for 24/7 operation at 50°C, ±1% voltage regulation for exceptional stability, and careful selection of premium industrial grade components.
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Silverstone Zeus ZM1350

16 December 2012
  • Excerpt: Who could have predicted it? It turns out that last week, when I thoroughly barbecued and humiliated that Hercules 500 watt unit, I offended the other Greek gods. Herc's daddy, Zeus himself, has shown up today looking to get even. He's brought with him the latest power supply to be graced with his name, the Silverstone Zeus 1350 watt unit. Let's find out if old Zeus here can do what his boy Hercules couldn't... make it all the way through my tests.
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Тест и обзор Silverstone Zeus 1350W (SST-ZM1350)

20 August 2013
  • Summary: По результатам наших тестов блок питания Silverstone Zeus 1350W действительно оказался в особой категории, хотя подойдёт он не каждому энтузиасту. По габаритам корпуса и весу понятно, что перед нами действительно мощная модель. Полная нагрузка гарантируется производителем при температурах до 50 °C, как и у многих конкурентов, но мощность больше 1 кВт при температуре окружающей среды 60 °C - функция уникальная.
  • Pros: Очень высокая производительность даже при высоких температурах, Разработан для продолжительной высокой нагрузки, Стабильные выходные напряжения, очень низкий уровень пульсаций/шумов, Очень хорошее качество с полностью модульным подключением кабелей, до восьми разъёмов питания PCI Express, Гарантия 5 лет
  • Cons: Средняя эффективность (80PLUS Silver), При нагрузке выше средней довольно шумный, Экстремальные габариты (длина 230 мм), Высокая цена
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