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Silverstone Strider 1500W ST1500

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Overall 2

Good while it lasts

Daniel S., Newegg
6 September 2014
  • Summary: I may be just extremely unlucky, but I won't be buying a Silverstone branded power supply ever again after this painful experience.
  • Pros: Excellent for overclocking, stable power delivery, cable options galore. The AC power cable and modular cables have a really nice thick gauge which speaks to Silverstone's excellent build quality.
  • Cons: I had this power supply for about two and a half years to drive a system that consumes ~1300w under full load (I do lots of video rendering on graphics cards). During that time, it was quite stable and a dependable workhorse that wouldn't start delivering unstable power under high load. Just recently however, during a web-browsing session, it blew out with an audible pop, taking my 400$ motherboard (and potentially other parts) with it. I had gotten a solid good worki...
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Overall 2

Not Reliable

Daryl C., Newegg
27 May 2014
  • Summary: Avoid this power supply, there are much better ones out there from other makers. 1500 watts at a 80 plus silver also leaves a fair bit to be desired. There are gold rated power supplies at this same price point.
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: I bought this power supply and it died within 45 days of using it at about 80% load. Contacted Silverstone and had to pay the shipping costs to return (International Shipping from Canada). After multiple attempts to get a status update on how the RMA was being processed I finally heard that they didn't have any replacements in stock and were waiting on a shipment from overseas. When I finally received my replacement I hooked it back up again, this time at about 70% lo...
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Overall 6

was good for a bit

Mindaugas S., Newegg
28 April 2014
  • Summary: I had it working prefect for 45-50 days, no issues. Then one day, I started noticing a heavy electric burn smell. It was coming from my PSU and I knew something was getting short circuited/getting fried. I turned it off and didn't use it for a week to see any difference. Turning it on again, I noticed that the smell was gone, but it wouldn't power anything more than my motherboard because I plugged in my GPU and it would turn on for a few seconds then shut off...
  • Pros: Was able to power all of my components without any issue for the 2 months I had it. Very quiet.
  • Cons: I had it less than 2 months. Been trying to contact Sliverstone multiple times for a RMA, but cannot get any response from them.
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Overall 6

Great until boom

Brandon A., Newegg
27 April 2014
  • Summary: This power supply was awesome. I wasn't using the machine 24/7, and recently noticed the power seemed to begin fluctuating. I adjusted the speed on my fans to a higher RPM thinking the setting I had them adjusted to might have caused a fluctuation between voltages and was the issue. Less than 30 seconds after the 1v boost to each group of fans, the PSU popped and shot sparks and then everything just powered down.
  • Pros: Running a water loop for my 980x and SLI 580s for 2.5 years this thing had all the power I thought I'd ever need. Powering 13 120mm fans, HDDs, pumps, etc., things ran great!
  • Cons: 2.5 years later, changed to a GTX 780 Classified, very loud pop and electrical smoke smell, dead PSU.
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Overall 6

ST1500 not a good choice for mining

Seth T., Newegg
10 February 2014
  • Summary: For mining you are much better of linking two 750-850 watt gold-rated power supplies with a high quality Y cable. It will be a lot cheaper and you'll get single rails with lots of connectors. Also, modular connections are useless for mining rigs, and actually an additional point of failure. Avoid this unit for that purpose.
  • Pros: Quiet: practically silent Impressive total wattage
  • Cons: Too many rails and insufficient connectors: Hard to get full wattage out of the power supply without splitters/adapters. Insufficient wattage to (4) PCI-e rails to power (4) mid range cards No power switch (what?)
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Overall 2

Pop!Spark! Dead...

Andre M., Newegg
9 February 2014
  • Summary: This was installed In system that isn't on 24/7. Total uptime since installation is under 300 hours, turned it on, and with a flash of sparks out the back of the unit and a loud POP, the unit is dead.
  • Pros: Strong unit, modular cables, lots of power
  • Cons: Died with less than 300 hours of up time.
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Overall 2

Can't power a hard drive

Jessica A., Newegg
25 January 2014
  • Summary: Everything was great until I powered it on and it failed less than ten seconds into the boot cycle after adding a single 250GB hard drive. Confused, I switched the power cable AND the SATA cable out and it still failed as soon as the hard drive spooled up. Suspecting the hard drive, I put it in one of my other machines and it worked perfectly, initializing in Windows, transferring files and everything.
  • Pros: Modular, which doesn't mean much if it doesn't work
  • Cons: Apparently it can't power a single hard drive
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Overall 4

Should You Go Elsewhere For Your PSU?

Norma M., Newegg
26 December 2013
  • Pros: Modular 1500w Nice Boxing
  • Cons: No turn-off switch on the PSU itself Unreliable Longevity Unreliable Product This is my second 1500W Strider Series Power Supply in the last 4 years. The first one I bought worked fine for just a litle over 3 years while running a 480 fermi. After that period, it just died and refused to turn on. Since I had no problem with it in those three years, I decided it was probably a rare fluke and decided to fork out another 400 dollars to buy another. To my dismay, after up...
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Overall 2

It was good until...

victor l., Newegg
4 December 2013
  • Summary: Even after all the failed attempts at OCing because this PSU couldn't handle the increased voltages, I still have faith that it could handle Quad SLI. I have to stop giving this thing the benefit of the doubt.
  • Pros: Bragging rights, 1500w psu. What more can I say? It did it's job powering everything at stock (honestly, even a 650w could of done that).
  • Cons: I've had this since December 2010, and after a year of ownership I I threw in 2 GTX 480s to sli but it would BSOD, so power rated at 1500 very nice, more like 550w. But I decided not to pursue it after replacing the two with one 580. So flash forward to now at the end of 2013, the fan in this thing starts to sound like a helicopter propeller spinning, and it's louder than everything else in my computer.
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Overall 2

LT Follow-up

John M., Newegg
31 October 2013
  • Summary: Just not enough amps (only 25A) on each rail. Using two rails on one card and it fails! Yes - I know a heavily OCd Titan can draw 900W - this PSU cannot handle it. Also - lots of "snap and crackle" in the replacement Silverstone sent. I WAS a fan of Silverstone products however, this experience has changed that.
  • Pros: plenty of connectors but not enough amps per rail
  • Cons: too many rails. This PSU was able to run crossfire 7970s... but blew after about a year. Silverstone sent me a replacement under warranty, and this "new" unit is not able to run even ONE OVERCLOCKED GTX TITAN. Forget 2 titans. Even splitting it up as a two PSU rig - with one card on my PC Power and Cooling 1200 and the other on this ST1500 - this replacement shuts down, while the PC&P unit, which is powering the OCd 3930 and a titan does fine.
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