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Corsair VX450 (VX450W)

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Reviews and Problems with Corsair VX450 (VX450W)

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Corsair VX450W Power Supply Review

Hardware Secrets
26 March 2008
  • Summary: If we could summarize this power supply in just one word it would be “wow!.” Together with this is the best power supply up to 500 W we have ever seen, bringing the best cost/benefit ratio for the average user building a mainstream PC with a good video card, graduating Summa Cum Laude in our tests.
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Corsair VX450W power supply review

10 February 2008
  • Excerpt: Corsair hit the ground running last year with the release of two top notch modular power supplies. This year, they took a chance and instead of going with a mega-high power unit like all of the other manufacturers decided to come out with this year (and so many enthusiasts think they want this year), Corsair has taken the route of providing the DIY community with a 450W unit.
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Overall 10

Corsair VX450W

8 September 2007
  • Summary: When I first opened the package and read "450W PSU" I was very sceptical if this unit could perform - and I was completely wrong. Certainly you should not power a GeForce 8800 GTX SLI rig with it, but you probably knew that. For a normal PC with a single graphics card it is absolutely sufficient. The attractive price of $75 makes this a great deal when building a new system. What I found to be most impressive with the Corsair VX450W is that it is extremely quiet.
  • Pros: Very Quiet, Affordable, Extremely High efficiency, Cables sleeved, Stable, 5 Year warranty
  • Cons: 450W may not be enough for your needs, Not modular, Only one PCI-E power connector
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Corsair VX450w Power Supply

Legion Hardware
28 August 2007
  • Summary: The Corsair VX450w has proven to be a solid performer, while also proving that a 450 watt power supply can easily handle a quad-core processor and a GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card. Of course not all 450 watt power supplies are made equally and we have found that most cannot compete with the single 33A 12v rail featured on the VX450w.
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Corsair VX450W 450W Power Supply

17 August 2007
  • Excerpt: It’s a fact that extremely large, high-wattage power supplies tend to get the most press online, as the vast majority of PSU manufacturers are caught up in the never-ending competition of trying to get the highest wattage products out there. While this competition has fostered innovation in this market, in addition to pushing down prices of lower-wattage power supplies, the negative effect that it’s had is that most people believe that ultra-high wattage power supplies...
  • Pros: Ultra Low Noise - Basically Inaudible, Long Cables For Large Cases, Very Efficient Design
  • Cons: Non-Modular Cable System, Only One PCI Express Power Connector
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Expert Review

Silent PC
16 August 2007
  • Summary: The new Corsair VX450W is not aimed at the dual-video card, power-demanding, PC gaming user, but for a much bigger audience: Everyone else. The VX450W delivers clean, stable power that's much more than adequate for the vast majority of PC systems today. Like the HX series, it's among the quietest fan-cooled PSUs we've tested. They are very energy efficient, matching and even surpassing many of 80 Plus certified models we've tested.
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Corsair VX450W

9 July 2009
  • Conclusion: Wenn man die pure Technik und die Leistungsindikatoren in der harten Praxis analysiert, hat Corsair auch mit dem VX450W einen weiteren Verkaufshit in peto, das ist zunächst einmal Fakt. Die Laufruhe wurde im Vergleich zum HX620W weiter optimiert, Stromverbrauch sowie Effizienz gehören in unserer Topliste ganz nach oben und die grundsätzliche Dimensionierung dieses Netzteils darf man endlich auch als praxisnah bezeichnen.
  • Pros: sehr gute Verarbeitung., ausgezeichnete Stabilität., hervorragende Effizienz (auch unter 20% Last)., sehr robuste Lackierung., sehr leiser Betrieb., keine Störgeräusche durch die Netzteilelektronik., gute Integration des Netzteils ins Kühlmanagement des Gehäuses., actives PFC., mehr als ausreichende Kabellängen (über 50cm)., Netzteilgehäuse ATX-konform. - sehr lange Garantiezeit (5 Jahre)., noch gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.
  • Cons: Netzteilkühlkörper werden sehr warm., kein zweiter PCI-Express Anschluß., kein 8-pin PCI-Express Anschluß vorhanden.
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中端电源典范 海盗船VX450W评测

My Drivers
6 May 2009
  • Conclusion: 内容导航: 作为一款顶级品牌出品的中端电源产品,海盗船VX450W电源在转换效率方面有一些优势,海盗船优良的工艺在这款VX450W电源上得到了验证,80PLUS能源效率认证进一步体现了这款电源的能源转换效率。下面图中就是这款海盗船VX450W电源的转换效率示意图,可见在230V输入条件下已经远远超过了80PLUS标准所规定的50%负载下80%电源转换效率的要求,最高甚至可以达到86%的水平,充分做到节能,结合海盗船 VX450W电源的中端定位,给更多用户带来了实惠。 海盗船VX450W电源转换效率示意图,在115V输入条件下转换效率稍低,但在中国市电规格下这款产品会有不错的效能发挥。 同时,噪音控制也是这款电源在设计时就考虑到的一个方面,其配备的12CM风扇结合电源内部大量金属散热片,在工作时可以用非常低的转速实现良好的散热效果,并且可以通过感应器自动调节转速,从下图中可见,在400W负载以下的电源风扇噪音一直控制在为22分贝以下,而在电源负载超过400W时,风扇便会开始全速工作,这时散热成为首要问题,噪音当然就不在考虑范围内了。...
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Teste da Fonte de Alimentação Corsair VX450W

Clube do Hardware
4 April 2008
  • Conclusion: Se você quer ter uma boa fonte em seu PC mas não pode pagar por este modelo da Corsair, recomendamos a Zalman ZM360B-APS, que é a fonte que tem uma melhor relação custo/benefício para aqueles que estão apertados de grana mas não abrem mão de ter um bom produto em seu PC (este modelo da Zalman entrega menos potência, no entanto).
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Corsair VX450W (CMPSU-450VX)

26 January 2008
  • Summary: Das Corsair VX450W hat sich wacker durch unseren Test geschlagen. Die Spannungen liegen permanent im 5%-Toleranzbereich der ATX-Norm und selbst ein An-und Abklemmen der Lampen sorgte nicht für eine Überlastung im Netzteil. Spannungseinbrüche sind zu verzeichnen, diese liegen aber an der Grenze der Messtoleranzen.
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