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Apevia ATX-AS680W-BL

Apevia 680W Beast aluminum power supply 1 x 120mm uv blue le Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Apevia ATX-AS680W-BL

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Overall 10

1 year still going strong

ANGELA C., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: i have read in the reviews that peoples fans have died out? that has not yet happened to me after a year of heavy use
  • Pros: i was skeptical purchasing this at first considering i had never heard about apevia once before this but not a bad buy nice LEDs, cooling is good, good wattage for the price, very solid build its more like a brick than a power supply, a lot of leads, very good price
  • Cons: fans are a bit loud but not to the point were i will take off an egg, nothing else really
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Overall 10


Mike D., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: A lot of the wires are split for versatility, which is nice, but threw me off when I was looking for a 4-pin until I realized it was two 4-pins stuck together.
  • Pros: I bought this to replace my old PSU which one of the fans went bad on. This is by the far quietest PSU I've ever had. Music to my ears. My sanity was found in the form of this PSU. Peace and quiet and it get's the job done.
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 6

Rolling the dice on this one

Gregory G., Newegg
27 January 2015
  • Summary: I won the QC fail lottery with this one, but hey at least it wasn't RMA
  • Pros: When it worked, it was quiet and pretty
  • Cons: Stopped working one day, junked it for my old reliable PSU from 2006
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Overall 4

10 months.. POP!

Troy N., Newegg
23 December 2014
  • Summary: couldn't do anything for a replacement. roommate voided my warranty due to me finding out later he scammed newegg. to get a second system out of them.. how you ask. well lets just say he insisted on making this order in his account..
  • Pros: blue went well with my green LED's and cold cathode. 3 fans kept it somewhat cool. fan controller was nice controlled all 3 fans which the more power to the fans the brighter the LED's in the fans got. easy set up.
  • Cons: ran solid for 10 months and 16 days..i powered the system down. flipped the switch. rearranged the house. gently moved the system around. put it where i needed it next. hooked up power cord. flipped the switch back on. POP! sparks shot out through the back and the AAAAARRRRRRCCCCCCC..
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Overall 10

3rd and final review

Anonymous, Newegg
20 December 2014
  • Summary: this is my 3rd and final review, after 7 years my ASPIRE 680w beastpower has finally passed away. I bought this so long ago that the company name was called aspire and later renamed to apevia. during its 7 year lifespan all 3 of the fans died out and i had to replace with similar sized ones. (NEVER OPEN A POWER SUPPLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING) i ran it around 50 - 60% of its peak 680watts probably why it lasted so long.
  • Pros: big power great price all the connectors you ever need 3 fans with speed controller and cool lights
  • Cons: fans give up after a while only one 8pin pcie connector (has another 6pin one) not modular, and not rated 80+ very heavy construction, you can throw this at a brick wall and it wont dent. (the brick wall is toast though). becareful with those cheap flimsy cases, thing is heavy and might sag the cheap metal mounting points you put the powersupply in cause this thing is so heavy.
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Overall 10

Solid - so far

Craig T., Newegg
17 December 2014
  • Pros: Solid & quiet. Every connector you'll need. Adjustable fans and the led isn't too bright. So far it seems excellent... only time will show how it lasts.
  • Cons: Fans got a little bit noisier after the first week 'break-in' period. But not worth taking an egg off, is still only just audible sitting under my desk at about 80% power to them. Minor niggle.... The 12v 4pin power connection is actually an 8-pin connector that can be split in half. This means that you have to tie back the 4pins you aren't using (detracts from looks if you are bothered about this sort of thing).
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Overall 8

great psu

Kenya G., Newegg
7 September 2014
  • Pros: its a great psu with a considerably low price and the blue led's look great. it powers my build without a problem and the fans are quiet unless they are at full power but the fan control switch allows me to put them at half speed where they can barely be heard
  • Cons: im sure that this was just bad luck but when i first tested this unit i heard a very annoying sound like if the fan was hitting against something. so i opened it up (i do not reccomend this unless you know what you are doing because you can hurt yourself or damage your components this way) and i saw that one of the coils was bent very weird and caused it to put pressure against one of the fans. i bent it back in place and closed it up and it started without a problem ...
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Overall 2

Not tops

Clay S., Newegg
2 August 2014
  • Pros: Cost/performance ratio is decent. Fan speed controller. LEDs.
  • Cons: Fried out after 2 months of use. Did not damage components.
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Overall 4

Spend your money elsewhere

Lyle H., Newegg
23 June 2014
  • Pros: None. Although it did have a pretty blue light...for a second!
  • Cons: Installed the power supply, had everything connected correctly. Turned it on and it made a loud pop, then made a loud whistling noise that slowly died off. Turns out it shorted. Very disappointed. You get what you pay for! Guess I just got a bad unit. Ended up buying something else. Oh and it killed my new motherboard as well.
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Overall 10

User Review

James Y., Newegg
11 April 2014
  • Summary: I bought this one because it fit my app exactly. My power needs put it also most exactly at the PSU most efficient rate of 70% (my came in at need 68%).
  • Pros: Rated to the 680W like stated. Most efficient at 70%.
  • Cons: None that I see.
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